Taradino's rise begins in the area called POOP.

Well, Taradino, you'd better watch out! There's a low guard about to shoot you. But, as his title suggests, he's easy to take out. Then Taradino sees two push walls to his left. He decided to get the second one now. Behind the wall was another pistol. He picked it up and went to push the wall to his left, seeing that the wall could still be pushed. Before he could do anything else, he heard the high guard calling to him. Dang it he had a machine gun. Using both pistols he shot down that high guard. And that was when he saw the machine gun up ahead. Yes, it was up.

He decided to go back to the wall he had pushed and push it once more. Then he saw a gold key. He picked it up off the table, and then later he shot the table for fun. He went back into the place with the high guard and two strike team guards were following him. He wondered: how much trouble is it to get to this machine gun? He took the guards out, although he took in some damage too. They were harder to shoot because they were good at rolling on the ground.

But he caught up to the GAD elevator. At the top was the catwalk and he got that machine gun. At the end of the wall was a gray barrel. He shot it and it had a bowl of priest porridge. Great, it's hot! He got it and saw that behind was another push wall. Something was on the ground at the end of the hall on the left. He walked up and the low guard stood up. "Drop it!" Taradino ignored the warning of the guard and used his machine gun for the first time on someone.

He found the door that used the gold key. He opened the door. Obviously, it was not useful to complete the area, as it was a single room. But it had lots of ankh bonuses. He counted it to be worth 64 ankh points. Behind them was the monk meal. He didn't need it since the priest porridge was so good. Seeing nothing else of interest, he rushed back to the starting room. Then he remembered the first push wall. He pushed it and saw that it could be pushed again. But he had to go around the wall to his right first. He had a rule in mind: push every wall until they can't be pushed anymore. It helps in the end. Now that was a surprisingly big first room.

When he opened the door to the next room, he saw the lightning guard. The guard seemed easy, like the low guard. He actually was a little harder to kill. After opening the next door, he saw the high and low guards. He finally had a chance to use a machine gun on another machine gun carrier. After this was the elevator. He went in and closed the door. He flipped the switch. Then the music started to play. Taradino liked the music but it was making the elevator slower. The elevator got to its destination and it opened.

Then Taradino saw two lightning guards. They were still quite easy with the machine gun. He opened the next door and saw a fire jet on the ground. He also saw a bazooka directly ahead. He quickly got the bazooka. Then, avoiding the fire jet, he opened the next room. Oh boy, more fire here! He saw fire shooting out of the walls. He ran past one, waited, and ran past the other. There was a switch on this side. He flipped it and the fire shooting turned off (or he flipped it off).

A silver key locked the door on his right. Then he went to the left where there was another door. Whoa, there's a box of TNT here! He got back his machine gun, walked back, and shot the box. Some priest porridge was by it, so it became hot too. There were some gray light poles here. He shot them for fun again. Then he shot the low guard on the ground. The guard stood up, just to fall back down from the bullets he got. When he got to the next room, he found it full of ankh bonuses. To his left was an arch of them; to his right was a ray of them. The bounce pads would help him get there.

But first he decided to get the push walls. On the right he went to one. It appeared to be locked. He tried the left. It worked so he went in. He found a 25-point ankh and, of course, a touch plate. When he walked over the touch plate, it moved the wall. He went out and the wall had moved that he tried earlier. Here, there was a water basin and an empty basin. He drank the water and had to destroy the basins. That was because there were some ankh bonuses behind them. Then he went out and got the rest of the ankh bonuses. It took awhile to finish this task. Then he had to open a door behind the bounce pads. It was hard as well.

Then the strike team guards came out of the room. Taradino got in the room and shot back at the guards. They don't cooperate much. He found the silver key on the table here. He got it and shot the table. He ran out and shot a lamp in the middle of the last room. Then he continued to go back to the fire shooting room.

He went through the locked door. On his right, he found a push wall. In this place he found a heat seeker. Then he was on a bounce pad. Above him was an extra life! He had already earned one with his ankh collection. In the room after this one, there was a glass window. He saw the high guards behind it. Next he shot the window and the guards became active. After shooting them down, he saw some priest porridge. Then he saw a drunk missile. He took them all when he saw the end. He had to evade all of the walls in this room, as they were hot. One was even moving. He got to the exit of the area.

Taradino, good luck!