A sanctuary can just as easily be a prison.

When safe and sound just doesn't fit the bill.

Comforting walls will whisper if she listens.

A sanctuary could take away free will.

Though she's very safe inside her castle

The monsters wait outside until she runs.

They know she'll give them no fight and no hassle.

She'll enter full of strength and leave with none.

Inside her walls they all can hear her crying

But since she left the world they've all gone deaf.

Safe inside her sanctuary, dying

Until, for her, the world outside has nothing left.

The place she once adored she now despises

Through bitterness that festers in the dark

But she learned to be complacent, no surprises

The years she spent alone have left their mark.

Growing up alone with just her jailers

It took her several years to learn the truth

The world they made for her was made by tailors

And since that day the world has been aloof.

Sometimes they will grant her little freedoms

Let her go and see the ones she loves

The happiness she bears she can not fathom

Until they take her back with pulls and shoves.

She'll never try to fight or ever tell them

How much she hates the being on her own

Playing by herself was just the roots stem

Now she spends most everyday alone.

A cage disguised as safety still has bars

And bars are rather easy to see through

The jailers never knew or saw to her scars

A prisoner of safety, join the queue.

Terrified and lonely little prisoner

No one there to help her when she fell

She never was a talker, more a listener

Only free when she can here the bells.