This is my first attempt at an mpreg, something I said I'd never write... Never say never! I hope you enjoy it.


The dragon boy was young, and this was his first laying. He had not expected it to hurt so much. He prowled the edge of the clearing, unable to keep still, gripping onto a tree every time the pain hit, leaning forward over his swollen abdomen, gasping and moaning, resisting the urge to cry out. He was young, yes, but he knew that it was dishonour and shame to cry out with the pain of the eggs. He had been labouring for hours, since before the sun rose, and he was exhausted. Still, the contractions would not let him rest. If he tried to lie or to sit down, the pain assailed him worse than ever, sending him back to his feet, to walk again, lean again, walk again…. It seemed to the boy that there had never been anything in the world but this pain, that he had never done anything but walk, lean, gasp, moan. How much longer? How much longer?

There was something else now, a pressure in his lower abdomen, an urge to push. The latest pain hit him, and he bent almost double, clinging to a young ash sapling and moaning loudly. He could not resist his body's urge to push now, and he grunted and groaned as he bore down against the appalling pressure. The first egg was coming.

But where could he lay his eggs? As the pain eased, he looked around him in panic. He had not expected his laying to start so abruptly; he had counted on time to make himself a nest. But now there was no time, nowhere safe for his eggs to lie. He gasped as another contraction took him, clinging to the tree, and fighting the urge to push. He could not lay the egg yet. Not now, with no nest, nowhere safe to protect his eggs and himself as he laboured to lay them.

As the contraction passed, he was aware of someone behind him, and he turned to see his mate looking down at him. He straightened up and the dragon's clawed front legs came around him, pulling him close. The dragon boy leant in gratefully against the familiar width of the dragon's chest, staying there even as another pain began, leaning forward again over his swollen abdomen, supported by the dragon's forelegs, groaning and gasping and unable to resist the urge to push.

"Walk." He heard the dragon's voice in his head as the pain eased, and he obeyed, despite his tiredness. The dragon guided him to a place on the edge of the clearing, sunlit but sheltered, where a nest of soft leaves and grasses had been prepared. The dragon boy looked up at his mate in relief and gratitude, but another pain began, preventing anything he might have said.

This pain was worse than ever, beginning in his back, encircling his swollen belly and progressing even down his legs. He gasped and groaned in sheer agony, falling to his knees in the soft nest prepared for him. The dragon settled opposite him, and the boy reared up as he felt the first egg crowning, gasping as he pushed, clinging to the dragon's head, feeling the familiar protection of the beast's wings around him as the first egg emerged, pink and glistening onto the soft grass of the nest.

It went on for hours. The brief respite after an egg was laid was followed by renewed pain, and a fresh increase of pressure in the boy's lower abdomen as the next egg descended. He moaned and grunted as he pushed and struggled, his body slick with sweat, tears streaking his beautiful face, clinging to his mate as to his only anchor in the storm assailing him. The dragon did not speak in his head again, but made low noises, soothing murmurs that said nothing but somehow helped the desperate boy to focus on what he must do.

Egg after egg was laid, and the dragon carefully moved them so that there was always room beneath the boy for the next, keeping them warm between their bodies and the soft grass and leaves of the nest. The boy was beyond exhaustion now, clinging to his mate as the only thing keeping him upright, moaning in agony as he pushed yet another egg from his bruised and battered body, his head flung back, and his long hair clinging to his wet body. The dragon's wings encircled him closely, both as a reassurance and a protection, as the torment began again and the boy forced himself to bear down once more against the unbearable pain and pressure.

The sun was high in the sky when the first egg emerged. When the last one came, the shadows of evening were long around the dragons' nest. The boy, drained of all energy and all emotion, curled in a ball around his now diminished abdomen and slept deeply, still protected in the encircling wings of his mate. The dragon did not sleep, but turned the eggs over and over, gloating over the treasure the boy had provided. The dragon boy's part was done now; he was no longer needed. Still, for now, and in gratitude for what he had given, the dragon would protect him. In the morning, once he had slept and eaten, the boy could be on his way.