The evening sun began to set. My friend and I were in my backyard sharing a stolen cigarette.

"I had a nightmare last night," I stated. "It made me feel quite ugly inside. It was so vivid and left an imprint on my mind."

"What happened?" asked my curious friend.

"Well, it started off with what appeared to be some form of nationalism. I saw marches in the streets with an inspirational dictator leading the way. Peculiar flags were being flung and a strange chant was sung by the patriotic citizens of this thriving nation. Then things turned a little sour. I saw what appeared to be an international warfare between opposing countries. I could see warplanes soaring through the air and dropping massive explosives upon innocent bystanders of cities and villages. Other warplanes were shooting enemy aircrafts down and chaos surrounded this bloodthirsty world, having a global effect on every human being. Soon enough, the real horrors started to emerge and form in my mind. I saw public beatings and public shootings! There were starving people lined up, waiting to be taken by train to some unknown location, separated by their family. Guards surrounded these fragile, stork-like people and if anyone caused disruption they were immediately shot. I even saw children entering gas chambers alive and leaving the chambers as corpses! But the image that really shocked me to my body's core was when I envisioned myself, standing beside the dead bodies that lay in piles among one another. I just stood there, ordering the guards to murder and guide these dying human to their grave. It was so sickening how I treated these actual living beings like disposable garbage that can easily be thrown away. I tried to control the dream; to alter it and change these atrocities by trying to prevent them from happening. But my rational mind couldn't function. I was overpowered by a sensationalistic idea that these people deserved what was coming to them. I felt a burning desire to inflict further pain upon these innocent, fragile souls and I could sense that my feelings of intense hatred were mutual. But I couldn't understand it. My logical mind could see their pain and my heart wept with sorrow and grief for these frail skeletons that surrounded me. It felt as though civilisation was crumbling down around us and the end of the world was near."

"That sounds intense, Goering," my friend responded.

"I really hope nothing like that ever happens in reality. People who are capable of carrying out these atrocities don't deserve to live."

"Some people don't see why they can't be just as cruel as natureā€¦"

"Yeah, there are some real sick human beings out there, Adolf! Just imagine being one."