Cecelia found herself standing in whiteness. The light was the only thing surround.

She heard people mumbling but she couldn't hear what they were saying clearly. She couldn't see anything clearly, either. When she could, she found herself sitting by a hospital bed. The mumble soon became shouting. She tried very hard to ignore it because her still couldn't discern what or why they were shouting. Darting around, she realized she was in the hospital.

She heard her heart beating and the echoes… No, not hers. It's someone else's. Cecelia looked around; all she found was a boy with dark brown hair lying on the cushion, wired to the machine. His eyes were shut and his breath was weak.

Cecelia gasped. No!

A deep cut was sliced on the boy's abdomen. Blood was spilling out quickly. His stomach was covered with red.

The shouting came from outdoor was loud, but she paid no attention to it.

Cecelia felt her hands holding something. That was the boy's left hand. She was focusing on the boy and transporting her power to him. His wound was healing. The veins in her and his hands had become visible…

Come back. Please! Cecelia heard her thoughts. Her power was sucked out. She tried to stop her power being lost from her, but she couldn't. Her power was leaking quickly. The scene of blood and lack of energy had begun to make her exhausted. Her head spun and she felt dizziness…

Cecelia burst her eyes open. She was gasping and sweating. Sweats dripped from her face. Her bed sheet was wet. She didn't have the slightest idea why. Just a nightmare. She told herself and tried to calm down. It's just a terrible nightmare. It's OK… Damn nightmare…

She shook her head and slumped back again, pressed her face against the pillow. Stop thinking of Terrill! She warned herself. He is just the guy you saved! You have nothing to do with him!

She fell back against the pillow and tried to sleep. She closed her eyes and wished to have a nice dream. However, things don't always work as people expected.

There were shoutings, cries and sparks of circuit. Cecelia was grabbed by someone and running with him. She slipped for a few times, but the one who grabbed her help her stand and kept running. He was a boy about fourteen with mousy brown hair.

"Hurry!" he shouted to Cecelia without looking back. "We don't have much time!"

A beam fell down in front of them. As she shrieked, the boy cut the metal into two halves with a lightning on his hand.

"Come on, sis!" The boy shot his green eyes at Cecelia to give her faith. "We can get out of here!" They moved on.

They approached the exit. Cecelia saw someone was blocking their way. An old man. "Look what you've done! You destroyed our 17-year-old Project!" he cried.

"We are NOT born for this!" the boy hissed.

Cecelia's eyes glinted. A huge twister blew the old man away.

Now the barrier was clean. They kept running. Suddenly Cecelia saw a man with a gun in his hand and pointing at them. Bang! The bullet-no, it's not a bullet, it was a needle-flew at a high speed at her. She hardly had time to dodge as the needle pricked her shoulder. The dizzying pain soon spread her whole body…

Cecelia woke up again. She shuddered upwards and sat up, still sweating. The gentle sunlight was shining through the curtain as if everything was all right. She looked at the clock. 5:45. she sighed and fell backwards against the bed sheets. Damn Nightmare again! She sighed, getting up.

Slept well? She asked herself. No. Absolutely no.

Is that because of the bad dream? She could tell, but she had a feeling that it can't be the complete answer. Is that because of the boys in my dream?

The first nightmare was about the accident 12 years ago. Cecelia shook her head. STOP! ENOUGH! She wanted to shout, but she managed to restrain herself. She didn't have the courage to recollect this. Just thinking about it was devastating enough to unnerve her.

She closed her eyes and burst opened, for fear she would see the terrible scenes. What's wrong with you! Why you came so concerned about Terrill? You saved him and that's enough! No more worries! But still, she couldn't get rid of the nightmare. There are only two boys in the world could make me so concerned. One is Terrill, the other is…

She thought of the boy in her second dream. The second dream was about the event 29 years ago.