Chapter 1

The Weirdest Friends

A one-shot story

I opened the treasure chest I found in the pond. To my surprise there wasn't any treasure but a tiny dragon. The dragon was black and purple. The scales were an unknown color because they changed every five-to-ten minutes. The dragon was so little that it couldn't jump over the side of the treasure chest, but suddenly the dragon jumped out. The dragon jumped out with such force that it landed right on my head.

"Get off of me you little pip-Squeak!" I said while trying to pull off the dragon on my head. Apparently it wouldn't move an Inch. To me, I thought the dragon was so rude because what kind of girl wanted a dragon on their head?

"Well not me! 'Cause I don't like little dragons that are rude and on my head! Mm, Mm, Mm, Mm! That's right!" I answered dramatically out loud.

"Well, you see, you pathetic human, I'm not dumb enough to open a treasure chest that has a 'Pipsqueak' dragon in it! If I were the pathetic human, which I'm not! I wouldn't open the box 'cause; I'm actually a very, very scary dragon!" The dragon tried to embarrass me, but I wouldn't let that happen.

"Well, you see, you annoying Dragon, who is cute and tiny, to be very, very scary. Mm, Mm, Mm, Mm, Yeah! That's right sucker! In your face! Ha, Ha, Ha!" I yelled at the dragon and it flew off of me and it landed on top of a branch near me. It looked a little confused because its eyes were flickering black and Red.

"Ha, Ha, Ha!" The dragon stated, "Very funny, indeed!"

"I thought you were confused because of your eyes."

"Ha, Ha, Ha! They tend to flicker depending on how I feel, human. You have a lot to learn." The dragon stated again.

"What do I have to learn?" I asked the dragon.

"Ha, Ha, Ha! Everything!"

"That's what school is for, teaching math, reading, Language, and the whole package... And stop with the ' Ha, Ha, Ha!' It's getting annoying."

"Well, I say I could do anything, don't you say?"

"Well, yeah, but-"

"See, even you said yes! Ha, Ha, Ha!" The dragon said.

"Whatever! Say what you want, but don't come crying to me and say, ' Oh, please help me, humans are trying to kill me, 'cause I'm saying ' Ha, Ha, Ha!"" I said while laughing really hard. I never knew how funny I am.

"What you say!"

"Oh, I thought you said I have to learn everything, including language. But unfortunately you need to learn Proper Language, sir or madam – er - whatever you thing are."



"I'm male."


"Wow, what?"

"You're a male!"

"So, what!"

"You're a male. OMG! A male dragon was on my head. Oh, my God! I need to tell my BFFAAA! She's going to kill-"

"Don't tell ANYONE that you found me!" The dragon screamed at me.

"Ok, fine whatever!" I said while I pulled my cell phone out of my back pocket. I texted my BFFAAA*, Giana. My text went like this:

'OMG, you could not believe

What I found in a treasure chest...

A dragon! A male one! Oh, my god!

You're going to kill me 'cause, well

You see, it's very rude, but cute

And it can talk! Call me back, 'kay?


P.S.S. Oh, my god!' (End of text)

I was going to send it to Giana but

The phone exploded!


"I thought I told you not to tell anyone, human!"

"But, well you see..." I couldn't come up with an answer. I was so busted. Or what my other self calls it, 'Mom's going to kill me, you better run!'

"Humans will never learn!"

"Whatever, now I need to tell you something, dragon, I don't Know your name, now tell me it or Face my waft! Ha, Ha, Ha!"


"Ok, I'm Blaze!"


"Wanna be friends?"

"Oh, yeah!"

From that day on they were best friends. They traveled all over the world hunting down demons and finding treasures. They were rich with money they found. That is their story!

BFFAAA*= my best friend forever and the triple A's is there 'cause I up the word.