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This story will include action and romance.
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The man in front of me was trying his hardest to get drunk. He had three empty bottles of beer on the floor in front of the couch he was lounging on, and a vodka bottle in his lap that he was starting to open with his strong hands and sharp nails. Nails. More like claws. This man was a friend of mine: Reuben. He has no last name and was too old to count on a basic calculator, even though he looked to be around twenty. His red and black hair made people stare and others laugh when he told them he was born that way: sharp canines, sharp nails, red and black hair, body lean and full of muscle, too tall, a former gangster with the name Street King. Anyone wouldn't believe him when he said all this, not that I could blame them. I wouldn't either. Until I found out he was a demon. The youngest son of Satan to be exact. So it wasn't as surprising when I saw a flame suddenly appear on his finger whenever he wanted to smoke a cigarette.

I shook my head at him as he tilted his head back and drank from the bottle. He didn't notice my action and kept drinking, then suddenly stopped and brought his head down to swallow then start coughing. I watched his face fill full of disgust as he licked his lips, flashing his sharp teeth, and stared at the bottle as if he'd never seen it before.

"This shit is gross." He said, inspecting the bottle.

"Never had vodka before?" I asked, trying to hold back my smile.

"No. Always too expensive." He looked up at me, then back at the bottle, avoiding my face. "Have you?"

"Yeah. I like it." I replied casually. "I prefer my wine though."

He nodded his head and started to drink from the bottle again, avoiding looking at me.

My name is Ryume and I look human. Well, I am human, but I have a few extra things. I was a part of a group of individuals who all had powers. Whether it be turning into an animal, reading someone's mind, controlling fire, turning invisible, or making weapons appear out of nowhere, they were all here. It was kind of like that movie called X-Men or something. Except we were all friends and somehow a family. I was a part of the group and was also a part of the higher-ups that got more input on future plans or summons to important meetings with important people. Those were usually taken care of by the leaders of this group, but even they had a limited amount of time, no matter how old they were by experience.

Our group was a large one. Over a hundred members that were active and always a part of something, and over a hundred more that lived on their own or weren't as active with us. That meant we needed leaders. We had six of them. The first three were the founders of the group and the first to have original powers that were never seen or heard of nowadays. The thing that people frowned upon was that the first leader, the real founder, was a small purple dragon named Spyro. For the public and media, he usually appeared before them in a human form, but kept the purple hair to symbolize he was still a 'mystical creature'. His personality was hard to forget though. He didn't usually laugh and kept his expressions and emotions to a bare minimum. Always serious, always thinking ahead, and always keeping everyone safe.

The second leader was a wolf, Balto. He also turned into a human for the public and always had a beanie hat on over his dark blonde hair. It made him look more like a teenager, but he said it was comfortable. He was like Spyro, but had a little more sense of humor. The founder with most of the humor was the third leader, Ash. Always smiling, he was the energy of the group and the person who always got the attention in public. Ash was the person who was always involved with the public and always making new friends and connections for future reference or help. No one disliked him.

The rest of the leaders consisted of a calm and soft-hearted person named Chiro, a loud and active, ladies-man Sora, and finally Lan, the mechanic and computer geek who managed to still look attractive. All of these men had a certain trait to them that attracted attention, physically, or emotionally to the public and strangers. With them all looking quite attractive, it was hard to go out in public without getting asked for autographs or a kiss. We were still working on the media issue.

Our job in the group was to protect. Go to different worlds on missions and protect those who needed help or contain a certain person who was causing trouble. Just recently, I was the one who was on a mission with my two sweethearts who also served as a best friend and the other a distant cousin. They weren't exactly the best together but they were needed for the mission. The mission was successful but during the process, we picked up Reuben. He had nowhere to go and came with us to be a part of the group. He claims he's not a part of it and won't take orders from anyone, but that was just his big ego talking.

Watching him gulp down the vodka, trying his hardest to get drunk (because his immune system was insane and the alcohol didn't have much effect on him), I felt sorry for him. The Devil hated him and sent him to a human world to suffer by himself for years. Reuben was alone and unfamiliar with how people lived. That's why he stayed with the thugs; that was what he was used to back in Hell. He didn't like to talk about his life much so I tried not to ask. But it was getting really hard to contain my curiosity. Especially when he received a letter in the mail this morning. That was the cause of his sudden urge to drink. The envelope was black with just his name written on the front in a fancy red pen, but the sight of it made Reuben's cocky attitude turn silent. His face went hard and he took the envelope to his room to read by himself.

After that, I waited for him to come back downstairs to see how his mood was. It was still quiet, but he seemed more agitated and refused to look at me. Our relationship was a complicated one and even I didn't understand how to react around him sometimes. Sometimes I'd want to scorn him for smoking, like a mom, and other times I'd want to wrap him up in my arms and just hold him. It was even more confusing when I'd catch him staring at me or acting as if he had a high school crush all over again, blushing whenever I'd glance over at him. It wasn't something I could ask about either. That would be way too embarrassing for both him and me.

"I was going to use that bottle tonight." A voice said from behind me. I didn't even have to turn around to know who it was. "Thanks, asshole." A hard, muscled stomach leaned against my back and I relaxed against it, letting strong, tan arms drape over my shoulders and hang in front of me. Hikuro. My best friend who apparently had the biggest crush on me and wasn't afraid to show it. Before Reuben, he was the tallest person I knew that still managed to look bad-ass and sexy at the same time. He was popular with the girls because of his looks and attitude. Like Reuben, he had a tough life that turned him into a bad kid. Until I met him, that is. I fixed him up real good.

Reuben glanced at Hikuro and I saw a certain movement in his eyes that I couldn't catch the emotion of. "Put your name on it next time." He took another swing and brought the bottle down, sighing at the taste of the alcohol going down his throat.

Hikuro sighed against me and I hugged his arms to me, calming him down. "Why do you have vodka, anyway? We don't usually drink in the mansion."

I didn't get an answer right away, so I turned around to look at him through his messy dark brown hair that always had strands in his face. He was grinning at me and I knew that wasn't a good sign. He opened his mouth big to announce why he had the bottle, but I interrupted immediately while holding up my hand. "Never mind. Don't wanna know."

"Aww." He pouted down at me, stilling holding me in his arms as I pushed away gently. "But I was planning on using that with you, cupcake."

I blushed at my nickname and the fact he wanted a drink with me didn't help.

I heard Reuben muttered around the top of the bottle. "Good thing I took this bottle, then."

Hikuro glared at him over my head and I saw his jaw clench slightly. "Let it go, Hikuro." I said, putting my hand against his cheek. He blinked and looked down at me, pushing his face towards my palm so he was cuddling against it. I gave him a smile and he sent one back, raising his hands to pull me closer to him from my waist. The movement made me blush with me being so close to his muscled frame and I avoided looking at his face. I felt him bend down and whisper in my ear, his breath tickling me and making me shiver.

"I love how I still have that effect on you."

"Shut up." I mumbled.

He laughed deeply against the side of my face and I felt it vibrate throughout his body and against me, making me shiver again a bit.

Reuben's angry voice made me turn around to look at him with Hikuro starting to glare at him again. "Do that somewhere else."

Hikuro smirked. "Why, does it bother you demon-boy?"

Reuben glared at him, his posture expressing his 'i-don't-give-a-shit-attitude.' He had his back leaned against the couch with his arms spread wide against the back, bottle still in one hand, and one knee bent so his foot could rest on his other knee. "Yeah. It's disgusting."

"Hn." Hikuro grinned evilly at him. "I say you're jealous."

Reuben growled and showed his fangs, but his face was turning red. "As if."

For some reason that made my heart drop a bit. I didn't like the answer, but I also didn't like the fact that I reacted to it so negatively.

Hikuro's voice came out in a whisper, but we both knew Reuben could hear him, "Liar." I flinched and turned my head to Hikuro, pushing him away from me so I was standing by myself. I opened my mouth to say something but never got to do it when Hikuro kept going. "I see the way you look at her."

So it wasn't just me. Not sure how I felt about that.

Reuben threw his head back and laughed. He was still grinning big with his fangs showing clearly as he stared at us. "Whatever. I won't take you and Emo-boy's precious princess. I have no interest in any kind of relationship."

I couldn't help but laugh in my throat to that. Challenge accepted.

Reuben saw my expression and glared, his grin vanishing. "What's so funny?"

"I just can't wait to find you a girl." I said, smiling.

Reuben showed disgust and Hikuro snorted next to me. "Good luck with that."

I gave him a sideways look. "Don't give me that. You were like Reuben before I met you."

"Yeah, but I had you. This trash isn't getting you." He didn't look at me when he said it. His eyes were all on Reuben with his also on Hikuro. I was just the extra piece in his duel.

"I don't want her." Reuben finally said.

Hikuro smiled, but it wasn't a polite one. "Good. Then there's no problem between us."

Reuben made a sound with his teeth and shook his head, taking a drink from the vodka bottle. I sighed very softly so no one noticed. I seriously wished he'd fix himself up. There was only so much I could do. I thought Hikuro was hard to patch up back then.

A voice came from the doorway of the den. "You kids having fun?"

We all turned to look at the new person and found Ash leaning against the doorframe with his arms crossed, smiling at us. His girlfriend, Kat, was behind him, peeking around his frame. She saw me catch her eye and she waved, smiling at me. I smiled and waved back.

Reuben and Hikuro opened their mouths to most likely yell at him but Ash lifted his hand and their voices went silent. They tried to speak but no sound came out of their mouths, even as I watched their muscles work beneath their skin in their throats.

Ash clapped his hands together and smiled at us like a child, "Great! Because I've got a mission for you guys."

Hikuro smacked his forehead with his hand and Reuben rolled his eyes, taking another drink. I looked over at Ash and asked him what kind of mission.

"We got a message from another world we've already been to saying half of their land is on fire." He tilted his head, in thought. "You guys have never been there, but the people there know about you so I told them you'd be going."

Hikuro pointed at Ash, his voice still not available. Ash laughed and pointed at himself. "I've got a meeting with the mayor. Trust me, I'd totally ditch, but I've avoided this meeting for long enough. Just go to the world and see if you can find out anything about who would've set half the damn world on fire."

I raised my eyebrows. "Wait, half of the world?"

"Yep. It's a small world, but it's still a lot. Whoever did it must've loved fire." His eyes went to Reuben and motioned with his hand to give the boys back their voices. They were quiet for a minute before Hikuro finally mentioned something about this sounding like a boring mission. Rueben even agreed. But in the end, after I finally spoke up to say I'd do it, Hikuro had no choice but to change his mind so he can be with me. Ash called it body guarding, Hikuro called it love.

Ash turned to leave the room but spoke over his shoulder before turning a corner, "Take Skylar with you."

Hikuro let out a long groan and raked his hand through his hair, frustrated. Skylar was the other bestie who was also my distant cousin and first crush. Like Hikuro, we liked each other and people saw us as a couple. I didn't know how I saw each other with either one of them. The problem with that was that Hikuro and Skylar hated each other because they were both after me. They couldn't stand each other so much they promised to kill each other one day. The only thing stopping them now was me. I wouldn't forgive either of them if they did that to each other.

I turned to follow Ash and Kat out the door and looked back at Reuben to see what his next move was. He was staring at me again and when I looked over, his eyes instantly turned away and looked at the bottle in his hand. It was half empty. Hikuro noticed the staring and he grinded his teeth again. In the end he shook his head, said something about a bomb that would destroy only demons, took my hand, and lead me out the door to find Skylar. I looked one last time at Reuben and caught him looking at me again. This time he didn't turn his head away as he stared at me through his long black and red hair as I left the room.


We found Skylar at the gym a few floors beneath the mansion we lived in. Skylar and I weren't much of a gym kind of person like Hikuro and Reuben, but I wasn't weak. I had plenty of muscle. Besides, my power was to control water and wind when I had my fan with me. I could handle pretty much any weapon but prefer guns and swords when necessary. Sometimes we needed to go old fashioned when we were fighting the bad guys.

But when I saw Skylar in the gym with his shirt off and sweat beaded on his skin as he lifted weights, I felt my face go hot. How can such an attractive man be mine?

Hikuro made a sound of disgust next to me when he saw my expression and I stopped gaping at my best friend. I cleared my throat and walked over to Skylar, grabbing a clean hand towel for him. When I was over him, I couldn't help but smile down at him as he lay on the weight table with the bar over his with his arms bent slightly, keeping the weight up with his muscular arms. He looked over at me and let out a small smile then put the weights on the bar that holds it up. He took the towel I offered him and wiped his face but keeping his eyes on me.

"Babe." Was all he said, but his smile was still there.

I blushed again. Skylar was kind of like Spyro. He didn't show emotion too much, he had pure black hair, black eyes, and wore dark clothes, mostly navy blue. But when he did smile or chuckle he was gorgeous. In public, for the people who didn't know us, he passed as a model with his fair skin, muscled-body (but not so much as Hikuro or Reuben), and passive face. Sometimes just looking at him lounging on the couch with his leg up on the arm rest made me feel good.

"We have another mission. Just check things out. Someone set half of a world on fire. A small world."

"Hmm." Skylar hummed in his throat and continued to wipe the sweat off his body. I gulped as I watched him move to get up and walk over to a chair to get his shirt. He picked it up and glanced over at me with it still in his hand loosely. He saw something he liked and walked back over to me without doing anything to his black muscle shirt. Leaning over slightly, he put his face in front of me and stared at me with his black eyes and long lashes. I was glad he wasn't so tall or else he would've gotten a cramp from bending his neck down to look at me head on. But at the moment I wasn't as glad when he continued to stare at me.

"Hurry up, will ya?" Hikuro called from over Skylar's back. Skylar's eyes flickered to look at Hikuro and his expression darkened slightly. I said his name and his eyes went back to me, softening instantly.

"I'll be ready in a few minutes. Let me shower first." He said. I nodded my head. He smiled again, except bigger because it was just me looking at him and he'll show me anything when we were alone. It made me happy when he told me that in person. I smiled back at him, just as big. His smile grew and I jumped when he suddenly came closer and laid his lips on mine. My face went hot again and wasn't expecting the sudden kiss, making Skylar back away slightly, afraid he might've scared me. But I didn't want him to leave so quickly; I kissed him back and I felt his lips curl into a smile against my lips at my reaction.

Then I remembered Hikuro was still in the room and probably pissed. I moved my lips away from the man in front of me and told him to go take a shower. He smiled again before putting his mask back on as he passed an angry Hikuro who was clenching his teeth so hard it looked like they were going to shatter. Once the sound of the door closing behind Skylar sounded, Hikuro glared at me. My whole body slumped and dread flooded me.

We've had this problem so many times. And every time I had no idea how to deal with it. I loved two men. And those two men loved me as well. They also loved to tease each other with me. It was then did I realize what Skylar just did was probably meant to piss off Hikuro. It sure as Hell worked too.

My eyes moved to my shoelaces and I knew I was going to hear about this from Hikuro sooner or later. I heard him sigh loud and glanced up at him through my long brown hair. He was shaking his head and had his palm covering his eyes. "Please look at me, Ryume." He finally said, walking over to me.

I hesitated but finally straightened to look at him as he stopped in front of me. He noticed my hesitation and his frustration turned into regret. "Ryume-"

I cut him off. "No. I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking." I looked away from his face and further into the gym room. It was empty. Strange, but everyone was either with family or on vacation, or on a mission.

Hikuro sighed again. "Pease look at me, Ryume."

I slowly turned my head to look at him and his sad brown eyes. His chocolate brown eyes with golden trims that glowed when he was happy or when the light shined just right on his eyes. The same eyes that were always with me when I woke up every morning.

"We should go." I said.

"Yeah." Hikuro agreed right away. "I'll meet you at the front."

I didn't even get to say 'okay' when he disappeared in a puff of smoke to go get ready. I decided to just walk back upstairs.