I thought I might forget
And I do, I do
Want to
I want to unload and
Restock my insides with
Foam pieces and
Broken memories
I want them to be
Lined alphabetically and
Put on a shelf
With masking tape and
Red stamps that yell
I want the tops to grow dusty,
The boxes curling at the corners.
I want there to be
More time
Where I lived inside the walls
Of buildings and
Inventory shelves,
When you forgot to check
And they reordered until
The walls were bending at the sides.
But I woke up stuck in
A cardboard corner
You shook me awake, tearing
At box heads with your hands
On the shipping floor
And I thought maybe I'd
Put my rejection in a package
With a stamp and
Mail it to myself,
Rolled in newspaper.
I thought to make myself
And it seemed to work, jumping
Headfirst into a room of
Bubble wrap
And dirty tape.
For a while,
I convinced myself
I was just another
And we were just
Sets of time and hands
Heartbreak and lust.
I found
A packing peanut
In my shoe last night.
Between my teeth
And in a
Pocket of a coat
I thought
I'd forgot.

I can't get over
And I want to
But I can't (help it)
I keep rewriting history
With a red apron
and the clipboard
You left behind.
When I really shouldn't,

I'm trying to restock
My crowded mind
But the boxes
Are marked in black
With your name.