Chapter Two

An angel with two souls

To know how I met Mr. Death it's important for you guys to know first what happened to me, which made me see Mr. Death, and to know what that happened to me first you have to know why it happened to me and how. So last I said I had an encounter with an angel whom I fell in love instant and I wanted the expert my sis to help me through this situation but for her to help me she have to see and give me the thumbs up approving sign before.

A week had passed since the last Friday. And finally it was Friday again! And finally I had my guitar class again! That Friday I got up early in the morning and I couldn't just wait till to see her again. My life had only one goal now, to know more about this Angel without wings. That day every hour seemed like to take forever to pass. Finally it was time for me to meet her again. I got ready and took my guitar and started off for guitar class. When I reached there, as I was going to my class passing by the senior year class room I peeked a little bit inside to see if she was there. She was there! She was sitting on the far corner of the room tuning her guitar. She looked so innocent and incredibly beautiful just like an angel! I was convinced she wasn't human. I went to my class and did my class. Those two hours of guitar class was without a doubt the longest two hours of my life. I never got so impatient to see anyone in my life. I had a girlfriend that time. She was my school friend. She was really gorgeous and was without a doubt the most beautiful girl in the class. We have known each other from the very beginning of childhood. And she was my best friend. She liked me and I liked her. We had been going out for a year now. It was going great. And till last week in my diary she was the most beautiful girl I ever met but then last week it all changed. Suddenly she wasn't the most beautiful girl I knew. Suddenly my perfectly going life took the most hideous turn. I had a girlfriend but now I am falling in love with another stranger girl! As messed up as it sounded, it wasn't just like me. It was like I fell from twelve stories high and now I am a stranger in my own body. A stranger who's in love with an angel! So as I was saying, I finished my guitar class and went and stood outside of the senior year class room until they finish and her to come out. While I was waiting, I texted sis that mission meet my angel had started and her to come meet me. Minutes passed, but there was no sign of her or any of the senior year students coming out. I was still waiting and then suddenly, a big brother from my guitar class called me. I went to him and he needed some help with some guitar chords playing. I didn't want to show I wanted to wait outside her class room and wait for her. And may grow a pair and go talk to her. But I had to show him as he requested me. I showed him the chords, and then he requested me to play him a song with the chords. It was getting late and I quickly showed him. As I was near to finish and I heard the ring for the senior year get off. I stop playing and pack my guitar. And race to the front of senior year class room. When I reached there, I saw everyone was still coming out. I felt relieved because she always comes out after everyone. I texted sis again and told her to come up stairs. She texted back and said she was in the second floor and that she was coming. I waited as everyone came out of the class room and went. But there was no sign of her! "Where are you my angel?" I thought to myself. Finally the last remaining students of the senior class room came out and went. And she wasn't among them either! "No!" My heart screamed as I found out I had missed her. She came out before anyone today! Totally unfair and it was all that big brother's fault. I felt angry and sad. Then sis came and I told her what happened. "Don't worry we'll see her tomorrow, now cheer up and let's go kiddo" Sis said pulling my collar and dragging me. "Don't do that" I said and then we started heading back to our house which was just one block away. On the way she told me about this beautiful girl she met at second floor which was violin class floor. And it reminded me of her, the angel who stole my heart without saying a single word.

That night I couldn't sleep, she was the only thing on my mind. Maybe I was in love with her! Or maybe I was just being obsessed; either way I didn't know what was that strange feeling that I felt in my heart when I used to see her. My world was in jeopardy and I was exposed to a deadly virus. A virus that I only heard about on TV, a deadly virus called love. It all seemed all messed up and complicated to me, so I went and ask for help from the expert. "You have a crush on her!" sis declared moving her hand randomly in the air like as if she was air swimming. I felt silly and said, "No I don't!" "But you do," sis debated. Well as much as I hated to admit it she was right. "Okay! Maybe I am not in love with her and over reacted with the whole situation. But still having a crush on stranger! It goes against my policy it goes against the rule!" I claimed. Sis hit me with a paper stick that she made by rolling the paper, which till this day I couldn't figure out when she made it, she didn't had it or before I didn't noticed it and I didn't saw her make it either! Maybe this will just stay a mystery to me or maybe don't but let's get back to the story.

So far, I saw some random girl and fell in love okay not love but have a huge "crush" on her. A girl I thought to be an angel (without the wings and ring above her head). Next day, I woke up late it was a Saturday! No one wakes up quickly on Saturday. So by the time I woke up it was already 12 o clock in the noon. And I quickly got dressed and freshen up. Then had lunch and saw television and got online on Facebook. Updated some lovey-dovey status and was chatting with my friend. It wasn't long before it was already 3 o clock in the noon and it was time for guitar class! I was excited and fully prepared today. I never thought I would be so excited to go to a place as boring as the guitar class. So I got dressed and packed my guitar and headed for guitar class. Same thing happened today also, as I was going to my class room passing by the senior year class room I peeked inside to check if she was there and she was there! She was again today sitting on the far corner of the room reading her music sheet and looking more beautiful then yesterday. I went to my class room and today I went to that big brother and asked him if he needed any help just tell me now, I didn't wanted to waste another minute after the class was over. I made all preparation; I just didn't want to miss seeing her today. Everything went according to the plan. The guitar class was over and today the guitar class ended with the senior year class. We even did class in the same class room! The two hours of class she sat just across the hall from me. It was no way boring and the most interesting class I had in my two week of guitar class. So when the bell rang and everyone was coming out I quickly packed my guitar and waited for her to go out. I kept on texting sis meanwhile. Sis text me back that she was outside of the class room with the girl she met the other day, Marionette or something. I was excited and happy finally I will get to know her, maybe if I am brave enough talk to her! After all I had the expert and the goddess of this thing on my side, my sis! She had a boyfriend, Dexter whom she's been going out for two years. And they were the best couple around; Dexter was the coolest boyfriend any one's sister can have! We were really close. He was really fun to be around and the best company! So sis and this Marionette girl were outside waiting. Then she finally finishes packing her guitar and headed out. After she left the class room, I gave sis the signal text that she's out and then I headed out. As I went out of that door, my jaws dropped as I saw what I saw outside of the class room. I saw sis standing with this Marionette girl and her! And for some reason that Marionette girl and she look really alikeā€¦ like twins! Then it hit me they are twins! The girl I am obsessed with have a twin sister! But then something really hit me, I was confused if I liked Marionette or her sister. I went to sis and stood beside her as she went on talking with them. She introduced me to them. And they smiled. They smiled at me! The angels I love smiled at me! Then it again hit me, which one do I really like. I mean I saw Marionette at first and fell in love instant, okay not love but had a crush instantly. But then I started seeing her sister whose name was Renesa, and started liking her. They were one angel with two souls, exactly same looking souls. Well sis talked to them for minutes then their car came and they had to go. After they left, sis hit me really hard on the head. "You dumb head!" she said as she hit me.