So I decided to write these little teasers that give you a small glimpse into the life of the main character of my novel that I am working on, in the eyes of her children. Enjoy.

My father made his way to the DJ booth. He was visiting us from Norway. " Welcome Our Special Guest, Vampire King Garrett of Norway" the words scrolled above the entrance to the Pullman Buffet at my mother's Everleigh hotel in downtown Chicago.
I watched him whisper to the DJ as he requested a song. I suppose my mother did a good job with him. They met when she was a human, at 18. I wasn't sure how she had remembered it after all the times that she had become human, and been re-turned. Kashmir by Led Zeppelin started playing through the speakers. My mother was drawn out of the Pullman's kitchen almost instantly. When he saw her, my father was drawn to her like a magnet. They danced to the slow, bassy, percussion.
I could see it. I wasn't very much like my mother. She was a social butterfly, and I never really liked the nightly Bacchanalia that she held at her hotel, so I rarely stopped by, but I hadn't seen my father in a while. He was always so busy ruling Norway.
She told me when she was human that they had a short relationship, but they got back together for over two years before she joined the Air Force. Maybe it was because they were vampires, but their bodies swayed together as if they were one.
My mother didn't do it for attention. There was only a small crowd of people gathered at the hotel, most of which were workers. It was very early in the evening. She once told me that vampires were not made to be monogamous. That she couldn't just be with one man, but she didn't want to "feed around" like the other vampires under her rule did. She also told me that she got through all of the rough times in the military with the help of a picture that she had of her and my father. I could see it. I saw why my mother took an extended year and a half long vacation to Norway just after she had appointed and crowned my father the king, and just before I was born. My birth country. Or why she had a large stock of Hep-C tainted blood on her private jet, put in place just before she left. I could see it, I saw it now more than ever, the sparks still flew between my mother and father.
My name is Jude Garrett Johns. I am the Prince of the vampires of Norway, and the heir to the Vampire Hybrid throne of my country. My mother is Ava Johns Nee Mayes, Empress of the Vampires.