Chapter 7:

Joseph Helps Jim

Two hours ago in the newly rebuilt 'Cicero's Industrial Automobile Dealer'...

"Look, I'm no scientist. I'm just a Marine!" Joseph Denali said. He was being questioned by a man named Alan Gotoski. Gotoski had been questioning about him what the circular thing was that the train robbers hijacked a few days ago.

"And the thing I don't get," Joseph continued with a hint of annoyance in his voice, "is that if you guys are the CIA- Central Intelligence Agency, how come you guys don't have the intelligence on what that thing was?"

They were both sitting in the questioning room together. Alan sighed and removed his reading glasses. He set the clipboard that he was writing on down and readjusted his tie. Personally, Alan hated Marines. He thought that they were all too dense to realize anything and that all they were good for was shooting and blowing stuff up.

"Let me be as clear as I can, Denali," Alan said quietly. "This thing has a special access system built into it. Know one knows what this thing is except for whoever sent this and whoever is to receive it. And we are having a very hard time finding who sent it and who is to receive it."

Denali's expression was blank. He hated the CIA. From his point of view, they never got anything done, they just sat around being useless. "I told you what I know- it was circular in fashion yes. On what appeared to be a podium above the bulk of it was a set of complex items that were too far away for me to get a good look at."

Alan shook his head. "That is truly disappointing. I was hoping for better information." He sighed again, "You're dismissed, leave through the back area please."

Joseph nodded, happy to leave the questioning room. He put on his leather jacket and exited the room.

When the dealer was rebuilt, it was made to look exactly like had been before. The interior was all modular bits of glass and had high tech computers that technicians were working at. A few rooms- such as the questioning room, were not made of glass and consisted of opaque materials to block out observers. The exterior was made out of white marble and had been redone with a large set of doors and a Chevy symbol hanging above it. And the cool thing was that the dealer had signed a contract with the CIA allowing the CIA to use the back of the dealer as their head of operations in the Chicago-land and northern Illinois area.

"I'm telling you, if we could somehow trace the helicopter we could find out where my brother is!"

Joseph turned his head to see who mentioned helicopters. He loved helicopters ever since he was a little boy. It was a boy no older than twelve with a group of armed soldiers and a smartly dressed man.

Joseph walked up to them and they stopped. "Who are you?" The man in the suit asked.

"Joseph Denali, Marine," Joseph told the man.

The man shook his hand. "And I'm Jim Walter. I run this place."

"Could we please get back to Where my brother might be?" The boy asked.

Joseph looked at the boy. It was like he was looking into the past- the boy looked exactly like he did and thirteen years ago. They both had short spiky dark brown hair, they both had a grim- yet light atmosphere about them and they both had the same sturdy build.

"You were saying something about a helicopter," Joseph said solidly. "I think I could help you- depending on what you need done."

Jim laughed, "I doubt that my young Marine."

But Joseph was dead serious. "Don't mock me, I think I can help."

Sighing, Jim said, "Alright then, we'll see what you can do." He told the soldiers that were with him to go undress and that they were done for the day. He led Joseph and the boy to his office.


Jim's office was made of opaque materials, so no one could see inside. The interior was made out of oak wood- the same material his desk was made out of. Resting on Jim's table was a slim, all black Apple computer. The room was dimly lit by two lamps in the corners. There were two potted plants that were opposite the corners of the lamps. There was also a set of chairs in the room.

Jim walked around to behind his desk and sat down at his chair. The boy and Joseph sat down in two other swiveling office chairs. There was a long and silent seven seconds as a mood of uncertainty set in.

"If you could help us, you would be doing us a great favor," Jim explained to Joseph.

Joseph nodded. "That's exactly what that Gotoski fellow said to me before I let him down- but this sounds like something in my field."

"So, here's what we need to know," the boy said, "we need to know where a specific helicopter might be."

Joseph raised a eyebrow. This sounded challenging- challenging but not impossible. "I'm pretty darn sure I can help. I just need two- no, three things."

"And those would be?"

"I need to know what type of Helicopter it is that you're talking about, where it took off from and what direction it was last seen flying," Joseph listed.

"Gimme a second-" Jim typed a series of commands into his computer.

As he was doing this, the boy introduced himself to Joseph. "I'm Oliver, Oliver Ullinskov," the boy said outstretching his hand to Joseph. Joseph shook it and nodded.

"Ah-" Jim exclaimed. He swiveled the Apple monitor around for Joseph to see. There were three different windows; one was a data page of the type of helicopter that was seen, a picture uploaded from the camera of the armored van showed the direction of the chopper and the third showed the airport the chopper had left from.

"Bell UH 1 Iroquois helicopter, armed with sidewinders and three machine guns-" Joseph paused for a second thinking about something. Joseph tapped the screen and brought up Google Maps. He ran a series of calculations into it and smiled.

"What?" Oliver asked.

"With these weapons, the probable weight and from where it left I would say it's somewhere in Peoria," Joseph said triumphantly.

Joseph clapped his hands quietly, "Bravo, good for you."

Then the door opened and a young woman walked in. She had short red hair, and a pale complexion. "I'm Erin Costello- you wanted me to come here?" she said to Jim holding her hand out to him.

When Oliver looked over at Joseph, the expression on Joseph's face was clear. "Whoa," he silently said looking over Erin. Oliver rolled his eyes at Joseph.

After shaking Jim's hand, Erin spun around to Joseph. "What are you looking at?" she said to Joseph. Erin sat down a chair away from him.

Joseph was confused, "Who's she?"

Jim sighed. "Just as she stated, her name's Erin Costello. She was an Intern at the Pentagon and was one of three that found out about the ghost virus. Erin of course wouldn't have been very useful as an intern so we moved her here."

Erin nodded. "That's right." She looked over at Joseph and Oliver. "Who are these two?" Joseph and Oliver quickly introduced themselves to Erin. "So what should I do, Mr. Walter?" Erin asked.

"Well," started Jim, "you any good with kids?"

Erin nodded. "Yeah, I got an eight year old son."

"Good, I'm gonna need you to watch Oliver here while we look for his brother, Kenton in Peoria," Jim explained.

"What the heck," Oliver said. "I'm twelve- why does everyone think I need to be babysat?"