The Beginning of the End

"Where...where am I?"

My voice was raspy, my throat dry. My vision was filled with blue, a few splashes of white as well. I groaned in agony as I forced myself to sit up. I inspected myself, both arms and legs attached to my body. I was pale of skin, wearing ripped black pants and a shirt that had had slashes on the sleeves and the back.

I frowned as I looked around again, "Where is this?"

I gasped as I took in the large crater I was laying in. I was laying in the center of a barren wasteland, smoldering corpses were littered around and the secnt of burning flesh made me gag.

I stood up and grasped my chest as pain raced through my body, "There's just no way...did I...did I do this?"


I turned my head so fast that my neck hurt. There was another person behind me, a tall man wearing an expensive white suit. He had dark red curly hair and his brown eyes gleemed with a held back mailce. For some reason, he had several flies flying around his head, buzzling madly.

"This was my work, but you, my son? You were just here for the ride." He waved his hands and smiled.

He, this evil man, had called me his son and yet I had no idea who he was. I started shaking, extremely afraid that he would turn on me and kill me. He turned to me and smirked, "You even tried to stop me, ah!" He seemed estatic as I slowly backed away, raising my hands as if to defend myself.

What is this? Why am I shaking so much? Just what the hell is going on?

The man froze, his flies making more noise. He cocked his head to the side and smiled, "Well you guessed it, sonny, all around us. This world, the people in it, it is all hell. My hell, and you're in it. So you can chose, without your memories and against me, or with your memories and with me."

My brain was slowly comprehending what he said when I saw a flash of red. The next moment I was kneeling over panting, the pain in my head slowly fading.

I took a deep breath and looked up at him, staring straight into his gleeming brown eyes, "Memories?"

He started pacing, walking around me, "Ah yes, your memories. I took those from you, I wanted to know if you were earnest with your duties. I was worried that you were going weak, soft. So I made this test. In order to test you I stole your memories, your decision is completely unbiased now. So you have two choices. You can fight for these pitifully weak insects around you or be the one to put them in their place."

I gulped, sweat pouring down my brow. I looked around, seeing the corpses of men sprawled over other corpses. Ashes were drifting through the air, carrying the smell of burning flesh and hair.

I looked at the man next, no, not a man.

A man wouldn't have this aura.

Although, despite my fear of him, a part of me had an urge to go to him, to accept his offer.

A corpse caught my attention. A little child, she wasn't as burned as everyone else. She was cute, showing the signs of becoming a beautiful woman when she grew up. She was tan, looked to be around ten or eleven, and had long black hair.

I clenched my fists, staring into her glazed dull blue eyes that was once filled with life.

A flash of red.

Every corpse was standing, all smoldering except the little girl. They didn't say anything, all they were doing was standing there staring deep into my eyes. All at once, with the exception of the girl, they slowly raised their hands to point at me.


The words vibrated through my head, shaking me to my core.


I stood up, a feeling rising in my chest.


Almost like a large source of power, waiting to be released.


I glared into the eyes of the man, "I'm going to have to..."


"Decline your offer, oh father of mine."

The man growled, black smoke rising off his body, "Excuse me?"

I growled right back at him, somehow the fear was gone, "Your offer, I don't want it. I will never join you or kill needlessly. So, take that offer of yours and shove it up your ass."

The man seemed to glow red, his fingers becoming claws, "Adamos, let me tell you now. By choosing this, you will be an enemy of Hell itself. As a Lord of Hell, I Beelzebub the Lord of FLies, order the execution of Adamos the Heir of The Third Circle of Hell. May you die a slow, painful death."

He snapped his fingers and the world exploded in red.

I woke up, rising quickly, my body exploding in pain. I fell back down, screaming. I faintly heard footsteps, which I mistook as the pounding of my heartbeat.

"Father! He's awake!"

The next moment I felt a hand on my forehead, checking my temperature most likely and another opening my eyes.

My vision was filled with light and I forced myself to keep my eyes open. I coughed, now noticing how dry my throat was, "W...water?" My voice was croaky and it hurt to speak. I suspected that that one word was all I could say without fainting.

I felt a large hand on the back of my head, turning my head up. I then felt the cool of a glass press against my lips and the sweet tasting water flow down my throat.

"Slowly now. Don't want you to choke now."

I tried to disagree as I reached up to hold the glass on my own. My own hand overlapped another's and I titled the cup up fully until the water was gone. I sighed to myself, glad that my throat was no longer dry and painful.

I opened my eyes fully, noticing a large man with light brown skin, black hair cropped back with amber eyes. Next to him, holding the cup that my hand was still overlapping was a small girl. She had short, boyish black hair, the same brown skin and light amber eyes.

She appeared to be thirteen, and her eyes were full of life.

Her glazed dull blue eyes that was once filled with life.

I coughed as the memory of the little girl came up. The little girl here in this room frowned, her cheeks red.

"Father, is he going to be alright?"

The large man grinned down at her, her coming up to just his hips, "Aye, of course he will." He wasn't yelling but his strong deep voice made it appear as so, "All he has is a fever, he'll be up and about by tomorrow! For now just rest, keep him company will ya, Anti?"

The little girl, Anti, nodded nervously while pulling up a chair next to the bed. The man left the room and a nice, comfartable silence was all that was left. I took in this time to look around the room.

It was cozy, with wooden walls and roof. There was paintings hung up on the walls, beautiful paintings of mountains and waterfalls. Of nature in it's finest. I was laying down on a mattress, a thick white blanket over me. Next to the bed was a pile of folded clothes and a pair of shin guards and arm guards.

Noticing the clothing I looked under the blanket to realize I was naked. I looked at the clothing agian then the girl.

"That clothing. Is it mine?"

Anti frowned for a second, a puzzled look falling over her face, and then jumping up in shock, "Oh! Yes, yes! We found you in the forest behind town in them. They were tattered and was covered in blood and burns so we had our town's Tailer fix them up for you."

I nodded, although I didn't know who or what a Tailer was I assumed that it was a person who fixs clothes, "Thank you." I slowly sat up, turning in the bed to slide off it. The blanket fell from me as I stood up to reach the clothing.

Anti's face exploded in a blush and she covered her eyes, "Please! Warn a girl!"

I frowned in confusion as I slipped on my underwear and white robe bottoms. The robe was soft but heavy, obviously a sturdy material. I put on the heavy red shirt and then slipped on the robe top.

"Why would I need to warn you? I'm just putting on my clothing, it's not like I'm going to be attacking you."

I frowned when I heard my own voice, why had it sounded so new to me? It was deep, but soft sounding. Almost like I had a silver tongue.

"I'm done now though, please do not look away any longer."

The girl nodded and looked at me, her cheeks still slightly red. She looked satisfied that I was clothed and stood up, "Well it looks like you are fine enough to walk. Would you like to have a tour of the house?"

I nodded, picking up the arm and shin guards as I followed her out of the door.

The house was small, at some points cramped but for the most part cozy. There were parts where I had to bend my head down to walk under something, it's amazing that the Father could do it at all. Paintings were scattered throughout the house as well but there was only picture.

The picture was of a woman, young and looking not much apart from the Anti. She had pale brown skin, her long, wavy black hair reached past her hips. She had brown eyes and she was poised in a yellow sundress, a hand on her hip and head held high.

Anti noticed me looking at the picture and smiled sadly, "That's my mother, her name was Demeter."

I nodded, noticing the was, it was obvious she had either died or left, "How'd she pass?"

Anti sighed, "You probably won't believe me but she died saving this village from a demon."


The word struck a cord in my body. Like the word had some great meaning to me.

Just what was it?

I grabbed my head between my head and growled.

A flash of red.

"Father! He just fell! Father!"

I heard the sounds of footsteps running away from me, then the sound of a door opening and closing.

I realized then that I was laying on the ground, staring up at the ceiling. Blood was pouring down my eyes, although it didn't help.

"What the fuck is going on?"

I heard a loud scream then, and in the next moment a body was thrown through the house, landing just feet away from me.

That's when the house collapsed.

"Father! Help!"

Anti ran out of the house, seeing her father first in the center of a large crowd, "Father!"

The crowd of people gasped and, for some reason, tried to hurry to her. But it was too late. Her father turned around and the shock of what Anti saw made her fall to the ground.

So much blood.

Her father's face was covered in blood, his left eye swollen and barely able to open. His shirt was in pieces, and from the looks of it his arms were broken.

"Papa?" Her voice was weak, soft and full of sadness.

Her father smiled at her, a farewell smile if she ever saw one, and in the next moment he was thrown. Straight past her, the moment when he passed her she could swear she heard her name, and then all she hear was a loud crash. She was afraid to turn around, knowing that all she would see was her house crumbled, becoming a coffin for her father and the visitor.

The visitor.

Why was she able to think of him at such a time, when she saw her father die?

She turned up then, intent on seeing the person or thing who killed her father.

She had the perfect hair, falling down past her hips in a wave of brown. She had pale brown skin, beautiful brown eyes. She wore a yellow sundress, and at the moment her hands were on her hip.

"My beautiful daughter! Please tell me you remember me, your father didn't and I got angry."

Anti's heart stopped. Standing there, in the middle of a scared town, was her mother. Looking around, as hard as that was, she noticed that every building was broken or on fire. She could faintly see the corpses of some of the stronger men in town.

"Honey? Ah hell, am I going to have to kill you too?" Her voice was a fake sweet, and her face was held in a sneer that looked like it could never belong on her face. Anti, looking at the sneer, gulped as she saw a pair of fangs.

Her "mother" walked forward, as graceul as she had been in life and just as elegant, "Anti honey? Would you rather me kill you or eat you and kill you?"

Anti, still on the floor, started scooting away. Demeter, or the monster, continued walking.

"Demeter! What have you become? First your own husband, then you destroyed our town, then you plan to kill your daughter?"

An older woman ran forward, Anti recongized her as Meranda, the only teacher in the town. She was old, at least 71, she stood at 5'3 but no one ever dared teased her, she was the scariest person anyone had ever known.

"Demeter" grinned, "Ah Meranda, Meranda, Meranda. If I recall you gave me a F in grade school. I never did pay you back."

"Demeter" disappeared, reappearing in front of Meranda, "Die you old hag."

In the next moment Meranda sailed past Anti. "Demeter" looked around at the sacred townspeople, "Anyone else care to stop me?"

No one spoke up. At that moment Anti noticed the sweat pouring down her face, mixing in with her silent tears, "Who are you? You're not my Momma!"

"Demeter" froze, and then growled, "You bitch of a daughter. How dare say I'm not your mother!"

Anti shook her head, making her tears go airborne, "You're not my Momma! Not my Momma!"

"Demeter" appeared above her, her hands raised, "Then die, ungrateful bitch."

Demeter swung her hands down but froze when a pair of arms appeared around her waist. Anti looked at them as she saw a tall, skinny man named Zack, the Town's Butcher, holding her.

"You're right Anti, this isn't your mom. Everyone here loved your mom, everyone here looked up to your mom. When she died we all felt hopeless. If it wasn't for your father we'd still be crying. He came into the bar one day and beat the crap out of all of us. Yelling at us that Demeter wouldn't have wanted anyone to cry because of her. Silly thing was that your father was crying the whole time. I don't think he noticed. So do us a favor here? Live on, and remind us that your mother wasn't the only person who we loved like family."

Anti started crying, "Just run Zack! Don't die for me! I'm not worth it!"

"Demeter" growled and swiped down, cutting deeply into Zack's arms with her clawed ones. Zack winced in pain but didn't let go, "Don't you dare!" He started squeezing his arms as "Demeter" lifted her arms again, "SAY YOU AREN'T WORTH IT!"

"Demeter's" hands came down, Zack's dropped and he felt to the ground silent. Anti screamed as the other townspeople rushed "Demeter", obviously inspired by Zack's words.

Anti's shrill scream cut through the very heavens, "STOP ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!"

A pillar of wood fell to the ground, right in front of "Demeter". The townspeople paused in their assault and looked towards where the wood was thrown. There they saw a tall boy, no a man. He had his dark red hair tied up in a high ponytail, his dark red eyes gleeming maliciously. Around his arms he had pitch black arm guards with golden trimmings. Around his shins he had pitch black shin guards with red trimmings.

He was holding in his hands the large form of Father and Meranda, effortlessly as if he was breathing. He was standing on top of the collapsed house and around him was a dark, but comforting, aura.

"Anti, I'll leave these two in your care." He slowly set them on the ground and walked forward until he was standing six feet exactly from "Demeter".

"Hmm, possession of a corpse. Vampiric. Control of fire. Low at that. Hmm, maybe a Vetala Demon?" The townspeople backed away and Anti smiled in relief as she ran towards Meranda and her father, some others grabbing onto Zack, "My name is Adamos, former Heir of the Third Circle of Hell. But don't think that has any importance to me. I am the self named Guardian of Humans, Adamos!"

Adamos brought up his hands close to his face, parting his feet slightly and bringing his right foot into a slightly bent position.

"Demeter" growled as her hair and arms erupted in fire, "Hmm, a former Prince! I'll be sure to get powerful if I eat you!"

Adamos grinned, "Let me show you then." He flexed his arms and they erupted in a red fire, "How to really control fire!"

A flash of red.

My name is Adamos. Son of Beelzebub. I'm a demon. I hate being a demon. I love humans. I love seeing their eyes so full of life. I hated demons. Espicially the ones who preyed on humans. Like the Vetala Demon in front of me. That is all I remember of my life.




My flames turned a sickling red, The Desire to Fight.

The Vetala Demon, who assumed the form of Demeter, Anti's mother, rushed at me. She swung her clawed hands at me, almost lazily. I reached up and grabbed them. Both of them in my uncovered hands. The flames tickled, not even the slightest hint of heat in them.

"You're weak."

I twisted my feet, red flames covering them from the knee down. I threw her above me, raising my leg above my head. She screamed as she fell back down, cracking the ground. She looked up at me fearfully.

"W-what are-WHAT ARE YOU?"

"I'm your hell."

I swung my leg down, a trail of fire following it. My foot met the demon's neck, "Execution Axe!" The demon gasped in pain, her eyes widening and blood pouring out of her mouth.

"May you rot in the deepest pits of hell."

The demon faded away, leaving the decomposed corpse of a once beautiful woman. The townspeople cheered loudly then, swarming me.

"Three cheers for the hero!"

Hm, so this is what it feels like. To help people out.

"Adamos!" The crowd parted, revealing a panting Anti.

Anti was covered in sweat, making her hair damp against her face. She smiled, her eyes full of happiness and relief, but most of all life.

"Thank you, thank you so much!" She hugged me then and I was shocked at how much warmth this human girl had, compared to the tickling coldness of the demon flames earlier.

I patted her head, careful to hold back since my arms and guards were still warm due to my Demonic Flames, "It wasn't anything big. You know this place has a lot of rebuilding to do. I'm sure they have the perfect mind to come up with some improvements."

Anti took a step back out of the hug, "What are you talking about?"

I smiled at her, a true smile. One not to big so my eyes were shut, not one to small, "Those paintings were yours weren't they?" I sighed then and ruffled her hair, "I think you would look good with longer hair, just like your mother's. Hey, when I come back here, how about a nice steak?" I looked over her head and past the townspeople, "Hey look, Father is waking up."

Anti and the townspeople gapsed, turning to him. Father had his right eye opened halfway, his left eye swollen shut, "An-Anti..."


I smiled one last time, before disappearing into the wind.

I'd be back here in two years time.

A flash of red.