Oh beauty

Never forgotten

Forever immortal

In my stone heart

Though you may leave

And never return

Do not shed a tear

It does not you justice

May your gorgeous face

Never fall in dismay

Over things once lost

I will find them

And in turn, you

Bow your head not

In memory of me

Move on to higher things

Not such as lowly as I might be

Hide not

Behind a curtain

Because you are breathtaking

Don't worry

When you fall

I will be there

To pick you up

Even if

You don't want me to

Hate me if you will

Understanding I will be

My skin is thick

And even broken hearts

Heal over time

Even if they are crooked

Though it saddens me

A fool like me knows

It was just dumb luck

That let me meet you

And at some point

Silly old me will be

Forever, forgotten