Past of the Fallen Arron

"Wait! A Fallen One?! Like the three from earlier?!"

Adira shook her head as Sammy scoffed, "No. He's a million times stronger. The three from earlier were most likely low level Angels before they did something to warrant them being exiled. When an Angel is exiled they grow in strength depending on what they do. If they become more evil they'll grow in strength until they eventually become Demons. However for Arron to be this strong and only be in the beginning translation from Fallen to Demon would mean that he was once..." Her eyes widened and she gulped, "A-Arron...tell us the truth..."

Sammy sighed and turned to Arron, "If they've found out that much already then you might as well just tell them the rest."

Arron, for the first time since the two had been there, had actually glared at Sammy. Sammy looked taken back and brought her arms over her mouth. Her eyes watered and she floated back.

"S-Sorry Arron...please don't be mad." She turned away and Adira and Adamos were shocked at the emotional atmosphere.

Adamos turned to Adira and quietly whispered, " you think those two know...together?"

Arron turned his glare to Adamos and Adira took that as a message to not say anything.

"We've known each other for over a hundred years, her full age would be around 119 years old."

Sammy glared at Arron, her teary eyes now replaced with ones full of anger, "A yes would have sufficed! You're always so secretive! There's no point of it! You might as well just tell them who you truly are!" Arron turned to her and she braced herself for his glare, the glare that could crush cities, cause hurricanes, and tame fires but was surprised when she saw his eyes.


He sighed and turned to Adamos and Adira, "Where do we begin..." He frowned, "It all began when I was around 119 years old, a newly instated Seraphim Angel on a mission in a small farming community."

Sammy grinned, "And that's when it all started-"


A young woman sighed in bliss as she walked outside, loving the warmth of the sun against her light brown skin.


She wore blue pants and a white shirt, not minding the dirt on them, her long brown hair done up in a braid that fell midway down her back.

She smiled and walked forward, overlooking her plantation of rice fields, "Time to work!"

She jumped from the top of the steps, grabbing the sickle that was leaning against one of the beams and stepping into her field where she began to work.

"Cut once for luck and thrice for fun!" She sung loudly, not minding the looks that her neighbors gave her.

"There's Samantha again, being as loud as ever."

Samantha grinned and continued working in her fields, singing even loud than before. She continued working with a smile, ignorant of what her life would become only a day later.

A tall man walked forward, passing the large golden gates to enter a room, standing before four Angels, two men and two women.

As he entered the room the blonde woman spoke up, her stormy grays eyes watching his every step.

"Arron in the one hundred years that you have been an Angel you have risen in the ranks and in strength. You are at a high level and your potential is enough to one day become one of us, should you not waver."

Aron gulped and kneeled down, his large goldish white wings folded behind him and his blonde hair fell to curtain his face, "I thank you Lord Liora."

The male Angel to the right nodded as he leaned forward, his black hair and brown eyes giving him the appearance of a gruff man, "It is because of that that we summon you here. It has come to our attention that there has been an issue in one of the secters. We are receiving signals of a group of low level demons running about and destroying towns. By the time we get the signals we do not have the time to stop the demons in time. So we will station you in one of the nearby villages."

The black haired female angel spoke up, "There's no timelimit either so you can be there from the span of two days to ten years." She sighed, "So you might as well get comfy."

Aron raised an eyebrow, "Comfy, Lord Menuha?"

"Help them out with their fields or something, you can't draw attention to yourself. The only reason we're stepping in here is because that secter is poor and the population is decreasing."

Aron nodded, "I wondered about that. Very well, I shall depart shortly, is that alright Lords?"

They nodded and Arron stood, walking out as his head stayed bowed.

Be comfy? This will not be fun.

Arron landed in a field, looking down in slight irritational as he realized he landed in water.

He shrugged his shoulders and flapped his wing, the water at his feet being forced back to reveal the ground.

He sighed and walked forward, parting the water to both sides of him. He took one last step onto the elevated ground, the water falling back in place and his ings disappearing in a golden mist.


Arron turned, his guard on high as he got ready to materilize his weapon.

Was I caught so early?


Arron raised an eyebrow as he looked down at the light brown skinned woman, "Hmph."

She narrowed her eyes and clenched her fists at her side, "Don't 'Hmph' me! I live off my field! If you did something to my crop I swear I'll hit you!"

Arron sighed and turned around, walking away without a care. He only got five feet away before he felt something splat against his back. He sighed and turned around to see the woman holding up a handful of mud.

"That's what you get!"

Arron shrugged and pulled off his white flowing shirt, leaving his chest exposed as he turned the shirt around to look at the mud trailing down his shirt.

The woman gulped and her face took a red hue as her eyes stayed fixated on his chest.

Oh my...I am so glad I threw mud at him...

"Your name."

Her eyes widened and her eyes shot up to his to see him looking almost emotionlessly at her, "What is your name?"

She gulped and fought the temptation to look back down, "Samantha...but you can call me Sammy."

Arron nodded, "Very well. I am Arron. Since you have ruined my shirt I am going to require that you washed it or replace it."

Any emotion Sammy had at the moment rushed away to be replaced with anger, "Excuse me?! I wouldn't have ruined that stupid shirt if you didn't mess with my field!"

"Stupid shirt? This attire is of..." He sighed and ran a hand through his hair, "No matter. I suppose I can go without a shirt for a while." He turned once again and started to walk away.

"Where are you going?"

Arron stopped walking but didn't turn around, "The village I suppose."

Sammy sighed with a small smile on her face, "Dummy, the village is the other way. Come with me, I'll get your shirt fixed up."

Arron nodded as he turned around, "Very well. Lead the way, Samantha."

"It's Sammy." She smiled and looked up at him with a smile so big that he didn't know how to react, "It's just Sammy."

Three Weeks Later

Arron leaned back against the wall, closing his eyes as he listened to the sound of footsteps in the room next to his. He was well aware of Sammy's Sunday Ritual. Every Sunday she would cook up a large meal and say grace, while she didn't go to the town church like the other villagers she still worshipped just the same. She didn't mind living on the outskirts of the village, prefering the silence and working on her father's, who had long since passed, farm.

He sighed, turning his head and opening his eyes to look at the wall where he knew she was on the other side, humming that happy tune of hers as she danced around her small kitchen, cooking up food that belonged in Heaven.

I've grown too fond of this woman. Anything farther and I could be punished for breaking a sacred law.

He sighed once more before he heard what sounded like choir bells ringing in his head. His eyes widened and he jumped to his feet, grabbing onto his head as he heard a soft voice replacing the loud bells.

"They're attacking again. Fishing village to your east, located at the base of the mountain."

Arron was out the window not even a second later, spreading his wings and kicking off the building to soar into the sky.

He never noticed Sammy standing in his doorway.

By the time he reached the village it was too late. Bodies littered the area, fire dancing high into the sky on all of the buildings. The sand at the beach was dyed red, the boats broken, some of them with bodies slumped over it, so close to survival just to be struck down. The most gruesome were the bodies of the women and children, their faces marred in pain and their lifeless eyes full of fear.

Arron stayed in the air, hovering above the village with a frown on his face.

"I'm sorry I wasn't quicker."

He turned and started to fly away, leaving the village to be swallowed in flames.

He landed in front of the house, his wings disappearing in a golden mist as he walked up the steps to Sammy's house.

I wonder what she'll say.

He opened the door and slipped inside, the first thing he saw was the small table in the dining area with two plates set with a candle between them, the small bud of fire lighting it perfectly.

He couldn't help the small smile that pushed its way onto his face.

"Looks nice doesn't it?"

He turned to see Sammy sitting on one of the chairs in the main room, her arms crossed over her chest and wearing a green shirt and blue pants, while they were just like her work clothes these had no stains on them and made her look more feminine somehow.

"You look nice Sammy."

She narrowed her eyes, "Just finished cooking the dinner, thought you might want something special with it so I went to your room to ask you."

His eyes widened in surprise before they narrowed to his usual emotionless expression, "I see. And I assume you saw me then."

She nodded and stood up, "Just the back of you. You kind of stand out considering it's dark out. So..." She gulped, "What are you?"

Arron turned to her fully, not walking forward as he saw her tense, "Are you afraid of me?"

She raised an eyebrow at that and scoffed, "Should I be?" She closed her eyes and smiled, "I trust you, Arron."

For some reason just those three words gave him a feeling he had never felt before, it made him light-headed and dizzy but for some reason he liked it.

"Well you saw the wings didn't you? Do you know anything with golden wings like that?"

Sammy narrowed her eyes, "Arron, just tell me please."

He sighed, "I'm an Angel."

"Let me see."

Arron raised his eyebrows, "Please elaborate."

Sammy gulped as a blush settled on her cheeks, "Your wings...let me see them."

He nodded and without a word shook his shoulders, his large golden wings shooting out to the sides of him before they folded and stretched out towards Sammy.

She took a step forward, turning her head to the side to try to hide her face from him, reaching out with her left hand to grasp one of the feathers lightly.


Arron closed his eyes and sighed, causing Sammy to let go and rush forward, "I'm sorry! I didn't hurt you did I?"

I'm going to be in so much trouble for this.

Arron opened his eyes and looked down at Sammy, folding his wings over himself, causing Sammy to blush as she was pushed forward, stumbling into his chest where the wings then stopped pushing her, covering the two of them like a blanket.

Sammy gulped and licked her lips, feeling as if her throat and lips were devoid of any moisture, "A-Arron?"

He smiled down at her, enjoying the sight of her red cheeks and wide eyes full of emotion. He lifted one of his hands and ran his thumb across her lips, "You talk too much, Sammy."

Easy to say they completely forgot about the food on the table.

"Arron! Time for lunch!"

Arron nodded and wiped the sweat from his brow, leaning up and resting the sickle against his shoulder.

His hair had grown longer but still as blonde as it was a year earlier. He was wearing blue pants, sandals, and his flowy white shirt that had dirt caked on it.

"What is it today, Sammy?"

He turned around and walked out of the wheat field, walking towards Sammy who was wearing a yellow sundress with purple flowers littered around it. She was holding a plate with several sandwhiches and in the other hand a jar that had once held pickles but now held sweet tea.

"Your favorite chicken sandwhiches and my famous tea."

Arron sighed but a grin still forced itself on his face, "Everything is your famous something Sammy." He took the plate from her and the two of them walked back to her house where he sat down on the steps, Sammy sitting on the step behind him with her legs on both sides of him.

He sighed as he took his first bite, Sammy setting the jar of tea down and putting her hands on his shoulders.

"Arron, tell me you haven't been overworking yourself."

Arron finished off one of the sandwhiches, "I haven't been overworking myself."

Sammy's eyes narrowed, completely aware that by his tone he had just repeated the sentence back to him.

"Arron, if you end up like Mr. Hersh down the road I swear I'll bring you back to life just to kill ya myself, you hear?"

Arron grinned and leaned back, "Mr. Hersh had a heart attack, he was eighty five. That's pretty impressive for these days."

Sammy grinned and kissed the back of his neck, his muscles tensing up beneath her lips, "Tease me all you want Arron but you know as well as I, women rule this world."

Arron sighed and turned around, taking a large gulp of the tea, "Yet another reason why I have come to regret telling you that the two at the top are female." He sighed and his large golden wings spread out behind him.

She smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck, "Have I ever told you how beautiful those wings of yours are?" She pulled herself closer to him until their lips were only centimeters apart, "Or how good of a kisser you are?"

He smirked and slowly closed the gap between them, "You could stand to tell me more oft-"

The rest of his sentence was lost in her lips.

Arron and Sammy walked hand in hand across the rocks, listening to the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks. The two of them were standing on a edge, the ocean dozens of feet below them. Arron was carying a rolled up thick blanket under his arm and Sammy carried a basket at her side.

"If I knew you were an Angel sooner we could've been doing this every weekend huh?"

Arron shrugged, enjoying her warmth as she leaned into him, "It only took you three weeks to find out and we've been doing this ever since, was three times really worth it? Not to mention this place is only a two hour walk from your house."

"Yup!" She giggled and ran ahead of him twirling around as she came closer and closer to the edge, "Every moment I could've spent with you is worth it." She smiled and blew him a kiss, "Don't you think so, Arron?"

He smiled but didn't say a word, just laughed and shook his head as he set the blanket down and unraveled it.

She smiled at his silence and sat down, giggling as she set the basket in front of her, "I love you too."

He could only blush in response.

After they had eaten the two laid next to each other in silence, Arron with his hands behind his head and his eyes closed with Sammy curled up next to him, her head resting on his left shoulder.

He sighed under his breath as sleep was about to take him, feeling Sammy's steady breathing hitting his throat and warming his face.

How can a simple emotion cause such a grand change?

He wanted to continue thinking upon that thought but before that could happen the sound of loud choir bells filled his head, all but causing his eyes to vibrate inside his skull.

He gasped and grabbed onto his head, waking Sammy in the process as he sat up quickly.

"Arron?! What's wrong?!"

He gulped, "It's urgent...there's a meeting up in heaven...something about a high level of the Seven..."

Sammy's eyes widened as she rubbed his back, trying to ease his pain, "One of the Seven?"

"Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies, Demon King of Gluttony...he just destroyed half of a kingdom, a legion of thirty Seraphim Angels were sent to hold him at bay but..." Arron sighed and fell back, "All of them were destroyed. Lord Liora called a grand meeting with the General and the High Rankin Serpahis, I'm to start heading towards the town now. I suspect that there's a chance that I will have to lead a legion."

She gulped, "How strong is he...this Beelzebub?"

He frowned, "Well you know about the Seven correct?" She shook her head so he continued, "There is Beleghor, Asmodeus, Mammon, Leviathan, Beelzebub, Satan, and Lucifer. They were all Angels at one point but they betrayed heaven and was cast out after a war. Among those seven there's three of them that could destroy all of creation if they so wished it. They would be Beelzebub, Satan, and Lucifer. For a demon like Beelzebub it would take an incredibly powerful group to take him down."

She frowned, "Well he lost before right? Back in that war you mentioned."

He nodded, "He did. But it took the effort of Three of the Four Generals to fight him. And that is something we can't afford. If they go out to fight him it could end up being a trap. Just a single more Demon Lord and they could all perish, leaving heaven open for destruction. And while we can't afford that we also can't afford to let so many people die." He sighed and stood up, his wings appearing as well as a golden light around his hands flickering in and out of existence.

"Don't go."

Arron's eyes widened and he turned to look down at Sammy. She was looking down and her right hand fisted in his pants, keeping him from moving.

"You can die. I...I know you're strong but you're not strong enough to fight someone like that! And you know that!"

He sighed and turned around, "Sammy, I am one of the strongest angels there is at the moment, if I don't go there's a chance that Beelzebub will destroy the whole country and I can't allow that." He sighed and fell to his knees in front of her, tilting her head up to look at him, "I'll be back." He smiled and stood up, her grip on his pants loosening until she finally let go.

"Arron...if you don't make it back..."

Arron shrugged, "You'll bring me back just to kill me yourself." He turned around and flapped his wings once, shooting himself into the air and out of sight.

"I also wanted to know how I would be getting back home."

Arron flew through the air for several minutes before he was joined by ten other Angels. By their golden white wings and their blue armor he recongized them as Seraphim Angels but no one of considerable strength.

"Lord Arron! Lord Liora has put you in charge of this mission!"

Arron held back a sigh and nodded and in a flash of white his angelic armor appeared, his armor a bright gold with a blue cross on each shoulder.

Arron turned his head to see a male angel with light brown hair and blue eyes next to him, "I am just Arron. I am no Lord." While the others were screaming over the roar of the winds he simply needed to speak to be heard, "Do we have any proof that it is Beelzebub doing this?"

The other angel nodded as the others flew closer to better hear, "One of the angels in the Thirty Legion was able to stay concious long enough to get back to heaven and alert the guards that it was him! At the moment this is the biggest force we can muster without leaving Heaven open! I thought you were debriefed on this Lord Arron!"

Arron simply sighed, "I was busy at the moment. I was distracted and couldn't hear the rest of the mission debrief."

A female angel above him laughed, her long blonde hair flowing in the wind, "Lucky! I wish I was able to block out those loud bells! It was definitely Lord Abichail who sent that message! His messages always hurt!"

Arron didn't reply as the other Angels began to talk to each other, yelling over the loud winds.

"The kingdom is right ahead, get your weapons ready."

The other Angels nodded and all of them started to chant, "Deus autem omnipotens det mihi virtutem!" In a flash of gold they were all now weilding weapons, three of them holding swords, two of them weilding crossbows, and the other five with bows and aroows.

One of them spoke up, a male with blonde hair and pale red eyes, "What about you Lord Arron?!"

Arron grinned, a grin that went unnoticed by the others, "There's no need right now."

Not when there's something going on here...something strange.

Arron saw the others tense as they saw the kingdom, large towers and stone walls crumbling as flames raced over it. There weren't any signs of people in the kingdom but behind the walls were thousands of black specks moving away.

Some of them got out then? That's good.

"I'll move in first, be careful and make sure to count your hits! I'll attack up front but do your best to avoid any prolong contact. Hit and run. Understood?"

The others nodded, "Yes Lord Arron!"

Arron flapped his wings and took off, soaring high into the air before taking a steep dive.

Down below a tall man sighed, his curly red hair moving in the wind, pushing against an expensive looking white suit. He grinned as he walked around a circle, looking at the smoldering corpses around him, particulary liking the one of the child impaled through the wall by a metal pipe.

"Too easy." He sighed and stopped walking, looking down as he heard a small rusttle of metal.

At his feet was a tall man, trying to crawl away. The man wore a white shirt and pants with golden armor over it, on his back were blood stained wings that had once been twelve feet long, now barely five as the bulk of them had been ripped off.

"Oh? I apologize for that. You must be in terrible agony." The man spoke and squatted down next to him, patting between the man's wings, "You don't even hear me do you? Or feel this patting against your back. Just how far gone are you?"

The man reached out with his right hand, his once brown eyes glazed over in extreme pain. He croaked, blood falling from his lips before his head slumped forward and he stopped moving.

"Impressive. The other twenty eight died off pretty quickly." The man stood up, shaking his shoulders, "But even I'm growing bored of this however-"

The man raised his right arm in the air, just a second later a fist appearing in it, a large gust of wind blowing away everything around them. The ground at the man's feet cracked but he didn't move an inch, instead he looked up into Arron's eyes and smirked.

"Ten more won't hurt."

Arron spun around, landing behind the demon as he tore his hand away. The demon turned and leaned his head to the side, dodging the left punch.

"You're powerful."

Arron pulled his hand back and raised both of his arms in front of his chest, "And you're not Beelzebub."

Beelzebub's eyes widened by a fraction before ten others landed, dozens of white beams of light shooting towards him. Beelzebub clenched his teeth and jumped into the air, the white lights hitting the ground and causing the ground to cave in.


At that moment three other Angels jumped into the air, their swords raised as they slashed down. Beelzebub simply sighed and turned in mid air, dodging swords and grabbing onto the middle one's wings.

The man's eyes widened as he plummetted to the ground, his chest hitting an upturned rock, the metal of his breastplate caving in slightly. He coughed, blood pouring from his lips and his sword fell from his grasp, clattering against the ground.

Beelzebub turned, "One down."

Arron narrowed his eyes as the other Angels took up positions, the two with the swords on both sides of him, "Drop the act, you aren't Beelzebub."

"Beelzebub" raised an eyebrow, "There's no point in me pretending anymore, correct?" He sighed and snapped his fingers, his body becoming enveloped in a black mist that fell away to reveal a tall man with long blue hair and bright blue eyes. He was wearing a white suit as well but with a dark green vest underneath the top. In his left hand he was holding a wine glass full of blood red wine.

"I am a Duke of Hell, Aim of the Ordinem Daemons, and you are?"

Arron clenched his fists, "Arron, simply Arron." He gulped and turned his head slightly, "While he isn't Beelzebub he is almost as powerful as one of the Seven. He is not one to be taken lightly."

Aim took a delicate sip of the wine, "Do tell, Lord Arron of Heaven, a Seraphim Angel with the potential to become a General of Heaven, how were you able to tell the difference between Beelzebub and I?"

Arron couldn't answer that, all that went through his mind was what he said.

How does he know that?

He shook his head and cleared his composure, "Beelzebub wouldn't have stayed in one place for very long. He would've devoured this entire kingdom and the people."

Aim nodded, taking another drink, "Very impressive. The last group didn't catch that. And do you know why I am here posing as Lord Beelzebub?"

Arron shook his head, "No idea. Don't care either." He jumped forward, leaving behind a small gust of wind from where he was standing, the next second appearing in front of Aim, throwing a right punch towards his face.

Aim sighed and leaned his head to the side once again, "The same thing won't work twice."

As he said that dozens of lights raced towards him again but Aim simply threw his wine into the air, the wine forming a dome around the two of them. The lights hit the dome and the dome didn't move an inch.

Aim smiled lightly and waved his hand around in a circle, "Simpletons, so annoying."

Arron's eyes widened as two upside down pentagrams appeared on his forehead, glowing a bright redish black.

I'm sorry Sammy.

In the next second he was soaring through the air, his eyes wide in pain as the dome fell away to reveal a cloud of swirling black mist.

Arron crashed against a wall, shattering it and falling through, the stones burying him in rubble.

"Lord Arron!"

Arron opened his eyes, trying to look around but only seeing black with a small opening allowing a few small beams of light in. He groaned as his vision became blurry before his eyes fell shut, conciousness leaving him.

Aim's body shrunk as he walked forward, taking another drink of his wine as he surveyed the damage. Around him were eight broken Angels, all of them but two still alive. The one curled over the rock, the one he first took out of the fight, was trying his best to stay concious while a female Angel stood ready, holding onto one of the fallen Angel's weapon.

She had long blonde hair and bright blue eyes, her once beautiful wings now covered in blood with her armor completely cracked, her revealed clothing burnt and in tatters.

"I amend you for surviving for so long. You can just fly away now and survive, I'll even let you do that as well." He took another drink, the wine seemingly limitless in the crystal glass, "But this fellow here won't survive long enough to move off that rock. You see, when he hit the ground I used just enough force to make his armor cave him and crush his ribs, some of which are now peircing his lungs. And when I was on his back I shattered his spine. Although I suspect he could survive this if he gets up to Heaven within...three minutes?" He nodded and took another drink, "Well now two minutes and fifty-eight seconds."

Her eyes widened and her arms began to tremble, feeling her throat go dry and her breath leave her.

I can save him...Can I save him?! If...If I can just make him move I can grab him and leave!

"Two minutes and forty-nine."

I can do it! I have to! But...But if i leave I would be allowing him to keep attacking people...but if I stay then he'll kill the rest.

"Two minutes and forty seconds."

I can save him!

She clenched her eyes shut before they snapped open and she charged forward, bringing the sword in front of her to pierce the Demon.

Aim grinned, "Two minutes and thirty-seven."

She screamed a battle cry and thrust forward, her sword piercing Aim and causing him to stumble back. He gulped as blood filled his mouth, tears rolling down his cheeks as he coughed, the blood landing on her, drops of it covering her face.

I...I did it?!

A smile appeared on her face as she pushed on the sword harder, the sound of metal piercing flesh reaching her ears, along with a high pitched screech, like metal on metal.

Her eyes widened and the smile left her face, her arms beginning to tremble but not letting go of the iron-tight grip she had on the hilt of the sword which was the only thing keeping the Angel from falling to the ground.

Aim melted away to reveal a tall man, shorter than Aim but taller than her, with light brown hair and blue eyes, the front of his armor caved in below where she had thrust the sword through his chest.

She watched on as the light faded from his eyes and his breathing completely stopped, his wings losing their will to stay up and slumping towards the ground, broken. Her blue eyes were wide in petrifying agony and fear, not letting go of the hilt as the realization hit her.

Aim appeared behind her, "One of my titles is Aim the Tractatori, the Manipulator." He sighed as his wine cup disappeared, "You must be going through a lot right now, having killed the one who you wanted to save so badly." He patted her head, as if she were a pet, "Want me to end it? End your suffering?"

She gulped and turned her head, letting go of the sword to let the body fall, not saying anything but her wide blue eyes saying more than her words could express.

Arron pushed away the last stone, raising himself out of the rubble just in time to see the last Angel fall to the ground, her head twisted in an awkward position, her neck clearly broken.

Aim however wasn't there, instead leaving behind a kingdom full of fire, broken building, smoldering corpses, and forty annihalated Angels.

Arron fell back, his back hitting the stone non to gently. He looked down at his chest, raising his hand over his stomach to find that he had broken half of his ribs.

"Lord Arron."

Arron's eyes widened and he turned to the bodies of his team to find that none of them spoke. He sighed and slumped back against the stone, not turning the other way for he had finally found the face to the voice in his memories.

"Or I suppose simply Arron would suffice."

Arron clenched his fist, "What is one of the Four Generals doing here so quickly after the Demon had left?"

"Cut the drama Arron, you know why I am here."

Arron turned to glare at the person speaking, "Are you here to kill me? To cover your tracks?!"

"Oh nothing of the sort Arron for I know not of what you speak. I am simply here to tell you of our decision. We have been keeping tabs on you Arron, we know of that woman you keep at your sides but we have not acted upon it until we were sure it would affect your duties. And here today we witnessed as you hesitated against Duke Aim just because of that woman. And because of that hesitation ten more Angels lost their lives and the culprit lives on."

Arron narrowed his eyes, "What hesitation?!"

"You didn't even bother using your weapons. Is it because you knew the moment you used them your traces of power at your woman's village would vanish? Oh yes, we know of that as well."

Arron's narrowed eyes widened, How do they know that?

"To make sure the creatures attacking the villages would stay away from her village you've been allowing your presence to coat the entire village to ward them off but if you were to use your full power here then those traces would vanish, leaving the village open for destruction. And it is because of that decision that we have come to our own."

Arron blinked and in the next second he was faced with an open palm, "You are releived of your duties as a Seraphim Angel, may you rot in the depths of the Seven."

There was a bright light and a scream of pain and when it faded it revealed nothingness, a gigantic crater covering the ground where the kingdom once stood.

Sammy clenched her teeth as she slammed her door shut, the wood creaking in reply. She threw the basket across the room and threw the blanket against her chair, knocking it over.


She huffed and walked through the house, opening her door just to slam it shut behind her. Her room was mostly bare bar the large bed and the desk against her wall with a large mirror above it and a comfortable chair in front of the desk.

"AFTER ALL THAT WORK I PUT INTO THAT FOOD! AND WHAT A PERFECT SETTING TOO! IF HE WAS FUCKING SMART HE COULD'VE PROPOSED RIGHT THERE!" She threw herself down on the chair and glared at her reflection of herself in the mirror, "I'm going crazy here."

She sighed and leaned forward, resting her head in her arms, "A year ago I would have just threw mud at him but now I'm dreaming of a yard filled with blonde haired flying children with him at my side...I really hate him sometimes." She raised her head up and slammed it down on the desk, leaving behind a red imrpint on her forehead. She gasped and raised her head, rubbing the red imrpint, "Ow Ow Ow Ow! Why did I do that?!"

She continued to rub her forehead before she just sighed and dropped her hands at her sides, "What's the point of love if I'm just going to be mad at him all the time?"

It was at that moment when the roof above her room caved in in the middle, a blur of red racing through the hole and falling on the bed. The bed creaked as the wood beneath it shattered, the bed hitting the ground with a heavy thud.

Sammy screamed and turned around, grabbing the hairbrush off her desk and raising in front of her like a knife, "What the hell?!"

She gulped as the dust from the roof settled down, pieces of wood falling like rain from above but mostly landing on the bed. She gulped and walked forward, raising the hairbrush above her head, ready to strike when her eyes widened and it clattered to the floor.

His hair and clothing is different but that's definitely-


She rushed forward and threw any of the wood that was on the bed away, craddling his head in her arms, "Arron! Answer me!" She wanted to shake him but from common sense it seemed like a bad idea to shake people who might be injured.

She was about ready to run into the village and grab the village doctor when he groaned, his chest rising in steady paces.

Sammy sighed in relief, a large smile appearing on their face, "You dummy."

She brushed away a few stray strands of hair away from his eyes, marveling at how silk-like his hair was. Her attentioned waved however when she looked down to see blood matting his clothing. She gulped and grabbed his coat, opening it to reveal his chest and almost jumping away, a scream on her lips before she covered her mouth with her hands. That didn't stop the tears however.

Blood covered his stomach but the most distinct sight was the large red cross on his chest, the flesh looking scarred and the sides pulsing angrily.

Sammy cleared her throat, "A-Arron? What happened to you?"

He groaned, his face marred in pain. Sammy jumped to her feet and ran to her desk, rummaging around before finally turning around with a small tub of lotion in her left and a roll of bandages in her right.

"You're lucky I found this stuff Arron, I just need to wash away the blood and set the lotion on you, after that I'll wrap you up and everything will be good!" She gulped and set the two things down by his side, trying her best to steady her trembling hands.

She left the room for just a second and came back with towels draped over her shoulders and a large bowl of water.

"Here Arron! I'll get you all fixed up!"

She sat at his side and began to clean his wound, wiping away the blood to gulp as she saw the red cross pulse almost angrily, as if it had a heart of its own. She sighed and started to apply the lotion to the scar, hoping the cold of it would get the swelling down.

Sammy smiled and moved to pick up the bandages but it was at that moment however that she heard the sounds of screams, heavy footsteps coming down the road, and a loud boom that shook the entire house.

Her eyes widened and she quickly jumped forward, covering his body with her own. She didn't even have a second of waiting before she felt something hit her back, feeling two small pricks in back. She coughed and bit her lip, trying to silence the scream that almost left her mouth.

She raised herself up slowly, reaching behind her with shut eyes and tearing off the wood plank that had hit her, two long nails slowly leaving her back. Drips of blood dripping off the nails and down her back.

She hissed and threw the plank of wood across the room, standing up shakingly as she heard loud grunts coming from in front of her house.

Well...he did say that there were a group of monsters that would jump at a chance of his disappearance. I guess with him injured it's a perfect chance.

She groaned and left the room, leaning against the wall as she moved through the hallway. She felt her eyelids begin to drop, feeling the warmness on her back.

Probably pierced something important. Oh well, if it happens it happens.

She pushed herself off of the wall and stumbled forward, almost tripping over her feet before righting herself against the doorway. She coughed and opened the door, taking a step into what looked like a different world.

She could see the village down the street set aflame, a crowd of tall red creatures coming down the road heading towards her house. However there were already two there. They were dancing around her feild, ripping apart the plants and stomping everywhere.

It hurt to see something that Arron and her had worked so hard in being destroyed, giving her a feeling as if someone had stabbed her heart.

I need to keep them out of here, away from Arron at all costs!

She grabbed the sickle by her doorway, walking forward and down the steps.


The two red creatures paused and turned to her, their small eyes gleaming in malice. Upon a closer look their skin looked more like scales than regular skin. Around their waists were brown clothing that better resembled rags. They grinned, as if the sight of someone excited them, and walked forward before they bent down and picked up two large weapons, axes with silver edges covered in blood.

Well shit. They look nice, wonder if I can just lie and say we're not open on Saturdays. With how stupid they look it might confuse them so much they just leave.

She sighed and hefted the sickle in front of her, "Get out of here!" She clenched her teeth as the creatures moved forward, their mouths opening to reveal their sharp fang-like teeth.

They grunted and started to run towards her, causing her eyes to widen at their speed despite their large size.


She dodged to the side as quickly as she could, dodging their axes. The two seemed confused on why they didn't get her but before they could ponder on why Sammy lifted her sickle and struck down. The blade hit the right ones scale and cracked, skidding over it and making a loud screeching noise that made her body shiver in irritation.

Sammy stumbled back, surprise clear in her eyes before the one she hit turned and back-slapped her, throwing her through the air as she screamed out in pain.

She landed in a heap, curled over in a fetal position, pressing a hand against her red cheek. She moved to stand up, tears pooling in her eyes. Before she could get to her feet however she felt two large hands grab her shoulders and push her down, hard.

She screamed in pain as they clenched, causing her bones to creak in protest. She turned her head behind her to see that the large group had caught up with the other two. There were dozens of them, too many for her to count in the circumstances.

The original two walked towards her house, the others grunting in what sounded like amusement.

She gulped, As long as I keep them away from Arron I don't care what they do to me.

She felt the one grabbing her shoulders move away, two others grabbing onto her arms to keep her up. The other two moved forward, lifting their axes once again and increased their pace.

Sammy glared at them and with all the force she could muster she screamed out as loud as she could.


The two turned to her, stopping for a split second before they turned back around and continued walking, before stopping as he walked through the doorway.

Sammy's eyes widened once she saw why. At first she saw just movement but then he walked through.


Even though he was injured, his blood red coat opened to reveal his cross-shaped scar, and his white hair slowly drifting in the wind, he still looked as beautiful as he did the first day she met him.

Sammy smiled, all her pain leaving her body for a few blissful seconds.

She looked up into his eyes and despite the distance felt as close to him as ever.

"I'm so happy."

She felt one of the creatures grab onto her shoulder and another hand grab onto her head.

Guess this is it. I'm sorry, I wish I could tell you just how much I love you but there won't be enough time. So I'm sorry but I'll leave it at this.

She smiled and spoke out, feeling the grip on her head increase and turn quickly.

And then there was darkness.

When Arron came to there was silence. Silence for just a few blissful seconds.

Then there was screams.

Arron tried to get up but a sudden sense of vertigo forced him back down. With a start he realized he was in what was Sammy's room laying on her bed surrounded by pieces of wood, a small tub of lotion, the door thrown open.

He groaned loudly and forced himself up, the sound of screams echoing out even louder.


Arron's eyes snapped open and he jumped to his feet, the vertigo being replaced with adrenaline.


As he rushed out of the room he didn't notice his relfection in the mirror of her room. Gone was his blonde hair, his angelic clothing, and his white wings. His shoulder length hair was now as white as snow, he now wore a blood red coat that looked like it would've fit better on the Reaper of Death, and his white wings were now the a dark red. His coat open to reveal his chest, a large scar now taking up most of his torso. In contrast to his tanish skin there was now a dark red cross.

Arron all but jumped for the doorway to see a world he wished he would never see. While they weren't exactly close to the main part of the village they weren't exactly far either. And to see a fire completely overtaking it and to hear the screams and moans of the dying on the wind was something he thought was impossible. But that wasn't by far the worst part.

Even worse than the sight and sounds was the smell. The smell of blood and burning flesh almost made him want to vomit.

But even with that the worst thing by far was the sight of tall, around six foot, humanoid red creatures holding Sammy by her arms. There were dozens upon dozens of them, all wearing brown rags around their waist and weilding large axes just as tall as they were.


The creatures attention was diverted at once, all of them turning to him except two that were already looking at him. Sammy raised her eyes to his to reveal that her cheeks were bruised, blood trailing down her forehead and the corners of her lips. And yet, despite her injuries and the pain she was in she smiled up at him.

"I'm so happy."

Arron's eyes widened and once again there was silence as the red creature behind her grabbed the top of her head in a single hand, his other hand staying on her shoulder. Arron couldn't move as he watched her lips move for their last time, the words the only sound that escaped the void of silence.

"I'm so happy that you're okay, Arron."


He fell to his knees, his eyes wide as tears fell from his eyes for the first time in his existence as her body fell limply to the ground.


At once memories of her passed through his mind. The memories almost like pictures in his mind.

Of their first meeting.


Of their first laughter.


Their first hug.


And finally their first kiss.

His wings expanded behind him rapidly as his eyes flashed red, his scream exhoing throughout the sky to peirce even the heavens that had banished him.


The red creatures surged forward, the front line raising their axes above their head to cut down. Their axes fell, only to cut the air as Arron appeared kneeling next Sammy's body. He gulped and reached down to gently run his fingers over her face, glad that her eyes were closed so he would not need to suffer the sight of her lifeless eyes.

"Sammy, there was so much I couldn't say to you and so much I couldn't do with you as well. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. If I hadn't been unconcious I could've saved you, if only I was there to protect you." Arron clenched his eyes to stop the tears but despite it all several dripped from his face to land on hers, "Don't worry Sammy, I'll take care of them and once it's over I'll get you a better resting place."

He shakingly stood up as the creatures seemed to finally notice that he was behind them, "You better have enjoyed your killing for today I shall annihilate you." Arron raised his hands to his sides and cracked his knuckles, "Come at me."

They charged once more and Arron quickly turned around, his head downcast as his hair covered his eyes from view. They cut down once more and Arron jumped forward, bringing his hands up to catch the blades of two of the axes.

The others stopped in their tracks as they saw something their feeble minds couldn't comprehend.

"Weak. You were this weak and yet I couldn't stop you all from taking away the one I love more than anything else." Arron clenched his fists and the blades shattered, the two creatures stumbling forward just for Arron to grab their faces in his hands, "I will crush you all."

The creatures seemed to shiver as Arron smirked and squeezed, the faces in his hands caving in, blood exploding outwards and covering his hands, "Let's have fun!"

Arron breathed in as he squatted over the last creature who was slowly crawling away, its fingers bent in awkward positions and its legs missing below its knees.

As Arron pressed his right knee against the creature's spine he raised his right arm in the air to reveal that he was holding one of his legs in it, "You look like you're in pain. If I was nice I suppose I'd put you out of your misery but seeing as how I am seen as a demon in the eyes of Heaven I think I'm allowed to act like this." He sighed and threw the leg down behind him to reach up to his neck and pull his head up.

He turned the creature's head so that it could see Arron glaring down at it, "Do you know why you're the last? It's because of that woman over there. You see her?" Arron lifted his head higher and slammed it back to the ground, lifting it and turning it once again, "It was so that I could fully appreciate this. I know your death won't bring her back but killing you will sure make me happy. Do you know why I am just so angry right now? It's because you're weak, so pitifully weak. And yet I couldn't stop you." He sighed before grabbing his chin and his forehead, "I'm tired of this."


Arron stood up and walked away, passing by the dozens of bodies littered around, all beaten and broken, blood in puddles under them.

This was too easy. Too damn easy.

Arron fell to his knees in front of Sammy, not a single drop of blood anywhere near her.

"What do I do?" Arron looked down at his shaking blood-stained hands, "What the hell do I do now?!"

As he yelled out he didn't notice the quiet giggles behind him and a soft voice drifting throughout the area, "You hope."

Sammy's eyes widened as she looked over a large area of white and shining light. Behind her was a large golden gate and in front of her were four people with golden wings.

"So this is the women that Arron fell in love with? Doesn't seem to be anything special."

Sammy felt a twitch in one of her temples and forced a smile, "Oh? I assumed the other Angels would look around just half as good as Arron but you look more like a mangy dog."

Lord Haniel's eyes widened, as if surprised someone could ever talk to him like that, "Look here you-"

"NO! You look here! You bastards took me away! Took me away from a perfectly fine life with the perfectly fine person! And now that I'm dead he must be going crazy down there! So this is what you're going to do! You're going to send me down back there so that I can enjoy a life with the person I love!"

One of the female angels, the black haired one with red eyes, actually smiled, "I like her spunk. What do you say Liora? Let her enter Heaven's kingdom or send her back to earth to become a spirit?"

The blonde female didn't smile or give out any emotion as she surveyed Sammy.

"You realize that there are loved ones waiting behind that gate, your entire family line dating back to the beginning of existence just to meet you. Your mother that died giving birth to you, your father who died due to a heart attack, and even your twin sister who died in your mother's womb."

Sammy's eyes widened as she processed that information, Even Abigail huh? I've always wondered what she would look like.

''Has your decision changed then? You wish to go back to spend more time with a Fallen One, an Angel who is a not an Angel and not yet a Demon. He will only bring you pain."

Sammy sighed, "Well, that tempting sure is nice but I'll put this as kindly as possible." Sammy grinned and her eyes shone with a mix of love and mischief, "Take your offer and shove it!"

Lord Liora, the Queen of the Four Generals, didn't have the same expressions as the others. Lord Haniel narrowed his eyes at her, Lord Abichail merely clenched his fists at his sides, while Lord Menuha tried to stiffle her laughter.

Liora however, smiled, her eyes shining with something that Sammy was hard to identify at first...admiration.

"You humans are so fascinating. I can see why my father loves you so." She waved her hands and Sammy began to fade, causing her to look surprised before smiling in return.

"Thank you." Sammy sighed in relief as the bright lights of heaven faded away, "Thank you so much."

"What do I do?" Arron looked down at his shaking blood-stained hands, "What the hell do I do now?!"

As he yelled out he didn't notice the quiet giggles behind him and a soft voice drifting throughout the area, "You hope."

Arron's eyes widened and he turned around slowly.

"You hope that she kicks verbal ass and gets sent back."

Sammy smiled, looking at her hands in wonder as while they looked solid the sunlight seemed to shine through it.

"Man, I look pretty interesting! I wonder if you can even grab me righ-hmph!" Sammy's eyes widened as Arron jumped forward, wrapping his arms around her waist and burying his head into her shoulder. Her eyes stayed widened until he noticed him begin to shake, drops of water passing through her and hitting the ground.

She sighed and patted his back, "Well, looks like I can touch you just fine. Must be because you're so damn special huh?" She smiled and wrapped her arms around him, running her fingers through his hair, "You look good you know, red and white really suit you."

Arron chuckled beneath her and raised himself up, wiping away the tears with a sigh, "Damn it Sammy..." At her raised eyebrow and smirk, as if she could do no bad, he continued with his sentence, "Welcome home...and don't ever think of leaving again."

Sammy smiled, a genuine smile and tightening her grip on him, "Not even for a minute!"

He smiled and turned around to face the aflame village, "What should we now?"

She shrugged, a cheeky grin playing on her lips, "I don't know, we have all the time in the world now."

Arron sighed and looked up to the sky, "All the time in the world."