Okay, so, someone read this and said it was hard to follow...which I guess it would be if you haven't read Midnight Swallows and TV Cameras.

So, here's some background if you don't feel like reading MS&TV:

Dalton, Darren, and Shelby have been best friends since they were three. Artie and Pete went to high school with them.

Dalton and Darren started dating their senior year of high school, and it is now their sophomore year of college.

Riker is Darren's older brother (in a sense, Darren is adopted) and Jeff is Dalton's older cousin. Darren was adopted into Riker's family when he was three, and Jeff's family brought Dalton home with them from California when he was three, which is when they met, along with Shelby. They all live in Pennsylvania.

Lasey and Ryan are Riker and Jeff's two children. Riker and Jeff used a surrogate in order to have Lasey and Ryan, and they used the same woman each time. Jeff is Lasey's biological father while Riker is Ryan's biological father.

I think I've covered everything, but if there is anymore confusion, hit me up with a PM.

Also, yes, this story ties into some of the other stuff I have posted here, but it is not necessary to read the others. The story "A Scarring Incident" is referred to in this, but only briefly.

This is also a spin-off (I guess) of Midnight Swallows and TV Cameras, which is based around Riker and Jeff, and Darren, Dalton, and Shelby are toddlers in that. Again, not necessary to read.

So, that's it. Props to you if you read all that.

This happened.

Ah ha, soyeah. This whole thing was actually a surprise. The original idea was just for Darren to surprise Dalton on campus and for them to get into shenanigans in Dalton's dorm. Yeah...that didn't happen. My brain just kept being all "ooo, this would make it good, PUT THIS IN" so that's what happened, and it turned into a 14 page short story. It literally took me a few hours to do this...partially because I kept getting distracted...

Anyway, basic info. Darren, Dalton, Shelby, Amelia, Josh, Kristen, Artie, and Pete are all 19. Lasey is 8, Ryan is 6, and Riker and Jeff are 34.

So, enjoy this. I kind-of pulled a lot of it out of nowhere...speaking it is barely the idea I originally had :x

Dalton was lying in the grass, eyes closed against the bright sunlight that was filtering through the leaves of the tree he was beneath. Every once in a while another student would walk by, but it wasn't many because if people weren't in class they were in their dorms or at the dining hall or getting ready to go out since it was Friday. Dalton knew Shelby would be headed out to find him in a few minutes since her last class had ended, about, fifteen minutes ago.

He let out a sigh, stretching his arms over his head before placing his hands behind his head. His phone vibrated in his pocket and he pulled it out to see a text from Shelby, asking where he was. He answered her and then dropped his phone onto his stomach, closing his eyes again, adjusting one of the headphones in his ears. Then, someone dropped to the ground next to him and Dalton looked over to see Josh, his roommate, crossing his legs and smiling as he waved. Dalton waved back before swatting at Josh, who was aiming to shoot a rubber band at him. Josh snorted with laughter and shot the rubber band anyway, hitting Dalton in the cheek.

Dalton let out a yelp and then sat up to punch Josh in the shoulder as Josh laughed, falling back against the ground. Dalton rolled his eyes and grabbed his phone from the ground where it had fallen when he'd sat up. He saw he had another text from Shelby, but then ignored it after he'd read it because it just said she was on her way over.

"Hey, guys," a voice giggled out. Dalton looked over to see Kristen, Josh's girlfriend, dropping to the ground next to Josh.

"Hey," Josh replied, sitting up and reaching over to kiss her cheek. Dalton just gave her a small smile, pulling one headphone out of his ear. Kristen smiled back, and then giggled, leaning into Josh's touch as he pulled her to his side and blew against her cheek. Dalton sighed and leaned back on his palms as he looked up at the sky. Sometimes he hated being around just Kristen and Josh, because they would become over coupley and Dalton just felt like a third wheel.

Though, it really just made him miss Darren. But it wasn't his fault his boyfriend was some kind of fucking prodigy who got picked up to work on Broadway after their freshman year in college. He was proud of Darren and everything, he just really missed him. It didn't help that this weekend was their second anniversary and Dalton was going to be stuck at his older cousin's apartment all weekend to help with Lasey and Ryan.

"Hey, mopey butt," Shelby said as she walked up to them, fingers twined through Amelia's tightly.

"Shut up," Dalton grumbled, flopping back into the grass and burying his face in his backpack. Shelby giggled and sat down on Dalton's back and then wiggled her hips slightly.

"C'mon, Dalt. I know you miss him, but cheer up," Shelby added, pulling Amelia down onto the ground in front of her.

"No," Dalton grumbled.

"Dude, come on. Lasey and Ryan are gonna be upset if you get there and you're all mopey," Josh said, reaching out to nudge Dalton's shoulder.

"Mmph. They can deal with it," Dalton replied.

"You know Lase is gonna want to play prince, so you better cheer the fuck up before we get to Riker and Jeff's apartment later," Shelby said, swatting at Dalton's butt.

"Aw, you're so nice to him, Shelbs," Amelia crooned, reaching out to kiss Shelby's cheek. Shelby smiled innocently and nodded once.

"As his best friend that he is not fucking it is my job to give him tough love," Shelby said.

"You're just mean," Dalton grumbled.

"And you're being mopey. Get over it," Kristen said.

"Don't wanna," Dalton whined. Shelby huffed out a sigh and then slid off of Dalton's back to lean back against him lightly.

"You'll make it another month before seeing him, I promise," Shelby said, reaching out with one hand to run her fingers lightly through Dalton's blonde hair. Dalton just huffed out a sigh, face still buried in his backpack.

"If you weren't going to spend the weekend with family, I would totally suggest getting you smashed tonight," Josh said.

"I hate getting drunk, you know that," Dalton replied, peeking up from his backpack to look over at his roommate, who shrugged.

"Never said you had to get black out drunk. Just get you to loosen up," Josh added.

"You could certainly use it," Kristen said. "You're not releasing frustrations in any other ways anymore."

"Well, it would be weird if he was. Darren's not here," Shelby snorted.

"Shut the fuck up," Dalton grunted.

"Oh, come on. You two were ridiculous. This is coming from someone who walked in on you once," Shelby said.

"And as I recall you dropped to the floor screaming and then ran down the hall," Dalton replied. "Riker apparently thought you got injured."

"I did get injured, Dalton. My brain. My brain got injured," Shelby replied, causing Dalton to snort with laughter.

"I'm not sure if I actually want to know what happened…" Amelia said, eyebrows raised. Shelby looked over and Amelia and smiled.

"Oh, it was during our senior year. Riker needed to talk to Darren and I didn't think before throwing the door to Darren's door open. It is a moment I will never forget, unfortunately," Shelby said.

"Aw, my poor duckie," Amelia crooned, pulling Shelby to her chest. Shelby smiled and cuddled close to Amelia's chest before reaching up to kiss her lightly.

"If you had knocked or just yelled it wouldn't have happened," Dalton said.

"Yeah, but where is the fun in that?" Josh asked. "It is fun to just throw doors open."

"Not when you end up walking in to see two of your best friends going at it," Shelby said. "Scarring. I've known them since they were three. I don't want to see that."

"I don't think anyone should want to see it," Kristen said.

"Valid point," Amelia agreed.

"Whatever," Dalton grumbled before shoving up from the ground. Shelby sighed and glanced down at her phone for the time.

"You wanna head out to get there sooner?" Shelby asked. "I'm sure being around the two little monsters will cheer you up."

"Sure," Dalton breathed, grabbing his bag from the ground and then allowing Shelby to latch onto his hand with her free one since Amelia had hold of Shelby's other hand.

"It will be fine, Dalton," Amelia said, looking over at him. "You're gonna see him in a month when he's on a break."

"I know," Dalton replied, squeezing Shelby's hand back since she had squeezed his. "It just sucks. I grew up with him, you know?"

"I miss him too," Shelby breathed, leaning lightly against Dalton's shoulder as they walked. "I'm so happy for him though. I'm so excited to go see his show again this summer."

"Me too," Dalton said, smiling slightly and then turning to kiss Shelby's forehead as they reached his dorm. "I'll be back down in a few. Gotta grab my stuff."

"Alright. I will be waiting. All my stuff is already in my car," Shelby replied, kissing Dalton's cheek quickly before he jumped up the stairs and went into the room he shared with Josh. As usual, Josh's side of the room looked like a bomb had gone off while Dalton's side was neat and organized. Dalton smiled slightly and shook his head, thinking about how Kristen thought Dalton's organization might rub off on Josh, but nothing in Josh's habits had changed since freshman year when they had roomed together the first time. Dalton gathered some clothes, along with his toothbrush and hair brush before walking back out of his room. He walked back down the stairs, seeing Amelia and Shelby standing so they were facing each other, both of them giggling with their foreheads pressed together.

"You guys okay?" Dalton asked as he reached them. Shelby squealed and jumped slightly and Amelia laughed even harder.

"Jerk," Shelby grumbled, reaching out to punch his shoulder lightly. Dalton smiled and kissed her temple in an apology.

"Ready to go?" Dalton asked. Shelby nodded and then kissed Amelia once more before they parted, waving to each other. Once they got into Shelby's car, Dalton slouched down and rested his head against the window. Shelby gave him a small smile, reaching over to pat his knee as she pulled out of the parking lot.

"You'll survive another month, I promise," Shelby said.

"I know," Dalton said quietly.

"Plus, do you really think Darren isn't gonna do something to celebrate your anniversary then?" Shelby asked. "You should know him better. He's probably got some elaborate plan to surprise you with when he comes home."

"Probably," Dalton agreed, smiling slightly. Shelby giggled and shook her head.

"Plus, you and go on Skype with him tonight. You know he stays up for you, no matter how much Curt yells at him," Shelby added. Dalton smiled again and nodded in agreement. "Now, go to sleep. I know you want to."

"Shut up," Dalton chuckled, shoving her shoulder slightly. Shelby just giggled, shoving his shoulder back playfully before he curled up in the seat and fell asleep.


"Dalt! Are you gonna video chat with Uncle Darren?" Lasey exclaimed, skipping down the hall into the living room where Dalton was sitting on the couch.

"If he gets on," Dalton replied, smiling and pulling Lasey to his side to kiss her forehead as she giggled.

"Can I talk to him with you?" Lasey asked, cuddling up to Dalton's side. "I miss him."

"Yes, you can talk to him too, as long as Daddy and Papa say it's okay," Dalton replied.

"Yay!" Lasey exclaimed happily, throwing her hands into the air and then jumping off the couch. "Daaaaddyyyyy! Can I talk to Uncle Darren on the computer with Dalton?"

"If they got on before your bed time!" Riker replied.

"But it's Friiiidaaaay!" Lasey complained loudly.

"Which means your bed time is two hours later!" Jeff called out.

"Two hours! Yay!" Ryan's voice giggled.

"Ah! Ryan!" Shelby suddenly squealed.

"Careful, Ry. Shelby can be knocked over if you surprise her," Riker chuckled.

"Nuh uh. Shelby is very strong. I can't push her down," Ryan replied.

"Nope," Shelby agreed, laughing slightly as she walked into the room with Ryan in her arms.

"Dalton. Can I talk to Uncle Darren too?" Ryan asked, blue eyes wide. Dalton just nodded and chuckled. Ryan let out an excited squeal, dancing around in Shelby's arms. Shelby snorted with laughter and kissed Ryan's cheek as she sat down on the couch on Dalton's free side.

"Ah! Uncle Darren's online! Chat him!" Lasey squealed, pointing excitedly at Dalton's computer screen.

"He beat me to it," Dalton chuckled, hitting the accept call button as it popped up.

"Uncle Darren!" Lasey and Ryan immediately exclaimed as Darren popped up on the screen.

"Hey, guys," Darren chuckled, smiling widely and waving.

"Hey, Dar," Shelby said, leaning over to rest her chin on Dalton's shoulder.

"Why are you on a plane?" Dalton asked, eyebrows knit together. Darren looked around himself, seeming to remember where he was.

"Oh. Uh, they're sending me to LA for some event," Darren replied. Dalton just nodded.

"Hey, Dar," Riker said, popping up next to Dalton's shoulder.

"Hey, Riker," Darren chuckled, waving. "How are all of you guys doing?"

"I miss you, Uncle Dare!" Lasey exclaimed. "When are you coming home?"

"I miss you too, Lase. And I come home next month," Darren told her.

"Yay!" Ryan exclaimed, throwing his hands into the air and narrowly missing hitting Shelby in the face.

"Watch yourself, little dude," Shelby said, ruffling Ryan's dark hair.

"Sorry," Ryan giggled.

"Darren! How's everything going?" Jeff asked as he popped up, sending a wink in Darren's direction. A wide smile spread across Darren's face at this and Riker chuckled and Dalton's eyebrows knit together again as Shelby giggled.

"Really well," Darren replied.

"Good," Jeff said before ruffling Dalton's blonde hair and kissing the top of his head before walking off.

"That was literally all the information he wanted," Riker chuckled.

"I know. This is Jeff we're talking about," Darren replied, shrugging one shoulder.

"I'm confused," Dalton breathed as Lasey wiggled around in his lap.

"Don't worry about it," Darren assured him. "Jeff's just being Jeff."

"Yep," Shelby giggled in agreement. Dalton huffed out a breath as Lasey and Ryan giggled to each other and waved at Darren on the computer screen every once in a while, causing Darren to laugh.

"I don't know if I trust you guys…" Dalton breathed out.

"Aw, c'mon. We've known each other forever. Why don't you trust us?" Shelby asked.

"Because I've known you forever and can tell when something is up," Dalton replied.

"Valid point, Tonny," Darren giggled. "But I promise you, nothing you need to worry about is going on, okay?"

"Okay…" Dalton finally replied, eyes narrowed. Darren smiled innocently and Shelby giggled, hooking her chin over Dalton's shoulder. "Anyway, how's living with Curt going?"

"Insane. Logan officially has senioritis and tries to sneak out all the time so Josh busts her all the time, and the twins wreak havoc. I don't know how Curt and Maya do it. If my kids were that crazy, I would slap them," Darren said. Shelby immediately began giggling.

"Aw, Darren, are you saying you want kids with Dalton?" Shelby asked. Darren immediately started spluttering, both he and Dalton turning red as they blushed. Shelby roared with laughter as Lasey and Ryan watched Darren and Dalton.

"Uncle Darren, are you okay?" Lasey asked.

"Uh…yeah," Darren finally gasped out as Dalton continued to stare. "Ton, snap out of it."

"Sorry," Dalton said. Then, he turned to Shelby and slapped her shoulder, causing her to laugh again.

"Do you want kids, Uncle Darren?" Lasey asked. "Because Daddy and Papa say you and Dalton can't actually make babies. They said you guys don't have all the right, um, what was it? Oh, yeah! All the right body parts or something."

"Yes, Lase, I do want kids," Darren said, avoiding the second part of what Lasey had said.

"Uncle Darren, if you and Dalton are gonna have kids, would you have to do what Daddy and Papa did to have me and Lasey?" Ryan asked.

"Well, um, not necessarily," Darren said, sending a glare in Shelby's direction as she continued to giggle, leaning heavily against Dalton's shoulder.

"People can also adopt kids. Daddy and Papa wanted to have biological kids though," Dalton said.

"Adopt is when you get a baby that has no parents, right?" Lasey asked.

"It is not always that they don't have parents. Sometimes the mommy and daddy can't take care of the baby, so they leave him or her for someone else to take care of," Riker said as he walked back into the room. "Like, Uncle Darren's parents couldn't take care of him so they brought him to a center so someone could adopt him."

"Uncle Darren is adopted?" Lasey screeched, jumping out of Dalton's lap and standing on the couch to stare at Riker in disbelief.

"Yes, I am," Darren said through the computer. "Grandma adopted me when I was three."

"That's little," Ryan commented. Darren nodded in agreement, smiling slightly.

"That's when Darren, Shelby, and Dalton all met. It was the summer Grandma adopted Darren and he came to live with us," Riker said, picking Lasey up and placing her on his hip.

"I'm happy Grandma adopted you, Uncle Darren," Lasey said, resting her head lightly on Riker's shoulder.

"Me too, Lase," Darren chuckled.

"Hey, little monsters! Bed time!" Jeff called out.

"Papaaaa! A little bit longer?" Lasey asked.

"No!" Jeff replied.

"Bye, Uncle Darren! I miss you! I love you!" Ryan exclaimed, waving before running off, knowing better than to get in the middle of one of Lasey's and Jeff's fights over bed time. Shelby and Dalton both laughed, Dalton ruffling Ryan's hair as he ran passed.

"Ryan learned so fast," Darren breathed.

"That he did," Riker chuckled, watching as Lasey stomped down the hallway towards his and Jeff's room. "I'll talk to you later, Dare. I'm gonna go help with the insanity. Love you."

"Love you too," Darren replied as Riker walked off.

"Well, now we can actually talk to you," Shelby said, smiling as she snuggled closer to Dalton's side.

"Mhm," Darren agreed. "How have things been at school?"

"Good. Josh and Kristen go to her room to have sex now," Dalton said.

"What about Amelia?" Darren asked.

"Oh, she's always over in my room because my roommate is never there," Shelby told him, shrugging one shoulder. Darren smiled and shook his head.

"I should have known better," Darren added. "So, Ton, you essentially have a single, then?"

"Not at all. Josh is still there all the time. They just go to Kristen's room to have sex," Dalton replied, shrugging one shoulder. Shelby giggled and rolled her eyes.

"It is probably such a good thing you two never roomed together at Westtown…or freshman year," Shelby said.

"Agreed!" Riker called out.

"Oh, shut up," Darren and Dalton hissed out in unison. Shelby just smiled, scrunching up her nose slightly.

"Lasey Mariana Castellan! No!" Jeff's voice suddenly exclaimed.

"But Papaaaaa," Lasey's voice whined.

"And I thought Curt and Maya's household was insane," Darren chuckled.

"Yeah, but their oldest is seventeen, not eight," Dalton said. "Logan is not as sassy though. Lasey is sassy."

"She's Jeff's," Darren and Shelby breathed out in unison. Dalton just smiled and shook his head.

"Well, I'm gonna go help with Lasey. Love you, Dare. Miss you," Shelby said.

"You too," Darren replied, waving before Shelby kissed Dalton's cheek and then walked off. Dalton immediately slumped down more in the couch and let out a sigh.

"I wish you were here," Dalton sighed. Darren smiled sadly at him through the computer.

"Me too," Darren agreed. "Happy anniversary, by the way."

"Happy anniversary," Dalton chuckled in response, scrunching up his nose slightly. Darren smiled widely.

"How were classes today?" Darren asked, adjusting in his seat slightly. Dalton shrugged in response.

"It was class, what was there to expect?" Dalton asked in response. Darren snorted with laughter and shook his head.

"Remember those days you were enthusiastic about school?" Darren asked. Dalton looked at Darren, one eyebrow raised. "I know, I'm kidding. You never were enthusiastic about school."

"I was scared for you for a second there, Dare," Dalton chuckled. Darren just smiled, scrunching his nose up. Dalton let out a sigh. "I miss you."

"I miss you too, Tonny," Darren said "But I'll see you soon. Next month, remember?"

"That's so far away," Dalton complained, leaning his head back. Darren chuckled and shook his head.

"Stop being so dramatic. I'm supposed to be the dramatic one," Darren said. Dalton raised one eyebrow, giving Darren a sarcastic look.

"Darren, you are definitely not the dramatic one," Dalton told him.

"I know," Darren giggled, scrunching his nose up again. Then, he looked up as someone talked to him. "Hey, I gotta go. I'll call you later."

"Alright. I love you," Dalton said. Darren smiled widely.

"I love you too. I'll see you soon, I promise," Darren replied, blowing a kiss at his screen and waving before logging off. Dalton sighed and closed Skype and then shut down his computer.

"Aw, Dalt," Shelby breathed as she walked back out into the living room. Dalton just looked over at her and smiled slightly. She just huffed out a breath and dropped onto the couch next to him and pulled him to her side, kissing his forehead. "I know it sucks right now, but soon enough you'll be in New York with him and you guys can look for an apartment together and be all cutesy and shit."

"Shut up," Dalton snorted, shoving Shelby lightly. She just laughed and ruffled his hair.

"C'mon, though. Bed time. You look exhausted," Shelby said, shoving Dalton up from the couch.

"Ow. There is no need to use all your force on me," Dalton grumbled, swatting at Shelby, who laughed and easily avoided his hand.

"I'm sorry. Now get to bed before I pick you up and carry you into the bedroom and throw you on the bed," Shelby said, picking up the remote and turning on the TV.

"Yeah, yeah," Dalton breathed, kissing the top of Shelby's head before heading down the hallway towards the guest bedroom where he, Shelby, and Darren slept whenever they were visiting Riker and Jeff. Dalton just huffed out a breath and pulled his shirt and pants off before crawling into the one twin bed he occupied whenever he was here. He could hear the TV playing in the other room but he ignored it, curling up under the blanket and falling asleep quickly.


Dalton shifted in his sleep, brow furrowing slightly as he heard whispers. He figured it was probably just Shelby talking to either Riker or Jeff and curled up a bit more, burrowing into the pillow a bit. Another whispered voice joined the others and Dalton let out an annoyed sigh, turning onto his other side in order to get comfortable. He shifted a bit more and then let out a content sigh as he found a comfortable position.

Dalton started falling back to sleep, more asleep than awake when the bedroom door opened and then closed softly. The part of his mind that was still a bit awake guessed it was Shelby and the rest of his body shut down, falling back towards unconsciousness.

Footsteps shuffled towards the bed Dalton was on and then something slid onto the nightstand between the two beds. Dalton didn't seem to notice, his breath evening out as he burrowed more under the blankets. Then, there was more pressure bearing down on the mattress and arms wrapped around Dalton. He unconsciously leaned into the touch, used to Shelby snuggling close to him after all the years they had spent taking naps together.

Dalton let out a small mumble as the person huffed out a small laugh, their breath brushing against his neck. Dalton just leaned more into the touch, his sleep fogged mind not registering that it definitely wasn't Shelby cuddling with him at the moment. All his mind could register was that the body he was leaning into was familiar.

Then, after huffing out another laugh, the person kissed the back of Dalton's neck. Dalton let out another mumble, brow furrowing slightly. They pressed their lips against Dalton's skin, leaving them there as they smiled. Dalton shifted slightly in the person's arms, brow furrowing a bit more. The person let out a small hum, moving to brush their lips over his exposed shoulder as a hand moved down to rub circles on his hip. Dalton sighed in content, brow relaxing as his whole body melted into the touch.

"Wake up," a voice whispered, lips still brushing over Dalton's shoulder. Dalton let out a small noise in protest, content to just lie there as they held him. "Come on. Wake up."

"Mm-mm," Dalton hummed out, turning over in their arms to burrow closer to their chest. They let out a small chuckle, pressing their lips lightly to his forehead and rubbing soothing circles across his back. Dalton let out a sigh, body relaxing again as he buried his face in the crook of their neck.

"Wake up, Tonny," the voice whispered again, lips still pressed to his forehead. "Otherwise I'm going to have to resort to other methods to wake your cute, little butt up."

"Mm-mm," Dalton protested again, instinctively hooking an ankle around the other person's. They chuckled and moved their lips from his forehead to kiss the tip of his nose.

"Wake up, Ton. If you don't wake up this whole plan is gonna die," the voice giggled. Dalton whined, wrapping his arms tightly around the other person's chest. They chuckled and pressed another kiss to his forehead before nuzzling their nose to his and brushing their lips together. "Come on, love. Wake up."

Dalton let out another small noise and nuzzled their noses together again, grip tightening around their chest. They chuckled again, smiling slightly as they held Dalton closer to themselves, kissing the tip of his nose again.

"You're always a pain in the ass to wake up, you know that?" they asked, still chuckling. Dalton smiled unconsciously, snuggling closer to them. "I thought, maybe for once, I would be able to wake you up in a few minutes without resorting to drastic measures. Alas, my attempts have been thwarted."

"Mmh," Dalton hummed, his brain still not realizing who he was clutching himself to, even as they chuckled and ran their fingers through the hair on the nape of his neck and kissed the tip of his nose again.

"C'mon, Tonny. Open those pretty blue eyes for me," they said, pressing their forehead to his. "Your eyes are so pretty when you first wake up, you know that?"

"Mmph," Dalton huffed out, nuzzling into their touch. They chuckled again and then pressed a light kiss to Dalton's lips. Dalton's brow furrowed again and he huffed out a breath through his nose. "D-Darren?"

"Mhm," Darren hummed. "C'mon. Open your eyes."

"Why're you here?" Dalton mumbled, shifting to press his face to Darren's chest.

"Because I wanted to surprise you and I love you," Darren replied, kissing Dalton's forehead. "Now, c'mon, look at me."

"Mmph," Dalton whined, blinking his eyes open slowly and then raising his head to look at Darren. Dalton's eyes immediately met Darren's, which were more green than brown at the moment.

"Hey," Darren said, smiling widely. "Now I can see those pretty eyes."

"Mmh," Dalton replied stubbornly, burying his face back in Darren's shoulder. Darren chuckled and shifted down to pull Dalton's lips to his. Dalton let out a breath through his nose and Darren smiled against his lips. "Missed you."

"I missed you too," Darren replied as he pressed their foreheads together, fingers running through the hair at the nape of Dalton's neck. "I can't wait until you're able to come to New York."

"Mhm," Dalton agreed, curling closer to Darren. Darren just chuckled as he continued to run his fingers lightly through Dalton's hair.

"You know, I didn't come here to watch you sleep…no matter how adorable you are when you sleep," Darren said.

"Well then you shouldn't have let Shelby practically force me to go to bed," Dalton grumbled out in response, burying his nose in the crook of Darren's neck and taking a deep breath.

"I had no control over that," Darren replied. "Though, you did look exhausted when I was talking to you on Skype."

"I was exhausted," Dalton yawned, holding Darren closer to himself.

"Come on, though. You need to wake up a little bit. I promise it will be worth it," Darren said. Dalton just let out a sigh and then rolled out of Darren's arms to stretch his arms over his head. Darren watched him, smiling slightly. Dalton turned to look over at Darren and smiled, reaching out to tangle his fingers in Darren's curly hair. Darren's smile widened and he leaned into the touch before reaching over to press another kiss to Dalton's lips.

"Mmh. I love you," Dalton mumbled.

"I love you too," Darren replied, smiling to the side of his mouth as he looked over Dalton, who was thoroughly sleep rumbled with his blonde hair sticking up in all directions and blue eyes clouded over with the last remains of sleep.

"Is all this relating to what you guys were being secretive about earlier?" Dalton asked, moving back into Darren's arms as he opened them.

"Maybe," Darren said, wrapping his arms around Dalton's shoulders and burying his nose in Dalton's hair.

"Can I know now? Or was it just you showing up?" Dalton asked.

"Mmh. There is more than me just being here," Darren hummed out, thumbs rubbing soothingly over Dalton's bare shoulders.

"What?" Dalton asked, looking up at Darren, who smiled slightly.

"You will get that answer when you're more awake," Darren replied. Dalton grumbled and then huffed out a sigh. Darren chuckled and kissed Dalton's forehead. "No rush, Tonny."

"Obviously since you didn't get water to dump on me," Dalton grumbled.

"I did that once," Darren said defensively.

"It was still really cold, asshole," Dalton retorted. Darren giggled and shrugged.

"You needed to wake up," Darren added. Dalton just rolled his eyes, pressing a kiss to Darren's neck.

"I'm happy you're here," Dalton breathed.

"Me too," Darren agreed, smiling widely and kissing Dalton's cheek.

"Can we just stay like this for a bit?" Dalton asked, tightening his grip around Darren.

"As long as you don't fall back to sleep," Darren chuckled. Dalton huffed out a breath and burrowed closer to Darren. Darren just smiled, running his fingers lightly over Dalton's back.

"If you keep doing that, I am gonna fall back to sleep," Dalton mumbled, arching into Darren's touch.

"Mmh, then let's get up," Darren said, kissing Dalton once more before getting up and grabbing at something on the bedside table and then pulling Dalton up from the bed. Dalton let out a small yelp and then giggled. Darren smiled, pulling Dalton down for a kiss. They smiled against each other's lips, hands twining together at their sides. "Now, c'mon."

"Why are we leaving the room?" Dalton complained, trailing after Darren as Darren tugged on his hand.

"Because," Darren replied.

"What an answer," Dalton grumbled. Darren just smiled, squeezing Dalton's hand and leading him towards Lasey and Ryan's room. "Why are we going to the monsters' room?"

"Because when I came in Lasey told me she had something to show me," Darren replied, looking back at Dalton and smiling.

"Why was she still awake?" Dalton asked. Darren just shrugged, pulling Dalton along as Dalton shuffled his feet stubbornly.

"Oh, stop it. We can go back to bed in a few minutes, okay?" Darren said, looking back at Dalton with one eyebrow raised.

"Holding you to that. I am not getting in trouble for Lasey or Ryan being awake," Dalton grumbled.

"You won't," Darren chuckled, kissing Dalton lightly before pushing open Lasey and Ryan's bedroom door.

"Uncle Darren!" Lasey squealed, barreling into Darren's legs.

"Hi, Lase. Hi, Ry," Darren said, leaning down to hug them and then whispering in their ears. They both giggled and nodded before running over to their closet happily. Dalton eyed Darren warily and Darren smiled, scrunching up his nose. "Don't look so worried."

"Why not?" Dalton asked in response. "I have no idea what you're planning."

"It's not bad, I swear," Darren said, reaching up to kiss the tip of Dalton's nose.

"I don't know if I…" Dalton started, eyes going wide as Lasey and Ryan reappeared, both of them smiling widely and held up signs, clearly suppressing giggles. Dalton turned his wide eyes to Darren, who was smiling shyly, a light blush coloring his cheeks. Dalton looked back over at the signs, and then back to Darren, whose green-brown eyes were hopeful. Dalton's eyes darted back over to the signs, his eyes still wide and jaw dropped. Lasey and Ryan watched expectantly, shifting their weight back and forth on their feet.

"Da-Darren," Dalton choked out, eyes finding their way back to Darren's. Darren just smiled and then pulled a small box out of his back pocket and opened it, displaying the ring inside. Dalton choked back a small sob, eyes filling with tears as he clapped a hand over his mouth in disbelief.

"Ton, don't cry," Darren breathed, reaching out with his free hand to wipe away the tears rolling down Dalton's cheeks. Dalton just let out a small cry, eyes flicking from Darren's face and the ring to the two separate signs that together read: Dalton Ethan Aaronson, will you marry me?

"Darren," Dalton whispered in disbelief as he sniffled and wiped at his nose with one of his hands. Darren just looked at Dalton, eyes still hopeful. Dalton just let out a small cough and then pulled Darren in for a kiss. Darren immediately relaxed into the touch while Lasey and Ryan immediately began giggling and poking at each other.

"Is that a yes?" Darren asked breathlessly as they broke apart. Dalton coughed out a small laugh and nodded, wiping tears off of his cheeks. Darren smiled widely and placed the ring on Dalton's finger before pulling Dalton in for another kiss.

"Yaaaay!" Lasey and Ryan exclaimed in unison, throwing their signs into the air and then barreling into Dalton and Darren's legs and hugging them. Dalton broke away from Darren and chuckled slightly, pressing their foreheads together. Darren smiled widely and kissed Dalton's nose before reaching down to ruffle Lasey and Ryan's hair.

"I'd say the plan was a success?" Shelby asked as she appeared in the doorway and leaned against it. Darren just smiled and nodded, hugging Dalton close as Dalton buried his face in Darren's shoulder and held onto Darren tightly. Shelby smiled, scrunching up her nose. "I knew it would. Congratulations, guys."

"Thanks, Shelbs," Darren chuckled as Dalton continued to hold himself tightly to Darren.

"I heard that! Ah! Congratulations!" Jeff suddenly squealed, jumping into the room and pulling Dalton and Darren into a hug. Riker followed soon after, wrapping them in a hug also.

"Ah! My baby brother is engaged!" Riker exclaimed as Darren and Dalton both chuckled, still hugging each other tightly.

"I wanna be your flower girl," Lasey said, still hugging onto Darren's leg.

"Yeah, yeah," Darren replied. "You might change your mind by the time the wedding actually happens."

"Pfft, yeah right. You're talking about Lasey," Shelby snorted as Lasey giggled happily.

"I wanna be your best man!" Ryan exclaimed, looking up at Darren and Dalton.

"Oo! If Ry is best man, can I be maid of honor?" Lasey asked excitedly.

"Oh-ho, no. You are not stealing my thunder as best friend, little miss," Shelby said, scooping Lasey up as Lasey giggled.

"Good to know we're gonna have control," Dalton mumbled into Darren's shoulder. Darren laughed, squeezing Dalton's shoulders and kissing the shell of Dalton's ear. Dalton sighed and leaned into the touch, kissing Darren's neck.

"Alright. Now it is really time for you two to go to bed," Jeff said, scooping up Ryan and carrying him over to his bed.

"Aw, Papa," Lasey whined as Shelby laughed and carried Lasey over to her bed.

"Nope. No complaining. You already got to stay up way later than you should have," Riker said, walking over and kissing Lasey's forehead.

"Mkay, Daddy," Lasey breathed as Ryan giggled and settled into his bed, hugging his stuffed saber tooth tiger to his chest. "Where's Mammy?"

"Right here, sweet pea," Jeff said, kissing Lasey's forehead and handing her Mammy, which was her favorite woolly mammoth stuffed animal.

"Thank you, Papa," Lasey breathed. Then, she looked over at Dalton and Darren. "I'm happy you are gonna get married. Then you will be Uncle Dalton."

"Thanks, Lase," Dalton chuckled. Lasey giggled and scrunched up her nose as she curled up under her blankets with Mammy.

"Nighty night. Love you," Ryan giggled out as everyone left the room.

"Night," they all replied.

"Congrats, guys," Riker said, clapping each Darren and Dalton on the shoulders.

"Thanks," they breathed out as Shelby giggled.

"Yeah, congrats, but no doing each other's brains out while my children are sleeping in the same vicinity as you," Jeff huffed out, grabbing Riker's hand and dragging him off as Riker chuckled and swatted at Jeff's ass playfully.

"I don't understand why they have such a problem with us having sex here because of the kids when they clearly have sex in the apartment. It is their kids," Shelby laughed, shaking her head as she started heading towards the room.

"I don't get it either," Darren agreed.

"Anyway, do you guys want me to, you know, leave the room?" Shelby asked, looking over at them with one eyebrow raised.

"Nah," Dalton said, crawling back into the bed and then pulling Darren down next to him. Darren smiled and held Dalton close to his chest.

"Awesome. Because I really didn't want to sleep on their couch tonight. Especially since we're driving back to campus tomorrow," Shelby breathed, crawling into the other bed and curling up. "Anyway, night. Congrats, and I love you guys."

"Thanks. Love you too," Darren and Dalton replied in unison as Shelby flicked the light off.

"I love you so much," Dalton breathed a few minutes later, arms tightening around Darren, who chuckled and kissed the top of Dalton's head.

"I love you too," Darren replied before shifting in order to bring their mouths together. Dalton sighed into the kiss and Darren smiled, one hand finding its way into Dalton's hair.

"I'm happy you came," Dalton sighed.

"Mmh, me too," Darren said, pressing his lips to Dalton's forehead as Dalton curled closer to Darren's chest and took a deep breath. Soon enough, Dalton's breath evened out and Darren smiled, kissing Dalton's forehead once more before also falling into unconsciousness.


"Josh gonna be in the room?" Darren asked, holding onto Dalton's hand tightly as they made their way towards Dalton's room the next day. Dalton just shook his head, fishing his key out of his pocket.

"He's at Kristen's. He always stays the night with her after he gets plastered," Dalton added as he unlocked the door.

"Good," Darren breathed out, shoving Dalton into the room and then kicking the door shut. Dalton just chuckled, grabbing onto the front of Darren's shirt to pull Darren into a kiss as they made their way to Dalton's bed. Dalton let out a small yelp against Darren's lips as they fell back onto the bed and Darren chuckled, pulling lightly at Dalton's bottom lip before pulling away to pull their shirts off over their heads.

They both sighed against each other's lips when their lips came back into contact and Darren relaxed slightly against Dalton. Dalton let out a small whimper, pushing his hips up. Darren smirked against Dalton's lips before rolling his hips down. They both released groans before picking up a steady pace.

"N-ne-need you," Dalton panted out as Darren moved to suck at Dalton's neck. Darren hummed in agreement and Dalton groaned at the vibrations. Then, Darren pulled away in order to pull both their pants and boxers down. Dalton let out a sigh, but then sucked a breath in as Darren began sucking at his hipbone, holding his hand out and wiggling his fingers. Dalton immediately understood and reached out blindly to grab the lube from his bedside table and press it into Darren's hand.

Darren hummed in thanks and then pulled away from Dalton's skin to sit between his legs. Dalton watched Darren, his breath coming quickly. Darren just smirked as he popped the lube open and spread some over his fingers, one eyebrow quirked up as he looked over at Dalton. Darren motioned with one finger and Dalton understood, pulling his knees up and spreading them slightly. Darren hummed in approval before moving forward to pull their mouths back together in order to swallow Dalton's groans as Darren pushed his finger forward. It continued that way for a few minutes, Darren adding another finger after a bit, and then another. Dalton let out a yelp and Darren chuckled in satisfaction, knowing he'd found Dalton's prostate.

"Da-Dar…hnngg, Darren. Fuck…please," Dalton whined out.

"Shh," Darren replied, pulling his hand away. Dalton whimpered at the loss and Darren chuckled as he popped the lube back open and then moved forward to pull Dalton's mouth to his.

Then, they both let out groans as Darren started pushing forward slowly. Once Darren bottomed out, they pressed their foreheads together, breath mingling between them as they panted. Then, Dalton let out a whimper, shifting his hips. Darren smirked and then started moving his own hips. Dalton let out a breathy whine, legs wrapping around Darren's waist as he grabbed onto Darren's shoulders. Darren braced his arms on either side of Dalton's shoulders, head bowed down slightly. Dalton continued to release breath whines as Darren groaned every once in a while, both their hair sticking to their foreheads.

Dalton let out another yelp as Darren found his prostate again and Darren chuckled before reaching out to grab onto Dalton, who let out a long groan.

"Come on, Tonny. I know you're close," Darren panted out, moving his hand in tandem with his hips. Dalton keened out as Darren hit his prostate again, pressing his head back into his pillow as he released and his muscles clenched. Darren let out a choked groan and his hips stuttered as he released also.

"I love you," Dalton panted after Darren collapsed against his chest.

"I love you too," Darren said, finding Dalton's left hand and twining their fingers together, smiling as he looked at the ring. Dalton smiled also, letting his legs fall from Darren's hips as he buried his face in Darren's dark curls.

"Aaaaahhhhh! Congratu…ah no!" Josh suddenly exclaimed, the door banging open.

"Joshua!" Shelby scolded.

"Aw damn! They still getting it!" Artie laughed.

"Oh yeah! Get it, guys!" Pete exclaimed.

"I will harm you!" Dalton yelled, picking up and book from his bedside table and chucking it at Artie and Pete as they danced around in a circle and pretended to throw confetti in the air. Josh, on the other hand, was sitting on the floor with his hands over his face.

"Our pretty boys have gotten engaged!" Artie sang out, spinning Pete, who barked out a laugh. Shelby just smiled and rolled her eyes and closed the door so that if anyone walked by they wouldn't see what was going on.

"And consummated it!" Pete added as he spun Artie and then pulled Artie into a hug. "And by the looks of it, they have graduated to bare backing! Whee!"

"Where have you been? They've been bare backing since last year," Shelby snorted, crossing her arms and leaning against the door.

"Oh my god," Josh whimpered, face still covered. "I mean, congrats and all, but please put on some clothes…or at least cover yourselves with a blanket. For my sake, please. Obviously the others don't care."

"Oh, we walked in on those two hooking up with others or each other enough in high school that we don't care anymore," Pete said. "There were times when we walked in on them actually in the act."

"No! We are not talking about that!" Shelby exclaimed, clapping her hands over her ears. "I can stand to see them naked together, but the image of Darren actually inside Dalton is too much!"

"Well, by the looks of it, we got here at the right time them. We avoided seeing that," Artie chuckled.

"Oh my god, why am I friends with you guys?" Darren hissed, grabbing a blanket from the end of Dalton's bed and pulling it over himself and Dalton.

"Because we were the best roommates ever at Westtown," Pete scoffed.

"Sure," Dalton grumbled as Artie giggled and Josh took deep breaths before getting up from the floor.

"I guess I should be happy you guys stay away from my bed," Josh breathed.

"Don't be stupid. They're too nice. They'll only go at it on their beds…or the ones in Riker and Jeff's guest room," Shelby said.

"Shut up, Shelby," Dalton and Darren hissed in unison. She just shrugged and smirked.

"You know I love you guys," she added.

"Love you too, Shelbs," Dalton said.

"Now, let's go and leave these two to get dressed and everything," Shelby said, opening the door.

"But Shelby…!" Artie and Pete started to protest.

"Congrats!" Josh exclaimed over his shoulder as he darted out of the room.

"Artie! Peter! Out!" Shelby exclaimed, pointing out of the door. Both of them pouted and then walked out the door.

"Congrats!" they exclaimed, poking their heads back into the room.

"Out!" Shelby screeched, shoving Artie and Pete out of the door before closing it. Darren and Dalton both sighed, curling against each other.

"Our friends are special," Dalton breathed.

"Mhm," Darren hummed in response, pressing his cheek to Dalton's shoulder and sighing in content as Dalton pulled his fingers through Darren's curls.

"I'm happy I can call you my fiancé now," Dalton breathed.

"Mmh. I'm sure it will be out in all the Broadway gossip soon," Darren said.

"Whatever," Dalton said, hugging Darren closer to his chest. Darren smiled and kissed Dalton's shoulder.

"I love you," Darren said.

"I love you too," Dalton replied, smiling down at Darren and kissing him. Darren smiled also, finding Dalton's left hand again and twining their fingers together, both of them loving the feel of the ring against their fingers.