Another short story. I got the idea of this from my mom, who saw the picture that ended up being the cover said the girl's dress looked like a ghost. (She was very heavily medicated on motion sickness and anxiety pills. Give her some credit.)

Anyways, it gave me a pretty nifty idea for this, so here it is!


I lay in bed, staring at the clock, too afraid to close my eyes. The rectangular red numbers had blurred together to form an unreadable blob, but it was late enough that time had no meaning. The only things I understood were my quick heartbeat, my nervous breathing, and the cool feeling of a sheet on my body.

The night had been too hot for a blanket, and I had cast aside part of the sheet so that it was draped across my body from my shoulder to my thigh. I smiled hazily, remembering how I had imagined my sheets into beautiful dresses as a child. The smooth, white cotton would become a lace bridal gown or an elaborate silk robe, and I would close my eyes and picture myself as a princess as I drifted to sleep.

As I grew older, the sheets began to transform into an angel's wings or a magician's cloak, rejecting reality in favor of the surreal. My dreams were full of enchantment and wonder, and I fell asleep easily, longing to escape to the vivid fantasy of my imagination.

But the majesty of childhood quickly faded, and soon my sheets became the pale skin of a ghost, enveloping me in its ice cold grip. It twisted and stretched me until all that was left was a mangled corpse. Sleep became terrifying as thoughts of pain and death reigned free in my mind, taking over when my consciousness didn't have control.

Hiding from the bad dreams, I would clutch the fabric tightly as I forced my eyes open. But sleep would always win, and eventually I would be subjected to the horrors of the night.

I had longed for my dreams to become something of excitement and joy again. Every night, I wished nothing more than to close my eyes to an enchanted forest, as I once had. But I was always greeted by something grim and scary, until tonight, when no dreams came.

When I opened my eyes in the morning, it seemed that not a single second had passed, the glowing clock on the wall serving as my only proof that I had truly slept through the night. I realized that the sheets that had once constricted me had now cloaked me, had shielded me from the nightmares, had kept me safe and warm as I slept.


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