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This was not my fault.

Well, not technically. I mean sure I was the one who found the game at the party and practically forced everyone to play it but I was only trying to help the awkward situation that was blooming.

It was not, however, my fault that Anna and Rhett decided to get into a huge argument in the middle of the kitchen. The tension in the entire house was awful and I was just trying to help.

Maybe that was a mistake…

Chapter One

"This is going to be a killer party!" Avery squeals to the group.

Rhett rolls his eyes. "You say that like it's going to be a kegger with the entire school instead of just us at Anna's house."

Avery has the tendency to get over excited about everything, even little things like hanging with a few of her friends. She even considers it a party. But we've all gotten used to it so Rhett's the only one whoever comments on her exaggerations. Sometimes it's kind of annoying, his little comments.

"I wish…" Emerson says half-heartedly. Stellan high fives him while Rhett shoves his shoulder. The guys laugh.

"Hey you guys don't have to come. A girl's night sounds fun, right ladies?" Anna's tone is slightly challenging even though she is only teasing them.

Rhett scoffs. "Right, like you guys can have any fun without us."

"Oh, you'd be very surprised." Anna says before taking another huge unladylike bite of her hamburger.

Rhett just rolls his eyes again and conversation pretty much stops and everyone starts doing their own thing.

Glancing between the two, I wonder if they are having problems. It's completely possible; they've had problems in the past. I look at the rest of my group all sitting around the table, eating lunch. Rhett and Anna are the only real couple in the group. Everyone else is just friends except you can clearly tell that Emerson has a crush on Avery but Avery doesn't return the affection. Then I look to the seat diagonally from me and see Brady.

Brady has his head down, staring at his food. He's not paying attention to any conversation and from what I can tell has a pretty pissed off look on his face. Deciding to get to the bottom of his anger, my shoe comes in contact with his shin under the table. His head snaps up and he can automatically tell that it was me who kicked him. He glares at me.

"What's with you?" I ask him.

"Bad chicken," he replies. Brady is eating a hamburger. I give him an "are you serious?" look and he just shakes his head which means he doesn't want the others to know whatever the problem is. Brady is my absolute best friend and we tell each other pretty much everything. I go to him with my problems, no matter how girly they are and vice versa.

But there's one thing that I don't really tell people, especially not Brady:

I am completely in love with him.

I know, I know, it's so cliché. Girl falls for her best friend who has no idea, blah, blah, blah…you've heard it all before. But it's true and I've tried to deny it but it does not work no matter how hard I try.

I give Brady my "okay but you better tell me later" face and he nods. That's how well Brady and I know each other; we could have an entire conversation just with facial expression, which we do a lot.

At the moment though, it doesn't really matter because nobody is paying attention to us. To my right Emerald is talking about the upcoming prom. Next to her, Emeralds twin brother Emerson is showing Avery something in a notebook. Beside Avery is Anna who is texting on her phone. Then there's Brady, who has resumed his fascination with his food. Beside him is Stellan and Rhett who are talking about sports to my left.

When the bell rings about three minutes later, we all stand up and go in our separate directions. I have 4th period Trig with Emerald next so we start to head that way.

Emerald is the one in the group who, besides Brady, I'm closest too. I've known her since 5th grade where we met in Ms. Zee's class and she is the only one in the entire world who knows about my crush on Brady. "So Gwen, what was up with your boy toy today?" She asks before we get to the top of the stairs.

I scowl at her before I answer. "First of all, Brady is not my boy toy. Second, I have no idea what was up with him today."

Emerald gives me a skeptical look like she doesn't believe me.

"What? He was fine earlier." I shrug.

Emerald shakes her head and I realize that she was talking about Brady being my boy toy. I glare at her. "He is not my boy toy. He's my best friend."

"That you like."

"That I like. But he doesn't know this and we are going to keep it that way. Right, Ruby?" When I first met Emerald I thought her name was so cool because it was a gemstone so now her nicknames consist of random jewels and stones. She has been ruby, sapphire, topaz, pearl, diamond, and my personal favorite, aquamarine. But as it turns out that she and Emerson were named after the color of their eyes, a dark green. Go figure.

"Right…" She mutters before going into our Trig room.

Satisfied, I follow.

Later I am standing in the kitchen of Anna's house, practically eating my weight in chips and salsa. I tend to do that a lot when I'm bored. And this party is so boring. Granted the only people who are here are me and Anna who is in the other room arguing with her mom about something. I missed the topic of the argument when it started about a half hour ago.

Grabbing another chip, I go and answer the door when the bell rings, figuring Anna is a bit busy. Stellan follows me into the kitchen.

"What's going on in there? Is Anna arguing with her mom again?" Stellan asks as he takes a seat behind the bar, grabbing a handful of peanuts.

"Of course, it wouldn't be a party without it." I say sarcastically.

Stellan chuckles. I've known Stellan for a long time. We went through elementary school together but we were never really close friends. He was the typical blond hair blue eyed snot nosed boy that I never wanted anything to do with when I was little. He was one of those people who were always there but I never paid any attention to. We became better friends when Stellan became friends with Emerson who was always around. Now I consider Stellan one of my closest friends.

The doorbell rings again and I go to it. Emerald and Emerson come in and go straight to the food. Whenever Anna has these party things she has bowls upon bowls of food. Chips in all kinds, trail mix, peanuts, fruit, vegetables, a meat platter. It's kind of over the top considering us all hang out together a lot. But it's also a good thing because by the end of the night the food is completely gone. My friends are pigs. I say this with love.

Emerson and Stellan automatically start talking about the car that Stellan's dad had supposedly talked about getting him. Emerald comes over to me after grabbing some chips but before she can say anything the door opens again and Rhett walks in followed by Brady.

Brady comes and sits next to me, knocking his shoulder against mine. "Hey, Gwenny."

I hate that nickname and Brady knows it. He does it to irritate me. I always thought it was too close to guinea as in Guinea Pig. I glare at him. "Trail Mix?" I offer him the bowl.

He takes a few raisins and pops in his mouth. I give him a weird look.

"What?" He asks, talking with his mouth full.

"I swear you're the only person in the world who actually likes the raisins."

He just laughs and eats some more.

At that moment Anna storms into the kitchen. She groans dramatically then sits down in the chair in a huff. All conversation around the room stops, everyone turning to look at her.

"What's wrong?" I ask her and place a hand on her shoulder.

Before she can explain, though, we hear the front door slam in the living room.

"She's my problem." Anna points in that direction. "She says that I spend too much time with you guys and I think-"

Anna is cut off when the door opens and Avery walks in. "Hello, party people!" She yells as she sets down two bottles of clear liquid and one of something red.

"What's that?" Emerald asks, pointing to the clear stuff even though it's very clear what it is and it's not Sprite.

"Rum. Let's make daiquiris!" Anna's mood shifts and she hops up from the counter and pulls the blender out from the wall. She puts ice, strawberry daiquiris mix (the red stuff), and some rum in and turns the blender on. When it's done, she goes to the cupboard and opens it. "You know what? I think my mom will kill me if I use these glasses. Gwen, will you go upstairs and in the closet at the end of the hall and get the red cups?"

"Of course." I hop off the stool and leave the kitchen. Then I'm in a large hallway with three doors on either side. Anna's house is really big. Like three stories big. Her parents are both huge in the real estate world. If Port Orchard was the kind of place that had a lot of bus benches their faces would be on them. But it's not, so they settle for large ads in the newspaper and on TV. Needless to say they both pull in a lot of cash.

I've always envied Anna and her money. It must be nice to be able to buy anything you want when you want it. It's not that I'm poor or anything. Just middle class. Perfectly average. Which I don't mind, I just think it would just be cool to have that kind of money. Doesn't everybody?

The stairs are at one end of the hallway, leading to the second floor. Anna's bedroom is on this floor with the three other bedrooms up here. On the very end next to the stairs to the third floor, is the closest that I am looking for. Inside is a quagmire of crap. I see everything from cleaning supplies to clothes but no red cups. As I start digging through the stuff, a song pops into my head.

Humming quietly to myself, I push a vacuum cleaner aside and dodge a box that nearly falls on my head. I look up to where the box fell and see a long thin box like a board game box. It's black and shiny but there's nothing on it to tell what it is other than a small symbol that makes absolutely no sense to me. I pull the box off the shelf and peek inside. It is some sort of board game, one that I've never seen before. I decide to ask Anna what it is so I put it under my arm.

Finally spying the cups in the corner, I grab them and slip out of the door.

When I get back downstairs, I push through the kitchen door. "I got cups!" I inform everyone but stop short in the doorway when I see that all hell has broken loose.

Anna and Rhett are standing nose to nose…well, nose to chest because Anna is about a foot shorter than Rhett. She is looking up at him and she has a furious expression on her face. The others are standing around watching whatever is going on.

"You're such an asshole, Rhett." Anna seethes.

I'm standing closest to Emerson so I ask him, "What is going on here? I was gone for like two minutes."

"Rhett started making fun of the drinks that Anna was making and she just exploded on him. I'm surprised that she hasn't hit him yet." Emerson whispers. I catch Emeralds eye and she gives me a 'do something' look. I glance at Brady and looks like he's about to burst out laughing.

"Me? I'm the asshole?" Rhett says. "At least I'm not a crazy, self-centered bi-"

Before Rhett can finish the word, I step forward and hold up the cups and the board game. "Hey! I found the cups!" I say in a false cheery voice. Rhett and Anna look at me and I continue, "Also I found this really interesting looking board game that I think we should play. It looks like fun." Anna kind of gives me a confused look and I figure it's because she has no idea what the game is either. Maybe it was one of her parents when they were younger.

"Yeah, that sounds like tons of fun, right, Avery?" Emerald says to Avery who is standing next to her. Avery nods enthusiastically.

Following our lead, Brady comes over and grabs the cups from me, fills 8 of them with frozen daiquiri, and hands them out to everyone. Then we go out into the living room and sit around the low coffee table in the middle. Rhett and Anna sit on opposite sides of the table from each other. I set the box down on the table and pulled the top off.

"Hey, Gwen, where did you find this game?" Anna asks, still confused.

"It was up in the closest with the cups."

Anna's brow furrows but she doesn't say anything else.

The instructions are sitting right on top of the game so I pick them up and look them over. They're not very long, only one one-sided small piece of paper.

"So it says here that we need to be a partnership. One boy one girl." I look at Brady. "Partners?" He nods. I see Emerald giving me a look but I ignore it.

"Avery, do you want to be partners?" Emerson says. Avery agrees.

Emerald glances at Anna and Rhett and I can tell she doesn't want to deal with either of them. "Stellan! Partners?"

"Yeah." Stellan says quietly.

"I am not going with him." Anna says, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Ditto." Rhett agrees.

"That sucks." I tell. They are a couple, they can get over it.

"But –" Anna begins but I glare at her and she leans back in her chair, pouting. Everyone moves to sit next to their partner and when everyone is settled, I continue to read.

"Okay. 'Do not lose your partner. No matter what. Doing so will cause death for sure.'" I read the next part of the instructions.

While I continue to read the instructions, Brady pulls the board, a dice, and some cards out of the box and sets them up. The board kind of looks like a Clue Board but instead of different rooms they are different settings and each one has a different number on it.

"Now everybody roll the dice and say these words 'Hic est voti ad hoc ludum. Ludo usque in finem'" I tell the group.

"What does that mean?" Emerald asks, suspiciously. I shrug.

Brady is holding the dice so he rolls it and repeats the words. Then me, Emerald, Stellan, Emerson, Avery, Anna, and finally Rhett.

When the dice is back onto the board the others look at me to see what's next but there's only two words left on the paper. "Good luck."

"That's it?" Brady asks and grabs the paper from me.

We are all confused but before we can figure anything out, the lights go off in the house and the doors slam open.

Somebody screams, I think Avery but I can't see anyone. It's so dark, I can't even see my own hand.

"What the hell?" One of the guys says and I hear someone stand up. A minute later, a candle is lit and sitting on the table next to the game board. The doors are still open and a chill settles over the room. I get up and close them.

"What just happened?" Brady asks but nobody has an answer.

"I don't think I want to play this game anymore…" Avery whimpers.

"Oh, it's just a power outage, you big wussy's. It's probably raining. It is Washington." Rhett says.

Even though I'm kind of freaked out, I nod my head. "Rhett's right. It's not the games fault."

"But we have no idea what to do. There are no instructions." Brady says.

"Maybe we just play it like you would play Clue." I suggest.

Everybody nods in agreement but Brady and Avery still look skeptical. But before we can follow through with this, we hear a huge crash upstairs.

"What the hell?"

Emerson is the first to the get to the door leading to the hallway. He tries to push through it but it doesn't budge. "Guys, the door is stuck," he tells us even though we can clearly see that the door is not moving. He pushes again and nothing happens. "Guys, I can't…I can't get the door open." He repeats. Everyone is kind of panicking by now but nobody has any idea what to do.

Stellan gets up and tries to open the other door but it too does not budge.

I look back to the game board and there, right before my eyes, the board starts to glow a bright blue light.

"Guys!" I say, but I don't take my eyes off the board.

"Oh my god!" Anna screams and jumps up, stumbling away from the light.

The glow gets brighter and brighter before finally I can't see anything and I can't close my eyes. I'm frozen in my spot on the floor. I have no idea where the others are at, what they are experiencing. I can hardly think. The light consumes me and I feel hot and I feel cold all at the same time. It's painful and at the same time it's pleasurable. It's so powerful that I start to feel sick and then as fast as it started, it's gone and everything goes black.

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