Taradino started up the next area. It was called Schools. However, he wasn't a dog now.

This whole room was covered in floor lamps. Well, there were also three keys that blocked the doors out. And some guns lay on the floor. After he had shot out all of the lamps, he saw that the doors were all locked. Luckily, all the keys for these doors were there. He got the gold, silver, and iron keys from their tables. Then the tables were involuntarily shot. A wall in the corner he noticed was a push wall. It appeared to be locked. Then he went to the iron door. He saw a low guard at the end of the room, by an elevator. As he went to the low guard, he heard another one find him. He shot both of them. There were bonus barrels. He shot them and got some monk meal and an ankh. He went to the elevator, but it required a silver key. Luckily he already had this key.

He had to wait, but when he went in the elevator, he saw that there were signs by the door that had four dots. When he got to the next destination, he saw the walls by the doors again. There was one dot. This room was blocked by glass near the end, in front of some lightning guards. Taradino shot the glass wall and shot the guards. Then he turned right. The next room was the same but there was one lightning guard. He shot the glass and lightning guards. Behind the wall was some priest porridge. He ate it. Then he went through the next door. It was again the same as the last but had two lightning guards. He shot them and saw the priest porridge again. He didn't need it. Opening the next door, he saw that this room was finally different.

In this room, he saw fire jets on the floor. They were guarding a switch in the far corner. There was also an over patrol guard. He was looking at the switch. Taradino shot him easily. Then he went over to turn on the switch. He was careful to not burn himself. Then he went back to the front of the floor where the elevator was. He continued on straight because there was another door to his left. Again, a glass wall blocked him and a lightning guard. He shot the glass and lightning guard. More priest porridge was on the floor. He decided to save it. After opening the next door, he saw another glass wall, but nobody else. When he shot the glass, there were two lightning guards that found him. He shot the lightning guards and walked to the next room. It was like the last room with a switch. This time, the over patrol guard would see him and there was a touch plate instead of a switch. He shot the over patrol and carefully went to the touch plate. There were fire jets on the floor this time too.

He went to the elevator again because nothing left was to be found in this school (or floor). On the arrival of the fourth floor, he went to the first room. The push wall had moved. A small room was revealed, with another push wall in the far corner. It was locked as well. He continued to the gold door. This area is quite repetitive, as this room had a low guard at the end, by an elevator. And as he went for the guard, another one walked up to him from behind. Taradino went to them and shot them both. He shot the bonus barrels (which were here as last time) and got a heat seeker and a 10-ankh. He went to the elevator and had to wait, so he ate some monk meal.

The elevator opened and he went in. After getting out, he saw the walls to the side of the elevator, which had two dots. There was a glass wall. Behind this wall were two strike team guards. He waited for them to walk closely to each other then shot the wall with the heat seeker. Both guards died too. He went right and through the door. A glass wall was at near the end of this room, and in front of a strike team guard. Without a wait this time, he used his heat seeker again to shoot the wall and guard. After getting past the wall he saw some priest porridge. He wanted to use up the heat seeker quickly, so he shot this too. Turning around, he saw the next door and went through. Taradino was right—there were two strike team guards behind a glass wall! He used the same tactic that was in the first room of school two. It ended in ludicrous gibs. "Yes!" said Taradino.

He saw more priest porridge to his right. He heated it and turned around to find the next door. There was an over patrol guard and more fire jets. This time the fire jets were moving! He shot the over patrol guard and went for the switch in the corner. He ran into some fire on the way back, because it was too hard to evade. So when he went back near the elevator, he ate some priest porridge hot. Arriving in the next new room, he saw another strike team guard. He shot the glass and guard at the same time. Then he saw some priest porridge but didn't shoot it, since he had only one heat seeker round left. He opened the next door, to see a glass wall but nobody. He switched to the machine gun and shot the glass. Then he heard strike team guards again. He got his heat seeker out to shoot one.

Of course, he couldn't shoot both with the glass gone. So he had his machine gun again and finished killing the next guard. After the next door, he saw the over patrol guard, moving fire jets, and a touch plate. He shot the over patrol guard and evaded a net that was thrown at him. Then he went to the touch plate, which triggered a wall to move. He had no excuse to be burned this time. He waited for the fire to be clear and ran out for the elevator.

Back at floor 4, he went out the gold door. He decided to look at the new room space. There was more room freed and many push walls at the end. They were still locked, north and south. Then he went through the silver door. Low guards again were here. He shot them and after they died he shot the bonus barrels. They had a 5-ankh and priest porridge which was instantly hot. He took them both. Then he went in the elevator locked by the gold key, with no wait. He had made it to school three. Taradino saw two high guards past a glass wall. He shot the wall then shot the guards down. It wasn't easy, and he got some damage. Luckily there was some priest porridge.

The next room Taradino guessed right again. One high guard was in here, behind a glass window. He shot the glass window and shot the high guard. It was easier, as he did not take damage. In the next room he saw two high guards behind a glass window. After he had shot all of them, he got some priest porridge down the hall. He went to the next room and saw the over patrol guard. He shot the guard but when he saw the switch, there were fire jets. These ones moved all around the room. He went clockwise and turned on the switch.

That actually wasn't as hard as the last fire jet round. Taradino went back to near the elevator. Then he kept going straight to go through the door. Here was a glass wall and a high guard. He shot them both fairly easily. Then he went to the next room and he saw nobody but a glass wall. After shooting it, two high guards revealed themselves. Angrily, Taradino shot them both. He got shot once, but no priest porridge was here to back him up. But he went to the next room and saw the over patrol guard. He shot the guard and went for the touch plate. The fire jets rotated, so he walked around the east wall to avoid it. Then he went back to the elevator.

On floor 4 he went back to the middle first room. No more locked doors to enter! He went to the new part of the room. There was a door at the end of the room again, not locked. He went through. It looked as if he had opened a locked door, judging the room layout. But there was an over patrol guard and the exit. He shot this over patrol guard and saw another one come for him. He shot the bonus barrels near the exit. Then he got a heat seeker and a monk meal.

Wait. This must be the level before the secret level. If not, then it's onto the boss! Taradino remembered the south push walls that were locked. He went back out the door and found a push wall. He could actually activate it! Behind this wall were a bounce pad and a 25-ankh in the air. Other than that was a switch. He got the ankh and flipped the switch. A wall moved. Then he went back to where the walls were and saw them move. Behind the walls were a bounce pad and some moving GADs. It seems that he needed to get past some catwalk spaces. He got up to the GAD and onto the catwalk. On the backside of this room was another bounce pad. He saw a door past it. This door was hard to pass.

When he got in the room, he saw another exit! It looked like the other last room. There were two over patrol guards. One was past the secret exit arch. He shot them with the heat seeker and saw another over patrol guard. He shot him too and got the machine gun to shoot the bonus barrels. They had an ankh and some priest porridge. He got them and then looked around for anything else. Nothing was new, so he took the secret exit.

Taradino, be careful. You never know what will be in the secret level.