She hates her life,
but she tries so hard.
She never thought that life
would deal her this card.

She pleaded with God,
crying out His name,
as she turned torturing herself
into a game.

She needed the pain
to go away.
She couldn't stand it
one more day.

She went and did
something naughty.
In her high state,
she ruined her body.

She did cocaine,
but that wasn't enough.
She went and got
naughtier stuff.

She got Meth,
and got higher.
She cut and bled,
even lit herself on fire.

She burned and cut,
but she hurt so bad.
She blamed God,
and got really mad.

She screamed and cried,
slowly dying.
She screamed at God,
saying He wasn't even trying.

She felt it now,
the pain of what she did.
She got scared,
so she ran, and hid.

She hurt so bad,
so she took lots of pills.
Pills are the thing
that really kills.

She took the whole bottle,
maybe even more.
She was ready to walk
through Death's door.

She woke up later,
in horrible pain.
Everyone thought
she was insane.

She was sorry,
she didn't mean to.
That wasn't what
she was trying to do.

She didn't mean to cut,
to overdose, or get high.
She didn't mean to try
to die.

She'll live with the hurt,
the disgust of her body.
All because she did
something very naughty.