Sadness, rage and fear was welling up inside my body as I lay next to my brother's body. Chiyo did nothing to deserve this. I did. I'm just a worthless orphan. I'm completely alone now. Tears welled up inside my eyes; I blinked them back, even though no one was there. It was useless, tears quickly refilled them. My town hates orphans. They wanted me to suffer. It was just a piece of bread! I was trying to feed Chiyo and I, I was broke, homeless, and dressed in ragged clothing. And alone. I have no family, ever since the war. Now I paid the price, my brother got it worse. I had to hide. This might sound terrible, but I stripped Chiyo of his belongings (except his clothes) and ran. I made sure I had the charm. The charm was very valuable to my family. I ran across a field to a cliff, and jumped off. My dark, black, almost angelic wings spread out, and I flew away, tears flowing out of my eyes, making my vision blurry. Okay, I lied. I'm the exact opposite of angelic. I'm actually a shingami, a god of death. That's what my body is, but my heart is pure. If my heart is pure, but my body isn't, what does that make me? Here's a truth, Shingami runs in my family, but I haven't killed any mortals, so I have the lifespan of a mortal. Even with my vision blurred by tears, I still successfully made the flight with god-like grace (LOL, get it?) The king of the death-gods hates me but I had to report what happened. "CHIYO WHAT?" The king screamed at me. I yelped. "Chiyo-ch-Chiyo is dead..." I murmured, then he stood up, and slapped me! No one has ever slapped me before...anyone who wasn't a mortal. Tears once again filled up my eyes and I ran out of the room, spreading my wings. I assured myself I wasn't coming back. I could hear the king's angry roars as I flew away. My wound that he gave me was swollen to the touch. And yes, like an idiot, I touched my wound. I winced in pain, but it quickly faded. I was getting close to the mortal's realm. I heard the new style in the human in the human world was "emo" , That would be easy for me. I was miserable, anyways. My name is Hotaka Yuki, and this is how I've started living as a mere mortal.