It started with a captured gaze,
Caught above the three and ten candles.
The raucous fades to nothing,
Small smiles, faint blushes,
Our story begins.

Life throws Its hindrances,
And we lift our shields.
Everything dared to divide us,
But we laughed in their faces.
Nothing would succeed.

Five years left us and we were still laughing,
Through happiness and sorrow,
Through comfort and pain,
We passed through the terrors,
Triumphant through the worst years.

Alas, our pleasures were to come to an end,
Life throws an apple that I cannot refuse.
At twenty we in the end, have nothing to say.
I watch you leave through the train window,
As it pulls out to the unknown.

And now, ten summers passed,
I capture your gaze again.
A lengthened moment as the memories whirl to the surface,
But a cry from a toddler breaks our gaze,
And I lay the picture down.