Chapter 1

How can someone look like this? I thought to myself, looking in the mirror in the corner of my big, messy but somehow lonely room. My hair was a mess around my chest, with curls shooting off in all directions and my face was just…simple. Nothing special about it. Well, that's because I'm noting special in a whole. Just a geeky 18 year old girl with no amazing aspirations or hopes. Someone who's favourite and only hobby is sitting alone and reading books. Someone who's only experience of 'love' is when I fell over in year 2 and the whole school saw my bright pink Dolce and Gabbana pants, which afterwards a boy called Alex said were very pretty and someone who, as much as I try to ignore it, has rich parents. And 'rich' doesn't fit in my dictionary, to me it's just a label with no meaning. I don't like labels, but sadly, I have many.

"Ophelia!" My mother chimed from downstairs. "You'll be late for school!"

"Coming mother!" I grabbed my bag and rushed out of the room, not turning to have one last look in the mirror.

"Oh, not those sort of clothes again Ophelia. I thought you would of grown out of this stage by now." My mum sighed as I walked into the kitchen. "What happened to those Calvin Klein jeans we bought you last week?"

"What's wrong with what I'm wearing?" I asked examining my skirt and top for stains.

"Well dear, they're just not fashionable." She pursed her lips in disgust.

"Maybe she's ill." My dad suggested looking at me over the daily paper.

"Father I'm not ill." I had to have this conversation with them every morning, will they ever learn?

"Maybe so. Well can you at least wear your new dress for the party tonight? I refuse to be embarrassed at the Morrison's annual party again. Remember last year? When you turned up in that grotesque shirt - skirt combination? It was the only thing anyone could talk about for months! I will not have it!"

"Yes mother!" I sighed, already heading out of the room to the door.

"Ophelia! Don't ignore me! I'm talking to you!"

"And I'm going to be late for school! Just take a chill pill or something." I ruffled Bailey - our dog's head as I passed his normal sleeping spot next to the fireplace and he licked my arm in return.

"You pay more attention to that dog than you do to us." My mother sighed.

"Well, he may be an animal, but at least he understands me." I said under my breath as I walked out the big oak front door.

As I said…rich is just a label. There's so much more to it.

"Poor soul." The younger student shook her head as I walked passed the memorial for Jenny Hope - the girl found dead in the back alley of a restaurant after having an argument with her boyfriend who was casually sat in side, thinking she was just outside getting some fresh air.

"She was so young, and beautiful." The girl next to her said.

"New witches?" Marcus - my best friend asked, nodding to the two girls now lighting a new candle to the join the already flooded table of candles.

"They act like they were best friends with Jenny." I muttered for only me and Marcus to hear.

"Maybe they were." He gestured to the bigger group now gathering to pay their respects.

"Yeah right." I snorted. "They're popular, Jenny was an Eco Warrior and organiser of the chess club. The two don't go pretty together."

"So? I'm popular and friends with you."

"Marcus, you gave the leader of the dance committee CPR before when she fell into the outdoor pool. That doesn't make you popular." I reminded him as we walked into our form room.

"I'm sure she was kissing back." This too, was a conversation I had nearly everyday.

"In your dreams Marcus." I laughed, absentmindedly walking in the direction of our seats.

"Oh sorry mate, you're in our seats." Marcus said to a dark haired boy I didn't notice at first in the chair in front of us.

The boy laughed sinisterly. "Your seats? I believe I'm sitting in a seat mate."

"Listen man, if you-" Marcus began but I cut in.

"Come on Marcus, we'll sit here. Leave the new boy to do his thing."

"Yeah run along with your pretty little girlfriend." He replied as we sat two rows along from him.

"Stupid Irish prick. And I usually like Irish people." Marcus said angrily.

"Right then class, welcome back!" Miss Jones, our form teacher and schools extra curricular organiser smiled as she walked into the class and sat at her desk.

"Is it me, or does she get fitter every year?" Marcus whispered to me, obviously a little to loud.

"Marcus? Is there something you would like to share with the rest of the class?" Miss Jones asked, looking up from her desk. As he tried to make up a substitute story the new boy started to speak.

"He was just wondering if you are getting, how shall we put it? More admirable? Or is it your natural charm?" He smiled. From here I could see his deep red eyes and mouth twitch.

"Ah yes! Mr Lawrence! New from Armagh in Northern Ireland? Why don't you tell us a bit about yourself? Miss Jones beamed, ignoring what he previously said.

"I'd rather keep my private life private thank you." The of his mouth twitched again, trying to contain a grin.

"Well maybe just your first name?" Miss Jones pushed.

"Devin." He turned towards me. "And you're Ophelia Sonnet, and Marcus Clement? I'm sorry for sitting in your seats, but I don't see any 'reserved' sign." He turned to the girls at the other side of the room. " And you're Susie? The friend of Jenny Hope? I'm sorry for your loss." He asked and Susie nodded in reply.

"Well it's nice to know your making friends." Miss Jones interrupted as she realised it was getting very awkward.

"I'm not making friends, just mere observations." By this time the whole class was watching Devin in awe and even when the bell went they still watched as he got up and began to leave, giving me one last look before joining the crowd bustling outside in the corridor. Marcus turned to look at me.

"I think I will grow to hate him, a lot."

"Please, Ophelia. Go to the party this year. You've never been." Marcus pleaded in Survival 101. Every year this guy called Sam holds a party at his house for all the people who have nothing better to do on a Friday night but to scare the crap out of old people and little kids with their…Characteristics.

"No I'm not going. I've got homework."

"Do you're homework on Saturday night!"

"Marcus, I said no!"

"Oh don't be such a omen." He muttered quietly.

"I told you not to call me that." I growled in a low voice so no-one else could hear, but obviously some one did, the one person I hoped hadn't.

"Call you what Ophelia?" Anna laughed, turning around to face us. She was the most popular person in school, and wasn't afraid to show it. "An Omen? But you are one, are you not? An Omen of death someone told me." She laughed harder and I felt my face go bright red. "And why would you go to that party anyway? You'd just scare everyone away with your pale face and 'hand me down' clothes from the 1800s." A few of her friends had joined in now, making me feel like I was in a circus, a laughing stock. Suddenly they stopped when the same deep laugh from earlier erupted again.

"What's so funny, new boy?" Anna snapped at Devin who was sat next to Marcus. He laughed harder at her attempt to sound like she was the queen and we were her mere peasants. When he composed himself he spoke with still a hint of amusement in his voice.

"Clearly Ophelia's clothes don't date back to the 1800s, and I think they look rather flattering. They stand for her personality unlike yours that are clearly from the 2008 autumn collection. And I would thankful that Ophelia isn't your Omen, I'm sure if she was you wouldn't be having that much of a fun time as you are clearly having now." He looked past her at her book and laughed again. "I'd rethink about your answer to question 2. You seriously think you could survive in the artic with only a mobile phone? Where do you think you will get signal there? Were you not listening for the past hour? Obviously you were too busy stuffing your bra and trying to pull off your hair extensions. Yes darling, we all know it's fake." He nodded at her hair which she immediately tried to pull out of view.

"Oh bite me!" She frowned, struggling with another comeback.

"Ha! I'd be glad to." Devin smiled before turning back to his work.

"He got the witch angry!" Marcus chuckled to me but I was still angry with him. He knew I didn't like being called an Omen, but he still called it me. I don't call him any of the horrible names he's been called in the past, so why should he do it to me?

"Thank you." I smiled at Devin and he returned it with a wink.

"No problem."

As I walked to my locker after school to meet Marcus I was swarmed by a herd of Anna's witches, which sure enough, Anna was leading.

"So what's up with you and the new boy?" She asked, crossing her arms.

"Nothing, and his name is Devin." I replied, trying to act like I wasn't threatened by any of her tricks, but Anna has a reputation for getting her way, whatever the consequences.

"Devin?" She smiled. "Well Devin is mine." She ordered and I couldn't help but smile with laughter.

"Devin isn't anyone's." I took a step through the crowd of followers who were all glaring in disgust. No-ones every questioned Anna's orders, until now. "I think you better go home and learn how to survive in the artic, because if you order me around again, I'll make sure you end up there." She glared at me as I walked over to Marcus who was stood at a distance, watching the scene before his eyes.

"I'll go to the party. Like you said, I've never been before." I smiled but he didn't return it with his boyish grin. "What's wrong? I said I would go."

"Are you only doing because Devin of the dead's going?"

"Oh, so you've already given him a nickname and he's only been here for a day."

"Oh lay off it Ophelia. You know he's going to the party. It wont be fun. You just want to hang out with him to get back at Alicia." He pushed past me but then stopped and turned back. "And you know he's a vampire. Like you know what every other freak in this school is. So watch it. First he comments on your clothes, next he'll be commenting on your blood." He walked through a group werewolves and out the front doors towards the car park.

Oh, I forgot to mention. I go to a school for supernatural creatures and I'm a Doppelganger - An Omen of Death. But you've most probably already worked that part out.

So this is the story I wrote for my very first NaNoWriMo last year and since getting to the 50,000 word target this story has been sat in the corner and has only been looked at since by my friend and I was finally persuaded to put it up on here :) It may be awful and critisim is always welcome in reviews, I live to learn and improve :)