"I was the cursed one.
Never to love, or to be loved.
And whoever manages to find their way into my heart,
Was cursed as well."

My name is Seiren Smith.

Darkness soon fell over the horizon as the sunset faded into the night sky. I rely only on my feet as they struggle to sprint through the forest. My breath became jagged and I grew tired, even in my more enhanced state. I knew that they were coming for me. I knew that I just endangered him even more by going to him, despite my need for his safety. The safety of being in his arms. The safety that so saved me that one fateful day at the auction. I missed it so, and more than ever I needed to feel it now.

Because of my enhanced abilities I sold at high prices at auctions.

This is the opposite of what should happen. I was bought so that he would be protected; not the other way around. Why is it that things have come to this? Why is it that out of all people that could have bought me that day, it had to be him. It was he that had saved me from a most tragic death, that saved me from a life of suffering, that saved me from my heart from closing off forever. I was bought for his saving; a knight of some sort. Yet, I needed him more than life itself.

And I needed to see him one more time.

There had only been a close few to be allowed into my heart. And all of them had been killed.

I reached the royalty's palace. I couldn't believe the tragedy of it all. I dare glanced behind me, seeing the approaching army of the Rival. They were after me, me and my wretched soul. Was there not one person to come and save me? If not me, why not him? Was it because of me? Was it because he had cared for me the reason they chose not to save him? It was all my fault. I should have run from him while I still had the chance. While my heart did not love him, I should have run away and killed myself like I had originally planned.

Whoever cared for me in any way possible had met their deaths. That led me to believe I was cursed.

"Sire! It is me, Seiren! Wherever you are, we must evacuate and get you to safety!" I called out.


I turned around and my heart nearly exploded with joy. His deep forest green eyes met mine and I ran to him in embrace. I did nothing but hug him to feel the warmth of his presence, the one that fills me with so much serenity and love. "Oh, thank goodness you are unharmed! I was concerned that you weren't here…" Strangely he didn't wrap his warm arms around me. "Oh, none of that matters now. All that matters is that you are safe."

"Seiren…" I lifted my head up to look at him. "You must leave."

"Leave?" I asked in confusion. "Whatever do you mean? Hurry, Master, the fire will reach here eventually. We must escape."

"I said you must leave!"

I nearly fell backwards in fear. Never once did he ever raise his voice at me as so. I took the courtesy to look into his eyes for the first time since I had arrived and my heart nearly broke. His eyes weren't his. They were blank and crazed. The way that the villagers looked at me in anger. This isn't him. It isn't. He was under that damned priestess' spell. He lifted the hand that was concealed behind his back and it contained a wooden stake.

I was killed by the person I loved. Days later, he committed suicide with a sword through his heart. I am not sure why though. As the palace burned down with my master mysteriously disappeared, a woman with snow white skin appeared before me.

Her violet eyes beamed down at me in kindness as she bent down at my level. She lifted my hand, and released it, making it fall lifelessly to the floor. Her smile faded as she ripped the wooden stake from my heart and threw it away. I didn't feel a thing and I realized that I could not move. I was immobilized, defenseless.

"My poor child…They staked you in the heart," she said delicately. I couldn't respond or even move my eyes to look at her. I was dead. I felt nothing, yet I could hear everything she was saying. She gently caressed my hair, letting it slip through her fingers. "My, my...Such pretty hair. It would be a shame to let a beauty such as yourself to die like this." Her eyes became filled with a desperate sadness as a tear went down her own cheek. Suddenly her eyes shifted from her violet irises as she looked down at me with glowing, determined, blue eyes. "I have but one question. Do you wish to live?"

That woman never did tell me her name. But I only knew one thing.

That night I was turned into a vampire.

And this is the story of my death beforehand.

This is the prequel for the story I am currently working on. I won't update until I am finished with that one, so don't expect any quick updates. Don't worry, I'll get to it eventually. =:D