Chapter Fourteen

Valenteen got out from underneath the wooden picnic table and walked through one of the open windows. Carefully, she studied the people in the room to see if they would cause her any harm, not that children in infant school would do that. It was the two adults there that she was most worried about. One was a woman, and the other was a man. The woman had golden-brown hair tied up in a bun, and bright blue eyes. The man looked just the same, with the exception of having enough hair to tie up in a bun. The woman spoke first.

"I am Odette, and this is Julian. This is an infant girls' school. Who are you? You're interrupting our lesson."

"My name is Valenteen," Valenteen replied.

"And, Valenteen, why were you hiding underneath a picnic table? It's obvious you didn't want to be seen, but why didn't you want to be seen. And why did you come inside when you were spotted instead of running away? You sure have got some explaining to do."

Valenteen told them that she'd been kidnapped by a bunch of people who either want to a) lock her in a cage or b) force her to join a rebellion, and now she was running away from them. It wasn't so far from the truth, and the best lies are always the ones closest to the truth.

"Valenteen," Odette asked gently, "right now would you like to help out with this lesson?"

"Ok," Valenteen replied, "What lesson is it?"

"We're going to get the children to recreate a scene from a book or film, or something. Do you have any ideas?"

"Hmmm…what about doing fairytales? You could get them to recreate a scene from their favourite fairytale."

"Great idea."

The children divided into seven groups of four, and started to pick out their favourite fairytale. One group chose Thumbelina, another chose Sleeping Beauty, another chose Billy Goats Gruff, another picked Beauty and the Beast, another chose the Wizard of Oz, another chose Cinderella, and the last group chose the Princess and the Pea.

Then Valenteen saw her. Sitting on a picnic table, outside the hall sat the Captain. They locked eyes.

"Gotta go!" she smiled. Odette and Julian looked upset, and the children whined. Swift as the wind, she ran out of the hall, not wanting to endanger the children.