Chapter One::
My encounter with an Angel

It's been a while now since I have been recovering from a deadly disease. I have gotten much better in the past few months. I can now once again, finally smile and laugh and try to be funny. I am still not fully recovered though, and Mr. Death says it will take some time before I get it all back together again. But its okay, I am really fine by the way things are now and to wait a bit for everything to fall in place wouldn't kill me now. As I said, I was suffering from a deadly disease. It's called "heart-broken". It's a really deadly and dangerous disease I tell you, but of course most you must already know about it. But those who don't, let me tell you about its symptoms so that you can stay away from it. The symptoms of this disease are really dangerous ones too. They are: Depression, feeling of loneliness, getting into an awkward shell, disconnecting from the real world, frustration, insomnia and heart bleeding. See now you can feel what a total mess I had became back then. Now I even feel sorry for me. Like they say I was young and very much in well I wouldn't use the deadly word but you get the idea right. Now the reason for my state wasn't just one girl completely, I had some fault to. It will be completely unfair to blame it all on her when I had a fair share of fault too. Well I said enough about my pain now let's get back to the story and let me tell you how I met Mr. Death.

Well it was a year ago from now. It was two weeks into November, last week I became thirteen years old. The magical age they say. And well it wasn't magical completely but it was somewhat adventurous. This week I went to my new guitar school with dad, dad now always wanted me to be a great guitarist like himself. Well maybe better, he was always into encouraging me for playing guitar. He didn't wanted me to became a guitarist but he believed if I know about this delightful instrument then I will never be alone and poor in my life. So we went to the guitar school. It was quite a nice place, but first I found it quite boring. I was always against the idea of learning guitar from some school. Because I believed and saw real life examples that people become much more awesome guitarists by learning themselves then going to some school. Well I guess I couldn't blame dad completely for dragging me to there, because he gave me my fair share of time to become an awesome guitarist. But I never really gotten the interest until later the next year, I went through the first two hours of guitar call smoothly and everything was going as plan but then something happened. What I first believed was my encounter with an angel in real life happened! The guitar class was over, and I was on my way back home. There on my way out of the guitar school, in the hall way I saw at a distant an angel standing outside the senior year class room with a violin on her back. I looked at her face and felt a strange hit in my heart. I knew it was love at first sight. I knew that very moment I have found the girl I've been looking for well not looking for I never really gave any thought about having a girlfriend before but that very moment I knew that if I ever wanted a girlfriend I wouldn't want it to be anyone then her! She's the one I want! I was mesmerized by the beauty of this angel that stands ahead of me. She had the perfect eyes, the perfect smile and the perfect hair! I never met anyone before with so much perfection. Now I didn't have the courage to go and say her hi. Even though I was the first of my friends to get kissed and have girlfriend before anyone else of them. This moment I felt like a total dork. I slowly walked by her and headed my way back home. The way to home seemed so long now I wished I could just wait a bit longer and find out more about her. And that was the day it all began, the adventure of my life. It was the beginning of a very long story which never got a happy ending. I went to home that day and all I could think about was how beautiful she was. How I would be the luckiest guy in the world just to know her. That day went really fast and the next day I went to the guitar class and finished it. The whole time I waited for it to finish so that I could see that angel again. But that day she didn't come, I waited outside but there was no sign of her. I was sad to see that she didn't came and I thought well next week then I will see today wasn't just meant to be. And I was about to go home when the senior year students class ended too. The students started coming out all together and I didn't have a chance to get out. Then when I was about to leave, I saw the angel I saw yesterday. And she was looking even more beautiful today. Though there was something different about her but I couldn't figure out what. But one thing sure was different today, she wasn't carrying a violin instead she had guitar. A girl who knows guitar and violin both! Things can't get better then this was first thing on my mind when I noticed the guitar. But then I left, again I didn't had the courage to say her hi even though she was just standing right besides me. It was like I become speechless when I get in front of her. May her beauty messes up my words and no words comes out of my mouth or maybe I was being a coward. That day I went home, and told my elder sis everything. I and sis are really close. We tell each other everything. We were each other best friend, something happened the later year which bought a really big distance between us but that's a whole other story. Now she heard everything I said and she was really curious to know about this angel I speak so greatly of to her. That week I waited with all my patience for the next glass class to come and to show sis her.