Terrible Power of Adamos

Adira ducked under the swipe of a twin hook, jumping back to dodge the other. Once she gained distance from him she made her crossbow appear and fired off three bolts at Longwei. Longwei brought up his twin hooks and cut through the bolts before charging Adira.

Adira jumped and flapped her wings as Longwei passed under her. He looked up and glared before jumping up a tree and jumping into the sky above her. Adira gasped out, surprised at his speed before bringing up her daggers to block the twin hooks.

She was sent flying to the ground, Longwei on top of her with a smirk. She groaned and tried to push agaisnt him but he was too heavy and too strong.

"What a short fight. Oh well, meal time."

Adira groaned and pushed agaisnt him, only succeeding in trapping herself when he grabbed her wrists and slammed them to the ground above her head.

Darn it! This won't happen, there is no way I, an Angel, will let this demon do anything to me!

Longwei smiled lazily before leaned into her, "Where to start..."

Adira gulped before closing her eyes.

"O aqua, o ligna, Benedicite me cum fortitudo, da me in potentia ad vivere!"

Longwei frowned, "What the hell are you-" He was then thrown off her, into a tree. Adira smiled again as she stood up.

"Angels have several forms of combat, melee, distance, and magic. Every Angel needs to learn each one but they all excell in a certain area. I excell with spells!" She waved her hands and a whipe of water rose with it, the trees around them seemed to move, "You lost the moment you underestimated me."

Longwei sighed, "Well, at least now I can go back to sleep."

She waved her hands toward him, the whipe of water smacking him in the chest before two trees swayed and with their roots pinned him to the ground. Adira smiled sadly before waving her arms to the ground, the whipe of water growing until it was the size of even Batholomew. Longwei sighed as the large serpent of water raced towards him.

"So anticlimatic."

Adamos reared back as Batholomew's paw slammed into the ground in front of him. Adamos jumped into the air and punched forward, hitting Batholomew's shoulder.

Batholomew growled and brought up his other hand to swipe at him, missing him but the force of the attack sent Adamos flying.

Adamos slammed into a tree, cracking it. He groaned and looked up at the large beast who pulled his head back and opened his mouth.

Adamos raised an eyebrow before his eyes widened and he threw his hands up, "Repellente Contego!" In front of him a large orange shield appeared just as Batholomew unleashed a torrent of black flames.

The black flames hit the shield hard, pushing it back slowly.

Batholomew growled, How can something so hastily put up defend against my flames? My flames from Hell itself!

Adamos groaned and shakily stood up, bringing his left hand back and keeping his right hand outstretched, "Something this simple..." His eyes widened in anger and he threw his left hand forward, "Is nothing to me!"

The shield grew before shooting forward, the black flames disappearing, hitting Batholomew and turning into a large dome that completely covered him.

Batholomew growled out and roared in pain, crashing against the side of the dome and shaking it. Adamos smirked with narrowed eyes and brought his hands to his sides before pushing them together as if something was between them. As his hands became closer the dome around Batholomew shrunk until it was only five feet away from his body.

Batholomew growled and pushed against it, shooting out black flames that completely filled the dome and blocked him from view.

Adamos sighed, "Too late for that." He quickly brought his hand back to his side and behind him before slamming them together, crushing the dome completely and causing a large explosion that ripped a crater in the earth.

"New move, Limitare Purezza." Adamos grinned and watched on as Batholomew weakly groaned behind the cover of smoke, weakly pulling himself out of the smoke with a visible limp. His face and upper body was covered in blood with the rest looking burnt.

Batholomew growled, "That move...was eating away at my very being." He growled out, his teeth bared, "What kind of demon would use a power like that?!"

Adamos frowned and shook his shoulders, his yellow flames flickering about around him, "Hm, if I had to take a guess..." He frowned and raised his hands again to his sides, "I'd say I'm a demon-killing demon!"

Batholomew growled before opening his mouth again, black flames appearing, "DAMN YOU! SON OF BEELZEBUB!"

Adamos frowned and threw his hands forward, a large orange dome surrounding Batholomew once more, "Please," He clapped his hands together as the dome shrunk and exploded once more, "don't refer to that thing as my father."

Batholomew screamed out in pain before his very existence faded away from the earth.

Adamos smiled before closing his eyes, his yellow flames fading away. He clapped his hands together in a pray, "You're freed now, Holy Saint."

After a couple more seconds of prayer Adamos frowned and looked around, "Time to find Adira, she's strong so she should be fine."

Adira groaned as she pulled herself up, leaning against a tree. She looked up to see a slightly bruised Longlei who was currently whistling a tune as he twirled his twin hooks around.

She groaned once more as she tried to pick herself up but fell to her knees. She looked down at herself to see that her shirt was ripped over her stomach and the sleeves were gone. Her legs were bleeding, most of her white skin covered by her red blood.

"Hm, I must say, I do prefer you this way." Longlei lazily smirked as he stepped forward, "Clothes torn, skin showing, covered in blood. Absolute perfection."

Adira raised her hands weakly, "O aqua, o ligna, Benedicite-" Before she could finish Longlei threw two emei piercers forward that sent both of her hands to the tree behind her, impaling them and stopping her movements.

Longlei laughed, "There we go, even better." He frowned and stabbed his twin hooks into the ground, cupping his chin as if in thought, "Now what to do?"

Adira clenched her teeth as she tried to pull her hands off the tree, Ugh, what the heck happened?! One second I'm winning the fight and the next he's got me pinned against a tree! This demon...I underestimated him...

"Oh I know." He raised his right hand and a black/red mist appeared in front of it until it formed a long metal whip chain, known as a nine section whip chain. He started twirling it around him before lashing out, a small metal spike on the end digging into her right arm.

Adira bit her lip to stop herself from screaming at the pain, He's just toying with me! I can handle this much pain you fool!

Longwei frowned and twirled it around again, this time aiming for her chest. He grinned as the chain sped up, "Let me hear you scream!"

He lashed out once more but before the spike could meet her chest a wall of orange flame appeared between them. The spike bounced off the wall, shattering as if the flames were steel.

"I thought I said it earlier, I would like to keep her around."

Adira groaned, "Darn it Adamos, this is twice you've saved me in the same day!"

Adamos shrugged as the orange flames around him flickered, "I'm sorry Adira, I know you can take care of yourself but I'd much rather have you sit back." He sighed and walked towards her, taking out the emie piercers from her hands and pressing his hands against the gash on her right arm, "Sit back and rest, he isn't worth your time anyways, Adira."

Adira gaped, trying to find something to say but stopped when she couldn't find anything, "Fine then, just this time, you fool."

Adamos nodded and turned around to face Longlei, "I can sense it, Bolin. I can hear your cries, your screams, deep down inside." He clenched his fist and the orange flames exploded around him, the trees and grass around him being blown back, "Don't worry, I'll save you now!"

Longlei frowned, "Save me? From what? I'm enjoying thi-"

"Not you, the person who you pushed down inside. Here I come, Longlei."

Longlei raised an eyebrow as Adamos disappeared in a flicker of flame before appearing behind Longlei. Longlei's eyes widened once he turned his head to see his vision covered in orange.

Longlei stumbled back, righting himself soon after, "T-This strength..."

Adamos jumped forward once again, jumping into the air and slamming his heel down towards Longlei. Longlei gasped and jumped to the side. Once Adamos' heel hit the ground the earth cracked for a second before completely breaking and forming a crater, the air filled with the shrapnel.

Adamos turned and swiped his right hand towards Longlei, sending the shrapnel flying towards Longlei. Longlei covered his face quickly, being pushed back by the fast shrapnel.

What the hell? Was he always this strong?

He lowered his arms quickly to see Adamos' face inches from his own.

"Too slow."

Longlei gasped out and in the next couple seconds dozens of imprints were made on his chest, as if an invisible fist had slammed into him.

What?! How is he so fast?!

Longlei flew back, flying through several trees before stopping.

Adira's eyes were wide, "A-Adamos...how are you so strong?"

Adamos frowned and looked down at his fists, "I don't know..." His eyes widened however when he remembered the fight with Oujou, the Rokurokobi Demon.


I took in a deep breath and frowned at him, "Oujou, a Rokurokubi Demon, I'll stop holding back on you now."

I rushed him, my entire right arm becoming encased in a red flame. He dodged, ducking under the punch. I grinned then, grabbing his head and slamming my knee into his face. I heard the crunch and then felt the warmness as his nose broke and blood splatterred avross my pants.

I let go and turned quickly, kicking him in the face and sending him flying. He crashed into the house, the wall cracking around him. He looked up at me and smiled, his face bloodied and burnt. He stood up, looking only slightly winded.

"What was that just now, what terrifying power, fufufufufu."

I glared at him and settled into a stance, raising my right knee up to my hip, "I'll be your executioner."

He jumped into the air, pulling his head back, laughing gleefully. He threw his head forward, his neck stretching and his head becoming a bullet.

I smirked, moving slightly to my right but not moving my legs. As his head passed me I grabbed onto his hair and pulled, his body catching up to his neck. He slammed into the ground and the dust enveloped him. He coughed and the dust cleared, letting him see me.

My leg was raised above my head, enveloped in fire, "Execution Ax."

Without hesitation I kicked down at his head, the outcome of my attack covered once again by dust. I waited a few seconds, not moving my foot, as the dust cleared.


Oujou grinned up at me, "Afraid now?"

He had bent his neck at impossible angles once again, twisting it until it was completely around my foot, not at all bothered by my flames.

"These flames are too cold to hurt me," he wiped his hand over his face and the burnt mark disappeared, as if it wasn't there. I refrained from gulping as he stood up faster than I could see and punched me in my gut.

I curled over his fist, spitting out air and saliva. He pulled back and then grabbed my face, lifting me by it.

"Fufufuf, where did that power go? For a second there I had thought this would be fun but now, fufufu, I grow weary of it."

Flashback End

"This...This isn't the first time. When I fought with Oujou I briefly used this power...but only for a brief instant..."

"D-Damn you."

Adamos turned his head to see Longlei limping towards him, "Damn you...your power...that isn't demonic! It-It's something else!"

Adamos shrugged with a small smile, "I don't know what it is or really who I am. I don't remember my life before a I woke up a couple days ago. However, for some reason, I recognise all you demons and how to fight." He frowned and raised his hands toward Longlei, "I'm sorry Bolin, this will all be over soon." With a sad smile his yellow flames appeared around his arms.

Very quickly an orange dome rose around Longlei and quickly shrunk until it was a foot away from touching his body.

"Limitare Purezza."

"Hmph, it appears that I need yet another Beast." Spoke a tall, lean, and skinny man with long curly black hair. He was skinny enough to where his ribs were showing and on his head was a golden crown, a pair of small dull angelic wings on his back.

"This makes it the 842 one in the last three hundred years. Although this one made it longer than the others." The voice was obviously female and her voice seemed tired and yet like soft like silk.

The woman that spoke was skinny, with long dull blonde hair that covered her left eye. Under her right eye, which was dull black, was dark circles under it. She appeared to be sickly, sprawled over her desk.

The two of them were in a small, dark room with candle lights being the only form of light. In the room was a large desk and a large bed with what appeared to be dozens of body pillows and regular ones.

"Indeed he did. Ah, Bartholomew, I'm almost sad t-" Astaroth frowned, sitting up lazily and patted his stomach, "Ah, for a mortal he sure was a worthy adversary. He fought me off all those years and was stubborn until the end. And even now he gives me trouble."

The woman raised an eyebrow, "Hm, mortal men sure are full of surprises." She lowered her head on the desk, closing her eyes, "It's been years since I've been so interested in a man." She smirked, Adamos huh, I'll be sure to keep you in mind.

Bartholomew gasped out, grasping his chest.

"Don't worry now, Bartholomew." Spoke a woman with a voice that seemed to lighten everything around him, "You are safe with me, Astaroth cannot touch you now."

Batholomew turned and looked on at a woman who was covered in light to the point where he could only see her silhouette. Behind her what appeared to be a large golden gate opened.

"Welcome home, my son."