And I keep fighting for a love I half believe in
I keep crying over you.
How he tells me but cannot show me
I'm hoping it'll just take time.
And today I thought
I may fight for you.
I'd rip out hard questions and sprinkle them across
Your spine, tell him it was all no good.
He wasn't the last thought, my first priority
what a beautiful lie,
You deserve better.
But then I thought
You may not hear it.
And I keep reading into things,
You never meant to say.
Like how I gave up too easy, (come on baby
Last a while) You say
It doesn't matter, nothing matters.
We can't undo the past,
So if I rewrote our future
If I risked everyhing just to lose it again
Could you promise me that?
And it is my fear, my dear. You are an
Embodiment, a full canvas drawing of
Everything I need.
It scares me.
So I keep running.
It scared me in the beginning, I think
I realized (what you'd do to me)
And I wish I could be brave and why
AmInotfighting, I keep asking
But I can't figure out
So I close my mouth, and let this other boy
Fulfill me, I can't figure out
Why it took me so long, how I lie to myself
I really thought you had
Passed through me, slipped through my teeth
And out of my skin, I though I had learned what
Faith was.
But it seems you just got buried.

How could I ask you to love me
With everything
I didn't do
But Im getting to a point
Of maybe trying, or at least
Letting go.

Maybe I'm better off alone
Where love can't find me,
Where I won't rip it into pieces,
Overthink it. I'll get better,
I maybe promise.