Beyond the limit

I want to go to the end of the sea

Where no one could find me

Where I'll be alone

Some place unknown

Where there's nothing in the sight

Except the scorching light

Up above my eye

Beyond the deep blue sky

I'll be lying under the blazing sun

Enjoying my freedom, having unlimited fun

Where, there will be none

Only I'll be the one

Fulfilling dreams of my broken heart

That was rejected by the unfair world

They broke my heart in many parts

They steal my talent in such a swirl

I hate my self as I always listen to my brain

It told me lies and I lost my gain

It changes my ambition of life

Which I planned when I was five

I want to go up above the seven skies

Where the beautiful birds flies

I want to dance upon the clouds

I want to sing as my voice gets loud

I walk through the line of happiness once

I again want to walk, but need a last chance,

I want to rhyme, rhyme my song all the time

I just want another chance and this time, I will success

You gave me a chance but I couldn't stand it

But this time if you give me another I'll go beyond the limit

I promise it to you this time I wouldn't become a mess