Earth left in ruins

I cried when my tears dried.

I hailed when my dreams failed.

I erupted with anger as my crust cracked

I flooded my body when it was air I lacked!

No escaping the fete others chose for me,

On an axis I fell, couldn't be set free;

Like a crater through the atmosphere – hit completely!

I cannot breathe; pollution has entered my lungs,

Yet my heart still beats, hoping it's fear I overcome.

Is this worth dying for?

The luxury no one can afford?

The word sorry has no dictionary.

They think the end is all fictionary.

Blind from their faults, perfect leaves no mistakes,

The biggest cult, asleep and cannot awake.

The greenhouse gas hasn't ended yet,

And soon no one will be left…

The curse of every city,

Still quarrel, in self-pity!