1st August, 2012

Tell me what I need to know
Why my tears should overflow
Why I kneel in broken prayer
At the foot of Jacob's Stair

Why I stand upon my own
Before the Judge upon His Throne
Why my Saviour intercedes
Why He hearkens to my pleas

Why my equals and my foe
Drag me to the pit below
Why they seek to burn my soul
If God above retains control

Why my brethren gather round
To grind my face into the ground
Why God upholds me by His Hand
And reassures me it was planned

I need to know my God and I
Together can withstand the lie
The Devil spins them all a line
But this remains of God's design

The Shepherd onward leadeth me
To walk in Light and Liberty
The Truth forever stands apart
It was the issue from the start