Moving On

Enraged and angry, reversal of facts

Blaming one selves for natural paths

Violating, executing once strong pacts

Of pure youth smiles and innocent laughs

All for the transparent monotone of aged teens

Bearing the cloned black funeral attire

Painted faces of cold machines

Drunken mirage of oblivion, tears of fire `

Personified age yet toddler animosity

Of denied rights conjured by peers

Mesmerised of unanswered curiosity

How to move on when friends would disappear

Transfixed in the shadows of dangerous black

Moving on is easy, it's what you leave behind that can beckon you back…

Thank you if you read this. It's my first upload on this site and I wrote it earlier this year when I was 14. If you want an explanation comment. Reviews would be nice, I like contructive critism so don't worry about affending me. I'm only going to get better if you give your honest opinion. Thanks again. :)