The Veil

I am the mask – the mask of the world. I have won Oscars, starred in soap operas, series, movies, adverts and plays. I am the one out of a million that has fulfilled my lifelong aspiration. But alas, was it my lifelong dream? Was it the life I was born to lead? Or am I wearing a veil to cover my face; too scared to take it off to share my scars with the world? I wear this veil for I am the weakling; the mask. But in questioning, do I wear this mask to hide myself from the world; or do I wear this mask to hide myself from the man, covered by a veil.

I am an empty eye – no depth; no reasoning. I absorb the sun's energy and never use it. I am the lonely chair in the corner. The sun will burn me and I will turn to ash. What was my reason? Did I have one?

I am not a bad person. No. But I am not a useful one either. I am the Marie-Antoinette of every France. I own it, I use its resources; but I don't help it – I dissolve it! I sit in my throne and wait till I am nearer to ash, before I realise the end has drawn near; before I uncover and reveal my scars; before I…unwrap my veil.

I am the clown of every circus. I am frowning, but my face plastered with make-up tells the world I am smiling. Even after my act is completed, I never take off the make-up, afraid the audience will witness my crowning horror.

I am the Barbie of every school. I smoke, I drink and I try to fit in even though my religion states I should do otherwise. My religion is my conscience. It is the angel on my shoulder. It is the one I never listen to; because I am too busy listening to the devil on my friends' shoulders! But I believe that I don't have to believe. I don't want to have a religion for I want to make my own decisions. Therefore I don't have a conscience. The devil speared my angel's wings and shouted temptation through my angel's ears! He spilled wrong down my angel's throat. He killed so he could win. He won so I could lose.

I am the brain – The Einstein no one uses. My IQ is beyond inconceivable; but my logic is skin deep – it is shallow.

I am the patient with the doctor's degree.

I am the teacher who never went to school.

I am the sheep without a herd.

I am the chameleon without a tongue.

I am the homeless without a hunger.

I am the planet without a universe.

I am the best creation, born with meaning and purpose; yet I am used like a ragged couch!

I am all of these; but most importantly – I am you.