This was going to be easy. Taradino went on to Load Game.

But at first he went around the room to find an enforcer. He just shot the enforcer with his bazooka. Then he had to go through some doors to find a way out until there was an unlocked door. He triggered several touch plates by locked doors. The gold door was by a gas mask. Taradino thought he would need it after going through that door. Then he was in the next room that he could enter. There were fire chutes from the walls with columns going on the edges. Inside the columns were some ankhs, but he couldn't reach them. Then he went through the next door. More columns blocked the way, but he pushed one to go on. He had to trigger a touch plate to get more columns to move, though one came towards him. He backed up quickly and went on through once it stopped. Then he had to trigger another touch plate so he could move the next column. After that, he found a push wall. He had just one more touch plate to trigger, then he went in the push wall.

Once he got in he saw some guns that shot him. He used the bazooka to shoot the guns back. Then he could get some ankhs and get to a bonus barrel. The barrel had another ankh. He triggered another touch plate, which was the other push wall. Then he went in and saw more guns. He shot them again. Then he saw more ankhs and bonus barrels. The bonus barrels had monk meal and a heat seeker. He ate the monk meal because his health was getting low. Then he could get out to the next room. There were some floor stabbers by the doors so he had to be quick or get hurt. Then he went in the next room, which was a hall. He just went on through the next door and found a push wall and a switch. Then walls moved from the middle of the room.

He went in the push wall. There was a bigger gun that tried to shoot him, but he evaded the shots this time. He destroyed the gun with his heat seeker. Then he ate some priest porridge hot by the gun. Going back to the central room, he saw the gold key, then he got it. He was about to go back to the first room so he could open the gold door, when he remembered a switch in the secret room he was just in. Then Taradino made his way back and turned on the switch. The columns by the ankhs were moved now. He got the ankhs, while evading the fire. Then he made his way eventually to the gold door.

Once past the gold door he went through some columns just to trigger a touch plate that released gas! He went back out of the door and put on the gas mask. He went back to the gold room and through the columns so he could enter the next door. This room was blocked with more columns. He had to push one to get to the middle of the room. There was fire shooting out of one wall and he had to be careful even though it was hitting one column. He eventually got out of the columns and the gas stopped. There were two switches on the far wall. He turned one off, and it stopped the fire. Then he turned on another one and another column moved. Taradino went to where the column had moved and turned on another switch, which was by the fire that stopped. Then another column moved. He had to trigger a touch plate in the last section of this room and a column moved in another room.

He went back to the room that had started the gas. He opened a door to the side of the columns and went in another room with fire urns, which he destroyed for no real reason. The next room was where he saw the silver key. But there were falling rocks between Taradino and the key. Tables were on the sides of the key, so he had to destroy some to get around the rocks to the key. Once enough tables were destroyed, he hurried to the back. Then he got the silver key and finished destroying tables. Now he had to get back again. Taradino then realized that there were spaces between the rocks he could stand. He went back to the door more slowly than he had gone to the key. He had a problem now: The door was closed and he had to open it fast. He didn't open it quickly enough and a rock hit him when the door was open. He lost some health, but escaped later.

Soon he was at the silver door. Then Taradino found a push wall and went in. There were some barrels blocking ankhs but he turned on a switch. Another push wall moved. There were more barrels blocking ankhs but the ankhs were better here. He shot the barrels and got the ankhs, in both sides. Then he had to go around some columns to continue. He opened the next door and saw a column in front of a Mercury mode. There were also walls and fences around it. He went in an elevator past them. After getting out, he was actually inside the fence. That was not expected. Taradino triggered a touch plate behind him and got the Mercury mode. The column in front moved out of the way. Taradino wondered why he needed the Mercury mode.

He went in the next door and saw some columns. He pushed one out of the way. He was only in the middle of the room now. He pushed another column and turned on a switch behind it. A column moved somewhere else. Taradino continued pushing columns and turned on another switch. A wall moved somewhere else too. Then he opened the next door. There were traps he could barely see on the floor. The wall and column were in this room that he had moved earlier. This area was one floor, but he still needed the Mercury mode for this room. Now he could evade the traps on the floor. Soon he had the iron key.

While making his way back to the first room, Taradino saw more push walls. He went in and saw ankh behind barrels, just like the other secrets. He also turned on a switch to move the other push wall. The second secret again had better ankhs. Then he went back to finish his way to the beginning. Once he went in the iron door, he ate some nearby priest porridge. He had to go around some walls, but after a few, there was another enforcer. Taradino had just one rocket, so he used it. Later he had to finish shooting the enforcer with his gun. When the enforcer was dead, he saw the exit right behind him. Taradino went in, realizing he had eaten all the food.

That was deceiving, but you made it, Taradino. Next up will be like Strike!