We never know whether a choice we make is good or bad or neither until it's too late. Then years later we look back, to what we once or might have had. How very sad.



by XxmickeyTxX


That lady sitting across the table,

trying to turn everything her daughter does into a fable.

Her eyes pierce down into him,

as he melts under her cold stare.

And her daughter,

to afraid to even dare,

just sits back and watches because she knows what's ahead,

But behind that wall in front of her mouth,

She says :

"I know that you don't see what I see,

I know he doesn't mean to you what he does to me,

but just give it a try,

I promise this is not a lie.

This will survive."

Her thoughts and hops were not enough,

and he soon found it too rough to stay.

And till this day,

she sits alone,

and she regrets the choice she once made.


Every day,

His constant companions are his mop and broom.

Every day,

He simply fades into the loom of empty stares and office chairs.

There is one bright spot in his day,

she shines like the sun on a perfect summer day.

She is the only one who smiles,

the only one's teeth he sees.

It is apparent that he is smitten,

her eyes remind of the deep blue seas,

and whenever he sees her,

he's drowning.

He is not aware that she likes him too,

she was simply waiting for him to make the first move.

But when he does not,

she simply gives up hope,

and follows around the bloke from 4E,

who keeps her in a choke hold.

Her pain makes him die inside,

but he knows that he is too late,

and he must move on alone.

He could not save her heart or soul,

and every day,

he regrets the choice he once made.


Should I leave or should I stay,

Should I wait or just let it all melt away.

Should I live in a box like a small spotted fox,

Or should I follow my dreams like a dolphin at sea.


There are choices we all must make,

and through their wake,

they shape our destiny.

We will never know which choice was good,

and which was bad,

until it's too late,

and years from now we look back,

to what we once or might have had.

Make the good choice and review ^^