When I finally woke up again, I found myself soaking wet. I was covered head to toe in freezing cold ice water! Looking up I saw Zoe, grinning while holding up a now empty bucket of water. I let out a dangerous growl, but brushed it off.

I looked down at my toes. They were yellow and red. I almost died right then and there. Yellow and red are Daniel's favorite colors. Daniel as in the annoying kid who flirts with everything that moves and sits at my lunch table since we are unlucky enough to share the same group of friends. I hate Daniel and he hates me. Now my toes are decorated in his favorite colors. I officially hate Zoe, Kyra, and Annabel.

Instead of getting mad (or at least showing how mad I really was) I simply thanked the girls and stated that I needed to go home. On my way out, I stopped into the kitchen. Quickly I pulled a small device out of my pocket. Trey and I spent all last summer working on this little contraption. I take my time, placing a pot on the stove and filling the pot with water. Then I drop my little surprise gift into the water and carefully walk out the door.

Outside I whip out my cell phone to make a quick phone call. "911 what is your emergency?" I hear a monotone voice say to me.

"Hey Miranda. This is Gracie. You might want to come and check out this fire."

"Please tell me you're kidding," Miranda says, not holding back as she lets her annoyance seep into her voice.

"You caught me. There's no fire, but there will be in about," I glance at my watch, "two seconds." As if on cue I hear the high pitch screech of the fire alarm. I also hear a loud scream, most likely Annabel's, come from inside the house. Miranda hears it to.

"Tell me your location." So I tell my dear friend Miranda Zoe's address. Just before she hangs up, I tell her, "You might want to investigate the kitchen. I saw a big pot on the stove in there." Miranda just groans and hangs up on me.

Slowly I start to walk home with a skip in my step. It makes me laugh just thinking of the fire. Ah yes. I admit to starting a fire in Zoe's kitchen, but it's a very small and controlled fire. Kyra could probably put it out with a little bit of water. Whoever said revenge was a dish best served cold, should really come take a few lessons from me.

A/N: Before any of you start calling the police, let me explain myself. My brother and I are experts at practical jokes. And we invented this little gadget where, if you put it in hot water, it starts a small fire. It's all smoke and practically no flame. My friends knew it was me all along, since I've showed it to them before. Turns out they put out the fire just as the firefighters walked in. Apparently my friends had a little chat with Miranda and bonded over stories of how much I annoy them. No one was hurt and nothing was damaged.

Anyway I hope you all don't hate me and you found my story at least slightly amusing.