Well, well, well. Little old me is bored. I don't want to read my books for school. Whoever's the idiot to decide that summer vacation's for reading should've been dragged out into the street and shot. Then again, I got to keep myself busy. Well, my parents are out with their friends. I guess… it's time for some old-fashioned, relaxation activities.

I go onto my computer. I go online to Galaxy Chat. Hmm… Sign in… Username: DeoxySaturnZero. Password: yadadadadadada…. I fear even uttering my password would let people get into my account. There! Signed in!

I wonder how my friends are doing. I click onto my channel. I have a neko guy for my icon and a repeated background of L Lawliet. I'm a fan of Death Note Wait what time is it? Hmm… 12:45 p.m. Meaning that AnimeAloneistherage and LunarForeverFlora should be online. First, I go to AnimeAloneistherage's page. Damn. She's offline. Well, let's go see what LunarForeverFlora's doing! I go to her channel. 'Bbl' is what I read on her channel. Dammit! I don't know if VampireFang45678904 or DemonBlader8 are online! Now what do I do? Hmm… I suppose I can watch 'MM!' Hmm... 'MM! ep 2'... Ok. Still, I might as well let the video load so I can skip the opening. It's not like the opening's annoying, I just have little patience. 'Search'. I click on the first result and let the video load. I figure someone would message me, so I click the pretty little circle that shows links to my Channel, Inbox and Settings. I see 'Messages (1)' Hm? I wonder who's it from.

The message is from '666'. What? How is that possible? The account was suspended! I couldn't help but let my curiosity get the better of me, so I click on the Devil's message (They have Galaxy Chat in hell?). The icon for Satan is just nothing. It's black, but the message says:

"Catch…me… Find… me… Galaxy Chat… will suffer… if I am not found… No admin… can stop me… or Malviress"

The message was only sent to me. Feelings of fear and anxiety swirled inside me. Does 'Galaxy Chat will suffer' mean something will be the wrong with Galaxy Chat? THIS IS BAD! That would mean my friends would be gone! Wait, wait, get a grip on yourself. It's a joke. Yeah, that's it! A stupid joke. Made by someone… Wait, I'm not familiar with Galaxy Chat, but I'm sure the username can't be the same as a suspended account. Well, there goes my relaxed state! Oh, God. Oh god oh god oh god oh god. This is so freaking bad! What'll I tell anyone? They're not going to believe a suspended account will make Galaxy Chat suffer! A problem not even the Galaxy Chat Proctors can fix, and they basically regulate the site! Suddenly, DemonBlader8 came to mind. He's a guy, so it'll be easier if he knew. I didn't want to let AnimeAloneistherage, VampirEFang1122334411, LunarForeverFlora or KNIGHTANNIHILATION to know of this. I could tell KnightAnnihilation, but I've just met him, I need to tell a guy I've known for a while. I go onto DemonBlader8's, click the 'Send Message' option. The page opened to a new one. In the 'Subject' headline, I typed 'Apocalyptic' and typed my message: This is bad! I just got a message from what I perceive to be the Devil or something like that. I type my message:

'Kane, you're never going to believe this, but a message from username/666 was just sent to me! Here's the thing: THE ACCOUNT WAS SUSPENDED LONG AGO! It said that Galaxy Chat will suffer and no Galaxy Chat admin can fix the problem and something about a Malviress. IT'S STILL BAD! What do we do?'

I click 'Send Message'. A green highlighted bar that said 'Your message has been sent!' let me know that DemonBlader8 will get my message. Unfortunately, it occurred to me I should've been more specific, but it's hard to be well-detailed under a lot of stress! My stomach started grumbling. I logged off my account and went to my parent's kitchen to grab a bag of hot wings. After a while in the microwave I grabbed the hot wings from the big, plastic bowl I put them in and started eating. I am now faced with a problem that only people on Galaxy Chat can understand. Let's review: username/666, who's supposed to be suspended, sent me a message saying that Galaxy Chat will suffer. But why? Is it because of its suspension? I've seen the video of the account by typing 'username 666' in the Galaxy Chat search engine, and it's scary! Once you visit that page, you can't escape. Well, it had to be suspended! So why is it still around? And what will it do to make Galaxy Chat suffer? What will happen to my friends? Is there anything to stop it? So many questions. So little to do… I gobbled up my hot wings, wasted about one-third of a gallon of milk cooling my tongue, dropped the bones in the trash and went back to my computer.

One message was sent to me. It was from DemonBlader8. His reply was:


Oh come on! Can this guy not understand? I started to tell him more, but another message was sent to me. Username: Steelrave. Uh-oh. Another 666? I typed the account on the URL, but it showed username/Steelrave was not found! What? Well, better see the message. I opened the message:

'666 has escaped? Well, he cannot be stopped in this world. Copy the link below to your computer. I've sent this message to five other people.

' ''

That was the message. I copied the link. It led me outta Galaxy Chat and into a page where it said: Happy trails! Wait. 'Happy Trails'? Suddenly, a green wormhole appeared on my computer, and started to suck me in! "Hey wait! What's going on here! Ngh! No!" I lost my grip on my feet and was sucked in. "AAHHHHHHHHHH!"

I found myself not in front of my computer anymore, but now traveling through the time-space continuum. Basically, a wormhole. The wormhole was colored with shades of light-green, making it giving me that ethereal feeling. As I traveled, it felt like my nerves had relaxed and I didn't care of my current problems. "So soothing…" I said. The wormhole ended itself and up ahead, I could see an environment of the cyber-like persuasion. The wormhole pushed me out, and it wasn't until I opened my eyes that I felt myself falling "Aaaaahhhhh!" My face met with the ground. "Ouch…" I picked my face up from the floor and saw something. The floor was reflective, so I saw a neko face. I tuned my head, and the neko did so too. I looked at my hands, arms, legs, and my body. I was just like the neko that was my icon for my Galaxy Chat account.

"No way. I've always imagined myself in Neko form, but I never thought it would actually happen." I checked my black tail and moved it. "Wow" Above me, I saw a sign that said '5 more people needed'. Oh yeah, username/Steelrave said five other people would arrive. Who could they be?

As I tried to make sense of what was going on, I heard another sound. I looked behind me to see another wormhole as a portal. Another person? I was wary and excited at the same time to see who it was going to be. The person who fell out was far away. I ran over to that person. Wait! What if this person is related to 666? I tightened my fists.

Hey. This person was a girl. And she looked like Nagisa from Clannad. What, she needed to research some food to motivate herself? Wait, this girl doesn't just look like Nagisa per se, but also that blue-haired girl, Koma, from Tail Tale. It's like the whole Nagisa, but her uniform was a mix of hers and Koma's dress.

Hey! This girl's also a neko!

"Hey! You ok?" I said to the girl. The girl opened her eyes.

Girl: Yeah… Ow.

I helped the neko girl up

Me: You wouldn't have happened to get a message regarding a user named 'Steelrave' did you?

Girl: Yeah! How'd you know?

Me: I got the same message.

Girl: So you have a Galaxy Chat account too?

Me: Yeah! What's yours?

Girl: AnimeAloneistherage.

Wait. If she's… Then… she's Julisia!

Me: You're Julisia!

Julisia: How'd you know my name?

Me: My account is DeoxySaturnZero.

Julisia: So… you're… that guy I talk to online?

Sado: Just call me Sado. Anyways, it's real nice to finally meet you!

Julisia: It's nice to meet you too!

I smiled at this.

Sado: But I wonder now…

Julisia: Hm? About what?

Sado: About who the other five people are?

Julisia: Maybe they're people we know.

Sado: Most likely.

It wasn't easy, but I managed to keep my excitement from meeting Julisia.

Sado: What do we do now?

Julisia: Hmm… I don't know.

Sado: I guess discuss what our lives our like outside of Galaxy Chat?

Before Julisia could say anything else, out manifested as another portal. Julisia ran to the person who fell from the portal. I swear, can't the stupid portal at least conjure up a mattress for this person and the next three people who'll come? In the distance I could see Julisia picked up a person with long, black hair. Julisia brought the person to me. The newcomer girl's face looked a bit like Rika Furude from Higurashi (Hey, shouldn't she be stabbing herself in the head?) Her outfit looked a bit like Haruhi Suzumiya's. Hmm… She's also a neko.

?: Ow… Where am I?

Julisia: We don't know. Um, what's your name?
?: Ow… Karin. Why?

Karin? You mean 'VampirEFang1122334411? THAT Karin?

Julisia: Karin? Wait, do you have a Galaxy Chat account?

Karin: Yeah. What's yours?

Julisia: AnimeAloneistherage.

Karin: You're AnimeAloneistherage? So, then…


Karin: So, you must be Julisia!
Julisia: Yes!

Karin: So I guess you've been visited by 'Steelrave' huh?

Julisia: Yeah. He told us about '666'

Sado: Do we even know if it's a 'him'?

Karin turned to me. I don't think she even knew I was here.

Karin: Oh, I didn't see you there! What's your name?
Sado: Sado.

Karin: Hmm? Do you have an account?

Sado: DeoxySaturnZero.

Karin just looked at me. I extended my hand out to her and she shook it.

Karin: It's so nice to meet you!

Sado: *smiles* Pleasure's mine.

Karin: *smiles*

Karin swayed her tail. So far, two girls, one guy (hey isn't there a video with a similar title?).

Karin: I wonder what's happening outside in the real world.

Julisia: Perhaps our parents are looking for us now.

Sado: If we make it back, you think they'll believe when we say we were in the computer.

Julisia and Karin: No.

Sado: Even I don't believe it, and I'm not this skeptic.

Julisia: You're not?

Sado: No. I'm usually a 'believe-want-I-want to-believe' guy.

Karin: Oh. But what I want to I who are the other four people.

Julisia: That's what I want to know.

Sado: Me too. Speaking of which, what did it feel like when you girls were traveling to…

If I had to describe, I'd say we landed in a bright-orange world with a combination of cybernetic streams and lights.

Julisia: For me, it felt like all my worries were gone. It was like, well, I guess a sauna.

Karin: Same here! My nerves weren't nervous.

Ok, I admit, that was clever.

Sado: I was relaxed too. It felt like going back to school was long and far.

Julisia: Isn't that what summer does?

Sado: Well, yeah but this was even more.

Another portal opened up below me. Karin, Julisia and I looked up. This time, a white-haired person came out… ABOVE ME? The person fell and I was set to get out of the way, but I wasn't fast enough and the person fell on me.

Sado: Ow…

?: Ahh…. Where am I?

Judging by the voice of the person, I could tell the person was a guy. I felt the guy being pulled away on top of me. I wasn't really hurt, but now my ribs ached. Though I had to ignore it and see if the guy was alright. The guy had gray, not white, hair. He wore a white shirt with sleeves and wore brown pants. And… he was a neko. There's goes my being the world's only neko male.

?: Hey man, you ok?

Not really.

Sado: Yeah, I'm fine. Lemme guess: you got a Galaxy Chat account, heard of '666' and the portal ride was relaxing.

?: Yeah. Was it the same for you?

Sado: Yep. What's your name?

?: It's Kane.

Sado: Kane? 'Kane' as in 'DemonBlader8'?

Kane: Yeah. Hang on. How'd you know?

I suppose I could tell him how I knew. On the other hand…

Sado: Kane, I'd like you to meet Julisia and Karin. Their accounts are 'AnimeAloneistherage' and 'VampirEFang1122334411'.

As I thought, Kane was shocked to see both Julisia and Karin. Now that I think about it, I never told him who I was. Karin ran to hug Kane.

Karin: Kane! It's so good to finally meet you!

Kane: Bubbly personality. Vital spirit. You must be Karin.

Karin: Yes!

Julisia walked over to Kane.

Julisia: It's good to finally meet you Kane. I'm Julisia.

Kane: It's a pleasure to meet you too.

Sado: Hm… I wonder who's next?

Julisia: No clue here. Who else do we know?

Just then the last portal opened up. Karin, Julisia, Kane and I ran to the person. Neko girl. Her hair was long and blonde and she looked like Mashiro Mito in terms of neko features, but the clothing resembled the main girl from Zero no Tsukaima. Lastly, she wore a huge, white bow; no doubt it strongly resembled Rin Kagamine's. Again, a neko. Why the hell are we all cat-people?

Hmm… Julisia, Karin, Kane. Hmm. I'm thinking who's the next one

Sado: Who are you?

?: Ouch... Huh?

Sado: What's your name?

Julisia: Misaki?

?: Yeah. That's my name. H-How did you know?

Julisia: 'AnimeAloneistherage'.

Kane: Misaki? You're LunarForeverFlora?

Misaki: Yeah. Who are you?

Kane: I'm Kane a.k.a. DemonBlader8.

Misaki: Kane! It's so nice to finally meet you.

Kane: It's nice to meet you too.

Karin: We're missing one more person.

Sado: Hmm… one, two, three, four, five… Where's the sixth?

Kane looked at me.

Kane: Come to think of it, I never asked for your name.

Dead right, buddy.

Kane: What is it?

Sado: My name is Sado. My account is DeoxySaturnZero.

Kane: Sado! Man, I've been meaning to say 'hi' to you in real life!

Sado. Well… does this really count as real life?

Julisia, Karin, Kane, Misaki and I saw a light-green swirling portal rise up from the ground.

Sado: Who's the last one?

The portal spit up another neko. All of us walked over to it. 'It' turned out to be a guy. This neko had yellow neko ears and hair like the main guy from Omamori Himari and his clothes looked like Sai's from 'Naruto: Shippuden'.

?: Aah… Geez, just when it was getting to the good part.

The guy looked up at us.

?: Uh….

Kane: You got a message from Steelrave?

?: Yeah… You guys did so too?

Karin: Yup.

Sado: What's your account?

?: Ah, it's KnightAnnihilation

Julisia: Oh, so you're Maxx!

Maxx: How did you know?

Julisia: I'm Julisia.

Kane: 'AnimeAloneistherage'!

Sado: It's great t finally meet you, Maxx

Maxx: I… don't know who you are…

Sado: My account is DeoxySaturnZero.

Maxx: Sado! Man, it's great to finally see you!

Kane: 'DemonBlader8'

Maxx: Kane!

Karin: Well, I guess this is everyone

To give you a quick update on who's who, here's how:

Sado- DeoxySaturnZero

Julisia- AnimeAloneistherage

Karin- VampirEFang1122334411

Misaki- LunarForeverFlora

Kane- DemonBlader8

Maxx- KnightAnnihilation