The Life of a Professional Loner

The noise in the room is deafening as I sit alone in a crowded lunchroom, sipping mindlessly at my hot cocoa and pretending to text in a lame attempt at appearing to be doing something other than just being a professional loner. I can physically feel the seconds ticking away as the tension in my stomach grows and grows, fueled by some invisible energy source which is designed for one purpose and one purpose only: to make my life miserable.

My heart does little summersaults in my chest as a cute boy nears my table- is he going to sit with me? Is that the dreaded look of pity on his face? He asks if he could use a chair and walks away, out of my life forever. Part of me is relieved, but another, more human, part of me is disappointed and depressed.

Would it have really been so hard just to sit down, even for just a few minutes? I guess so. I dump my tray and leave. The noise in the room goes on.