In The Distance

In the distance, another small cry does appear,

"Help me, help me! Can anybody hear?"

They sit around and listen, but do not care.

They're drowned in their own matters and affairs!

The sorrow of the people cry out in tears,

But others sincerity is too weak to be sincere!

the hollow hearts of the ones that don't reply.

No emotion provoked to the wounded cry.

Beaten spirits, whipped by society's ignore.

Drowning in the river, no path to the shore!

In the distance, a voice does call out,

"Save me, save me! Do you ignore my shout?"

But the fear in their eyes, haunts them to not save.

Cowards are the weak, whilst the meek stay brave!

I sit and listen, to the cry of their heart,

But ignore their weeping, as their life falls apart.

"Listen, listen! I know you can hear."

I wait for the sound to drown and disappear.

My eyes are lifeless, no soul does it hold,

For strength stands for the strong and the bold!

In the distance the sound drifts away,

Defeated in asking, deciding not to stay!

if I continue to ignore others plea

then who will continue, to be brave and answer me!