Bottle 3

We told my parents when Sunny began to show. My mother was shocked beyond words, my father not so much. He walked over calmly, and raised a hand. From beside Sunny, I swished in front of her, just in time to intercept the smarting slap. I'd saved my sister from the sting, but my father wasn't done. He continued to beat me, but I stood my ground, biting my lip till it bled. My mother crumpled to the ground, sobbing uncontrollably. I felt my sister fall too, and she grabbed my leg. I glanced down, and my heart nearly froze. Her face was devoid of emotion, except for the tears that continued to pour down her face. My father finally stopped, and simply walked away.

I wipe at my lip, my fingers coming away red. I ignore the pain, and pick up my sister. Holding her hand, I walk across the room to my mother. I bow down, touching my head to the floor. After I moment I look up, and touch her foot, then touch my hand to my heart then to my lips. My mother looks up to me, like she can't even bring her self to look at Sunny. I leave her, because I know that my sister needed her most. I walk to my room, and bring out my suitcase. I walk into the room, and see my sister do the same. She holds my mother's foot, brings her hands to her heart, then to her lips. She stands up, and takes my hand. Then we leave our home.

A/N: I'm sorry that it's kind of short \(-_-)''/ Meh.