This is just something I wrote. I hope you like it:

The Lone Wolf

By Vicky Cox (aka AquariusGirl1991)

The trees are nothing but bony fingers,
Rattling in the brisk winter breeze.
There is a chill in the air that lingers,
Which chatters your teeth and shakes your knees.

You have been out there for quite some time,
And the moon is beautifully bright.
Suddenly a shiver runs down your spine,
And it's nothing to do with the cold night.

You see him then, stood in the distance,
And at first it fills you with dread.
If he attacks, you'd be resistant,
though more than likely, you would be dead.

Frozen with fear, you stand all alone,
Gasp, and take in the sight of the beast.
Your hands shake, your composure is blown,
You pray he doesn't fancy a feast.

His silhouette creeps from side to side,
Before he settles down in one spot.
The myths don't look true, someone has lied,
Because mean he is certainly not.

The wind whips at your skin, you should go,
You have been lost out here for too long.
But instead you watch, as his ears go low,
and he tilts his head back into song.

Jaws are open wide, chest is puffed out,
His mournful howl shatters the silence.
He seems dejected, paces about,
The scene itself, it's quite poignant.

You and he, are perhaps one of the same;
Both lone wolves, with nowhere to go.
Maybe you will find him again one day,
A flash of grey fur in the pure white snow.

You turn to leave, you need to head back,
and suddenly you feel close to tears.
You've abandoned him too, you know that,
And his mournful howl rings in your ears.

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