Episode 2 – A Gift from war

Nero's Room – 6:32AM

Nero woke up suddenly touching his chest; there were no holes on it. But nevertheless he opened his clothes and found out that his chest was completely healed. He was on his bed, and was sweating.

"A dream?" he said to himself.

"Woke up sleepy kid?" someone body said from the corner.

Nero leaped from his spot and buttoned his clothes in embarrassment. "Who are you?"

The girl approached him, it was Eliza, and she swung her long pink hair backwards and crossed her arms.

He then notices her ridiculous hair and giggled softly.

"What's so funny?" she asked.

"You look horrible with that hair." He smiled trying to hold in his laugh.

"Oh yeah? Because its – p-ink?" she glared at him.

"Yes." He replied frankly.

Eliza sighed deeply. "Humans now days! Mocking my pink hair. For your information it isn't dyed."

Nero nodded. "Aren't you human?" he asked.

The girl rolled her eyes. "No! I am not human-"

Nero then recalled what happened last night but he calmly addressed it. "So it wasn't a dream is it?"

Eliza nodded. "Yes, I found you laying on the ground under your pool of blood, with several- mutilated bodies of demons, gutted, ripped, and even- well they are just destroyed."

Nero remembered the girl, who was seemingly innocent; the thought of it baffled him; an innocent girl doing such atrocious actions.

"I was chased, and then someone saved me."

Eliza then felt interested. "Recognize her face?"

Nero then realized the doodles he drew inside his notebook. "Just a moment." He leaped of his bed and searched his bag for his notebook; he found it and ripped off a page and presented it to Eliza who ridiculed the item.

"Doodles? Really? You should go take art lessons." She sighed.

Nero grinned. "This is what she looks like; at least, this is the only lead I have so far."

"Sunny eyes, light brown hair…no details?"

"I got none, sorry." He insisted.

Eliza sighed impatiently. She grabbed her headphones which were on the floor. "We got him, he confirms he knows something."

Nero looked concerned. "You're with some task force are you?"

Eliza took off her headphones. "Why would there be a 'scary 'pink haired girl in your room anyway?"

He laughed in response. "So you're going to put me in prison or something?"

"Why would I do that? Now let's go, we don't have much time."

She then took Nero by the hand, but she released it immediately, she felt intense pain coursing through her palm.

"Damn!" she screamed as she held her wrist.

Nero then tried to help her up. He took immediate action.

"Don't touch me!" she screamed.

"B-but you need help, your hands burned!" he insisted.

"You burned them!" she shrieked.

Nero notices something was wrong with him. Eliza was cross, she grabbed her headphones again.

"Get him! Officer Assault!"

Nero panicked. "W-wait, what did I do?" he said.

"You hurted me!" she yelled.

"I didn't even do anything!" he said desperately trying to persuade her.

Then several police guards, more like the swat team barged into his room and aimed their guns at the defenseless boy.

"Geez." Nero calmly raised his hands, and didn't say a word.

Eliza's palm regenerated bit by bit, she then glared at Nero. "You're not ordinary after all, what are you?"

Nero gulped down the fear. "I, uh, I don't know…"

She growled at him. "Whatever! You're coming with us."

The police grabbed him by the arms and slowly took him away. Nero didn't resist, he calmly played by.

"What about school?"

Eliza grabbed her headphones, she took a deep breath and released an unrelenting shout. "I want you to contact his school! Pronto!" she yelled stressfully

Nero felt scared, a scary pink haired girl popping out of nowhere now taking him to who knows where.

In the car – Highway 6:45AM

Eliza was beside to Nero but tried maintaining her distance; she looked away from him feeling cross about just now.

Nero was nervous because of a huge man sitting next to him holding a lethal firearm.

A mysterious man, in his forties sat at the front seat of the car. He turned around facing Nero.

"Sup kid." He smiled.

Nero calmly responded with a timid smile. "H-hi…"

The man then made a cheerful expression. "Forgive my assistance hasty character; after all she is not really one of us."

Nero smiled. "Yeah, she told me herself."

Then the man glared at Eliza. "You better start acting nicely Eliza; I know this world isn't familiar to you."

"He hurted me-"

The man nodded. "I know- I know, but now, we wouldn't want frightening this boy, after all he is a citizen of this world."

Nero smiled nervously. "Yes, yes of course."

The man then smiled back at him. "First of all let me introduce myself." He began proudly

"My name is Giovani; I am the co-leader of a ghost organization called Corpurus. Our organization solves problems like these. Ever heard of the mysterious murders?"

Nero nodded. "Yeah, I think."

"They are believed to be caused by demons themselves, demons killing humans. Rather a mystery is it? Our organization is up to the chase, we need your cooperation, and then you can resume your normal everyday life. Sounds fair?" he asked.

The boy nervously nodded. "Sure…"

Eliza pouted. "You better cooperate." she instantly mentioned.

Giovani sighed. "Oh shush will you."

The car then drove off quickly, they are heading towards a massive tower, it was a huge glass tower, surrounded by green hills, and it had several other skyscrapers around it. It was a marvel to behold.

But in the car behind them, the driver's expression was fearful, he notices a girl sitting on top of the car Nero was in, she looked at him with her beautiful face and smiled. She placed her fingers over her lips indicating she wants him to be quiet.

That girl was none other than Jupiter, the girl from the convenience store.

Corpurus Head Base – 7:36PM

Nero, now taken away by some ghost organization stands before the gates of it. The gates were made of glass and it had a symbol on it, it was a vertical line with two arcs top to bottom. Below it had a phrase: 'The strength of one, can save thousands.'

He felt at ease, he knew this wasn't a criminal organization.

Giovani notices his expression and patted him on the head. "We are not criminals, we are people, raising superior armies, as well collecting special individuals that are hard to find these days. It seems you burning Eliza's hand might be a sign, that you are special." He smiled.

He then nodded. "I didn't know- really I didn't know."

Eliza stood next to him. "It hurts by the way." She muttered looking the other direction.

Giovani rolled her eyes. "Stop pestering the kid will you?" he insisted.

"Hmph!" she pouted.

Nero felt someone was on his side, he grinned at Eliza who stuck her tongue out in response.

"You might be wondering why she isn't human." Giovani said.

The pink haired girl sighed deeply. "You don't have to tell him –"

"I am all ears." He smiled.

Giovani laughed. "Eliza is not a human; she is a particular individual who raises the dead."

"Great now he's more scared of me – thanks." Eliza interrupted.

Giovani glared at her. "Shush." He said.

He then looked back at Nero and decided to resume his conversation. "-as I was saying, she raises the dead, but not for a long period of time. She also has the power to kill anything, as long she says the magic word. So that is why she is a necromancer."

Nero looked at Eliza with a frightened expression.

"Scared? Too bad I am here!" She pestered him.

"He's only sixteen, Geez. You're already…what- Hundreds years old above. And I thought you're mature." Giovani crossed his arms

"I am still a girl you know. I don't look old either!" she replied.

Giovani sighed. "My my…Anyway, let's head on in, it's hot out here."

They went in, but someone followed from behind, it was a clear being, transparent and swift. It entered the door as soon as it began to close slowly.

Inside Corpurus–

He marveled at the site, it was a building, with several men and women in suits and clothes walking around carrying important documents. It was a beauty to behold; it even had a fountain clock and a holographic face to announce messages. As Giovani walked in, the people greeted him and smiled. It was a happy atmosphere. Nero felt even more comfortable.

"Nice is it?" Giovani smiled.

"Were just gonna ask you a few questions, and maybe give you some heads up about what's really going on."

Nero nodded invitingly. "Okay."

The man smiled calmly. "Great, follow me."

As Nero went to the center of the building, he saw a marble picture of an angel praying below the sun, he was surprised to see such beauty. Eliza however nudged him to move. "It's just a picture."

Nero rolled his eyes. "You hate me do you?"

"No, I don't." she replied.

Nero glanced at her and resumed following Giovani. The necromancer felt irritated and decided to go with him.

They went inside a hallway, the atmosphere got even tense. But Giovani walked calmly towards a large wooden door, he then opened it revealing the inside. It was his very own office with the view of the park, and his table is vast with two leather chairs up front.

"Have a seat." He insisted.

Nero sat on one of them while Eliza sat beside him.

Giovani cleared his throat. "Young man, you were attacked by two demons yesterday, but someone saved you. Now first let me tell you what's going on."

Giovani then grabbed the remote, he pressed a button and the projector projects a screen, it had several images on it.

The images were gruesome, there will victims of the mysterious murders.

"There is an anti demon and angel protest. We believed the one responsible is the one sending these mysterious demons. But these demons are now called Invisible killers, why are they called Invisible killers you ask? They cloak, they can't be seen."

"But I can't hear their footsteps when they cloaked." Nero said.

"That is the reason why you got killed." Giovani replied.

The projector now revealed another image; it was a logo of the campaign. "The anti demon and angel protest, known as DAP, was started seven months ago. It is basically a group of humans who believed angels and demons are nuisance and they should leave. We do not agree with this naturally. But somehow these mysterious murders don't connect. We know that the demons come from this group, but why kill their own friends."

Nero raised his hand. "Perhaps they wanted them to believe that demons are really a nuisance through these murders."

Giovani clapped his hands. "Exactly, perhaps this is why. So now we are working hard to track this man down."

The screen projected another image. It was a mysterious man wearing a black ski mask.

"This is Ignis, the leader of DAP, We believe he is not human. Perhaps he is the same race as you Eliza, a necromancer."

Nero then remembered the face of the demon, it was humanlike, and it was rabid.

"Maybe he resurrected dead humans and turned them into demons." Nero said.

"I mean- their faces, they were human like."

Giovani clapped his hands again. "Right again my boy; we believe the necromancer is responsible for this, which is why we are going to track him down. But we also know that there might be a bigger picture behind this."

Giovani then switched the projector off and Nero redirected his attention towards him.

"Now, who did save you? Who is that who resurrected you?" Giovani asked his tone getting tense.

Nero tried recalling. "It was a girl I met in the convenience store."

Eliza immediately handed Giovani his doodle. He wore his glasses and observed it.

"Taking art lessons?" He asked while observing


"You should take them…"

He then handed it back to Nero. "Is this Jupiter?" Giovani asked.

Nero looked questioned. "Who?"

"Remember the angel you saw on the marble floor, that image relates to Jupiter, the angel of destruction." Giovani said folding his hands.

"If you were resurrected by Jupiter, she didn't just give you life, she gave you part of her powers. How and why would the angel of destruction do that?" Giovani asked.

Nero shrugged. "I don't know…but she seems, very familiar to me."

"How so?" Giovani asked.

Nero tried recalling, he remembered parts of an image, but it was all blurred. "I don't remember."

Giovani sighed. "It seems we need you to stay here a little longer then."

Nero felt panic. He felt fear striking him. He wasn't afraid; he was concerned about what might happen to him. "W-why?"

"Jupiter isn't just an ordinary angel you see, we believe she leads to a war long ago. The seraphim war was a war between demons and angels, but that's not it…"

The necromancer interrupted. "The war is a pretext to an upcoming apocalypse, Apollyon is a great demon; he might be raising an army of locusts. What you got killed by Nero, are not just demons, but locusts, evil spirits of the dead. That is why we need Jupiter's help. We believe she is connected to all this."

Giovani nodded. "The necromancer is right; we need your help too, because you might lead to Jupiter."

Nero then nodded. "I understand."

Giovani felt easy this time. "Good, should we call your parents?" he asked.

"No, they're gone." He said with a grim tone.

"I am sorry to hear that."

"It's fine." Nero said. But suddenly an image flickered in his head. Someone comforted him after his parents was someone motherly, but he couldn't make out the appearance.

He tried recalling the image desperately but he drifted away.

"Nero?" Giovani called.

He snapped back on. "S-sorry, drifting apart."

"Eliza will guide you to your room, it is already prepared."

Nero then looked at Eliza who turned away. "Come with me…" she grunted. The two went out, but as they did, Giovani notices someone else passing the door, but is unseen. He couldn't make out an image, but decides to stay calm about it.

Dorm Rooms – 8:31AM

Eliza handed him the keys. She could see the other army men peeking through their doors to see her. It was truly an awkward sight. Nero looked at them, they were her admirers. Eliza turned to where Nero is looking and felt disgusted.

"I hate humans…" she complained.

Nero giggled. "I am sorry to hear that."

The necromancer sighed. "I wish I can just say the magic word."

The boy felt intrigued. "Can you show me?" he asked.

"What, now?" She asked.

"Please?" Nero pleaded.

Eliza hesitantly thought for a moment. But in the end she grunted. "Ugh-fine, this is for me being a jerk all day."

Eliza got into his dorm and locked the door with him.

The dorm was beautiful, it had a king sized bed, complete with a plasma LED TV, and with a couple of plants potted neatly. The room also had an exquisite carpet on the floor, which Nero felt interested to lay on.

"Don't get to comfy yet." Eliza smiled.

"It's luxurious!" he cried.

"I know right…" Eliza rolled her eyes.

She then grabbed one of the pots of plant and placed it on the floor. "I am going to say the magic word, observe this plant, and you will know why…"

Nero then sat in front of it. Eliza then sighed. "Please close your ears, as tightly as possible."

"Why?" Nero asked.

The necromancer insisted. "Just do it!"

Nero then nodded calmly and closed his ears as tightly as possible. The necromancer looked at the plant. She uttered one single word.

"Die…" she whispered softly. Nero then watched in amazement as the plant rotted away quickly and the floor below it turned into mold.

He then opened his ears and cheered. "Cool, how did you do that?"

But Eliza was breathing heavily. She panted and lay on the floor for a brief moment. "I, I am rather tired." She said puffing.

Nero tried to help her up but she scooted away. "Remember, no touching." She reminded him.

"Give me five minutes to lay still." She said as she slowly lay still on his carpet.

The boy nodded and sat on top of the bed observing her.

"And don't look at me human." She muttered embarrassed.

After five minutes of her resting on the floor facing the other way, Eliza then stood up and glared at Nero. "You better not tell anyone I did this, keep it a secret alright?"

Nero nodded. "My Lips are sealed."

"And it better be, or I'll seal them for you."

"I promise, don't worry."

"Good." She said as she began her approach to the door.

"Wait-." Nero called out. Eliza then turned around. "What?"

"T-thank you." He smiled.

The necromancer smiled back at him and left the room. Nero was finally alone to enjoy himself, but the dead plant kept distracting him.


Invisible KILLERS

(Picture of Eliza holding her massive rifle.)

Apollyon, King of the locusts, murderer, destructor, the greatest demon of all. He is even called the King of Demons. He is one of the princes of Hell. A greater demon, and one not to be taken so lightly.

Earth – The End. (?)

Long wings sprouted off his back, those were devilish wings, his eyes were red, his body, ghastly, surrounded by a dark mist. He stood before an open space. The skies were red; the earth was plunged with destruction. He stood, he smiled.

"Come, let us free into the life of man. Where death shall no longer be fear, but fear is eternal pain."

He snapped his fingers; a rumbling sound was heard beneath him. The ground opened, several demons, locusts came out of it. They cheered in victory, their voices like the moaning of the dead. They all flew out, and went across the land.

"Show man what pain is really about. Let death flee from them."

They all flew, scattering themselves across the planet at great speed. The earth was approaching its very end.

Then someone approached him, it was a girl, her hair was light, she had sunny like eyes, and two curly hair tails sticking from each side of her head. She gazed at him with her melancholic expression.

"You, you are resisting your destiny." He smiled.

The girl nodded. "Yes."

She clenched her fists; she was clearly not going to give up without a fight.

"Can you fight me?" he asked.

"I will fight for what I believe in."

"Why?" Apollyon asked.

The girl smiled. "Everyone has their demons."

He then nodded. His wings spread wide very quickly and aggressively "But you belong to me." Afterwards the girl heard a loud rumbling sound, the heat increased and as she looked up into the gray skies she saw a colossal burning red meteor heading towards her direction extremely quickly.

Nero's Dorm Room – 4:38PM

Nero was resting on his king sized bed. He forgot all about his worries, but he remembered his old friend Natalie, what she might be feeling at the moment.

He slowly woke up, facing a familiar face. It was the girl from the convenience store, lying still facing him.

The boy blushed but didn't jump, instead he calmly asked.

"You again…" he muttered.

The girl nodded as her golden eyes kept its gaze on him.

"You are…alright…" she made a small smile.

Nero nodded. "Thank you."

She blushed in response. "It's okay."

She scooted herself closer to Nero. He in response scooted away feeling uneasy.

"I think we have met." He uttered.

"Hold still, I will tell you." She insisted.

The girl got closer to him. But Nero had faith she was doing the right thing. She placed her finger on his chest, suddenly everything blacked out. Nero felt extremely tired and shuts down.

-12 Years ago – 2174AD

Nero was a little boy crying on his bed. After the police left him, he was sobbing all alone. His parents died in a car crash. The boy had no one to support him but himself.

He was sobbing. "Don't leave me!" he cried.

"I don't wanna be alone!" He pleaded.

The words eventually turned into cries, he was crying, crying for his dear life, for his parents that he deeply loved. Someone then approached him, it was a girl, and she sat next to him and held his hand.

"Everything will be alright…" she insisted.

Nero looked at her; it was the very girl he met.


"I will be with you." She smiled.

The young boy could make out a small deformed halo floating on top of her head.

Nero stopped sobbing, instead he hugged her. She seemed motherly and hugged him back, at the same time shedding a tear.

"Be strong, face your fears." She said in a comforting tone.

"It is alright to be sad."

Ever since then, Nero was lonely, he seemed lonely. Every day he would play with the girl, he would laugh and sing. But people thought he was talking to himself. The teachers at his school started to worry, that is why because of his mental treatments, Nero forgot all about her. He now revolves a normal life.

Until now…

Nero's Dorm Room

He woke up. He now remembers her name.

"Jupiter…" he muttered.

He then leaped off his bed. She wasn't around. There was a knock on the door and he decided to open it.

"Let us in!"

It was Eliza; she was banging on the door. Nero then opened it without hesitation. Eliza barged in with several other men.

"Nero, where is she?" Eliza scowled.

He remembered the angel that confronted him. The room was empty as he was the only one here.

"I don't know…" he replied.

Eliza then approached him and gave him an impatient stare. "We heard her voice. Are you hiding something from us?"

He refused. "N-no, really!" he attempted to persuade her.

Eliza nodded, she made a little grin. "Shoot him." She calmly said.

The men pointed their guns at him. Nero felt betrayed, he took a step back, but as the men were about to open fire. The angel appeared, in front of him. Her cloaking faded revealing her image, her eyes were gold, they were angry.

"Don't you dare…" she muttered.

Nero was surprised, she was there after all, and she is real.

"Put your guns down." Eliza instructed.

The men nodded and backed off. Jupiter felt at ease, she patted Nero on the head and smiled at him.

The necromancer approached her cautiously. "We didn't mean any harm; we just need to talk to you."

"I never talk to my enemies, you threatened this boy." She replied suddenly.

Eliza looked at Nero and made a facial expression suggesting that he supports her.

"I was only trying to find you-"

"By trying to kill him? That is cowardice. You should have looked for me." She responded.

But Nero understood her intentions, she needed Jupiter.

"Ladies…" he said nervously.

They both looked at him especially Jupiter, who is intent to listen. "I think this would go well if we work together –"

"I refuse, she tried to kill you." Jupiter immediately responded.

Eliza sighed defeated. But Nero didn't give up. "We need you to help us Jupiter…Please."

She looked at Nero, her eyes became calm, and in the end she smiled at him her flawless beauty made him confident. "As you wish…Only because you intended it."

Eliza cheered silently at her response. Nero felt relieved he is able to convince her.

She then approached Jupiter and glared at her. "The guns aren't loaded by the way, so Nero couldn't have died."

"You should know that is still offensive…" Jupiter replied.

The young boy finally got to remember her, the angel of destruction, and the one who has been with him all his life.

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