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"Please! Please, spare me! I have a family! What do you want? Do you want money? I have money, just don't kill me!" A man screamed, sweat pouring down his face.

"You talk too much." I said calmly.

"Please, don't kill me!" The man yelled, looking down a barrel of a gun.

"Good bye."


A phone buzzed in my pocket, and with my free hand, I picked up the phone.

"What do you want now?" I said, annoyed.

"Oh. Don't be like that. I have another job for you, Zero."

"I just finished one just now. I'll do the next one tomorrow." I promised.

"Okay then. Good morning and good bye." And just like that, the caller hung up.

I looked up at the sky and saw the few streaks of dawn entering the darkness. I looked down at the ground.

"I didn't even know his name, and I killed him." I muttered.

I wore black jeans and a red T-shirt, blue tennis shoes and a gray hoodie. I had pure white hair that came to my ears. I also had bright yellow eyes, almost like a cats'. I hid my gun in my clothes and walked away. My phone buzzed and I lifted it to my ear.

"Hey! Jun-kun! Do you know what the answers are for the math homework?" A boy's voice called out.

"Ookami-kun, do you know what time it is?" I said, making my voice sound a little deeper.


"Of course you don't. Good night, Ookami-kun." And with that being said, I hung up on my friend.

"Damn. It's tough being a girl in an all guy school being forced to cross-dress. At least at night I can be a girl." I said out loud.

'Yes. And I'm a murder at night as well. Then again, rent doesn't pay it's self.' I thought bitterly.

The city lights lit up the night as I walked back to my small crappy apartment. 'Who am I?' I thought. 'Am I Jun-kun, a boy from the local all boys' high school? Or am I Zero, a trained assassin and murder?'

And with that, I closed the door of my apartment behind me and changed into my school uniform.


When I came out of my apartment, the sun had risen and the birds were chirping.

'Damn birds, so annoying.' I thought.

I stopped and stared at a pebble, picked it up, and rolled it around in the palm of my hand. I looked up at a bird flying in the sky. I threw the pebble up, caught it, and then chucked it as hard as I could at the bird. The bird fell to the ground with a final tweet, dead.

'Yay! I'm murder during the day and nighttime.' I thought sarcastically.

I walked to school, not really paying attention to anything. Once I reached the school gates my friends Ookami, a guy with black hair, red eyes, and pale skin, and Kaitou, a guy with bleached hair, blue eyes, and a little tan, met my eyes. Ookami-kun waved his hand enthusiastically to me, and I waved back. Kaitou ran up to me and threw an arm around my shoulder.

"Hey, Jun-kun. What's up?" Kaitou asked, a smile on his face.

"Nothing much. Couldn't get to sleep, then just as I was just falling asleep Ookami-kun called about stupid math homework." I said with a yawn.

"Good job, Ookami-kun!" Kaitou grinned.

"Don't say that!" I shout.

"Anyways, did you hear? There's going to be a new transfer student in our class today, I wonder who it'll be." Ookami said.

"However it is, they're an idiot. This place is a hell hole, the worst school in Japan." I grinned. "And let's make them feel welcome."


"Class, today we have a new transfer student." The teacher said, now beckoning the new student in.

What was the point? There was only me, Kaitou-kun, and Ookami-kun in the room, the rest of class ditched, like usual. A boy, wearing the uniform, came in. Seriously who did that? Even I wasn't wearing the uniform. I wore the pants, but that's it. I was wearing tennis shoes and a red T-shirt (not the ones I wore last night, those had blood on them. I had also bound my chest last night). I smiled a little, the new kid was going to be on the pavement by the end of the day, and I wouldn't have to lift a finger. This was too easy. He had brown hair and a stupid grin on his face. I corrected myself, he wasn't going to be on the pavement, he was going to die. I sighed and shook my head in disappointment, I thought I had finally found someone worthy enough to be messed around with.

It was my hobby, to mess with people's minds. It was interesting. Some minds were simple, and some were so complicated that it was suffocating. I had almost played with everyone's mind in the whole school.

Anyways, back to the stupid kid. He introduced himself, he was Yasa Yuki, he was a second year just like us, 16 years old, he liked music, and the reason he came here was...because he had terrible grades. I came here because I had sent five whole schools to counseling, and most of them were still in counseling. Was I ashamed of what I did? Nope, not a bit. Did I send any of the students to counseling that attended here? Yep, all the time. Did I get in trouble? Nope. Did I ever feel bad seeing the person on the ground, in a ball, shivering, and crying? Not at all.

Again, back to the really stupid kid.

"Do any of you have any questions for Yasa-kun?" The teacher asked, obviously bored.

"Yeah. How bad are your grades anyways?" Kaitou asked, a smile on his face. I knew what he was thinking, so I went along with it.

"Yeah. It's pretty hard to get placed in this school." I said, holding back an evil grin.

"Um, I think I have a 1.2?" He replied, thinking.

My jaw dropped, even I had better grades than him. And I had a 2.8!

I could hear my friends snicker, they were thinking the same thing I was.

"Ok. What about your family?" Ookami-kun asked.

"I have a little sister, a Mom, and a Dad. Though, Dad didn't come home from work last night..." He thought, I was started to wonder if his Dad was the guy I killed last night.

After that, Yuki sat next to me. I sat behind Kaitou and Ookami sat in front of Yuki. After class, which I had only come to for meeting the stupid kid, which was a waste of time. We could have been beating people's faces in, instead of 'listening' to the teacher's boring lesson. I noticed Yuki, who was paying full attention to the teacher, like his life depended on it. It was pathetic. After class was over, Kaitou, Ookami, and I walked out of the room, heading for our secret place. After a few minutes, Kaitou leaned over and whispered in my ear.

"Hey, Jun-kun, new kid is following us. What do we do?"

"Is his trailing skills any good?"

"Nope. Not at all." Ookami-kun cut in.

"Fine. When we turn the corner, Ookami, take him down." I ordered. As you can tell, We are what you call, I guess, a small gang. Okay. The strongest gang in the whole school.

There was Ookami, the best person who can hack into any network system of any caliber. Kaitou, all of his senses are higher than anyone's, even better than a dog. And, then, there was me, I was the best fighter in the whole school, mentally and psychically. I was also the 'leader'.

Once we turned the next corner, we turned around and Ookami got ready to jump him. Once Yuki peeked his head around the corner, Ookami punched him, making him have a bloody nose. Ookami ran up and kneed him in the gut, now making him cough blood. Poor janitor, he was going to clean up all of his blood. I watched as Ookami turned Yuki into a bloody pulp. It was pathetic.

After Yuki had fainted, we dragged his body to our secret place. It was behind the school, a place where no went, it had always been a place for the top gang to be. It was a cherry tree on a grassy hill. From far away, it looked like a place where little kids would go for a tea party, but when you got closer, it was worn down and used.

In its branches, it had slips of papers which had dreams and goals written inside, beer bottles, and shoes. The bark on the tree was worn from all of the years of gang use. Blood stained the grass in some places. To me, it was a second home.

Kaitou and I tied Yuki up and tied him to a branch. I was pretty funny, him not having a clue where he was after woke up, and then us, who knew where exactly where we were.

"Where am I?" He shouted.

"You're in the magical land of unicorns and fairies." Kaitou snickered.

"Really?" He asked, a smile on his face.

"God, you are stupid." I muttered, covering my eyes with one hand. It was painful just to watch him.

Ookami and Kaitou was rolling around, holding their sides and laughing their asses off. And Yuki JUST found out Kaitou was lying.

"W-what! You were lying to me?" Yuki asked, surprised.

"Shut up! All of you!" I shouted. "Now, why were you following us?" I asked looking at Yuki.

Yuki looked down at the ground and muttered something. I looked at Kaitou to 'translate' what he just said.

"He said 'I thought we were friends. I followed you because you sat next to me.'."

"Wow. Are you stupid?" Ookami asked a childish grin on his face, but his eyes had an evil glint.

"No! I just..." Yuki started, muttering towards the end.

"You just followed us, who you don't even know our names, and decided that it was a good idea. Quick question, what type of school did you go to before you came here?" I asked, no emotion on my face.

"Well...I went to a pretty good school. Good teachers, good students, good food in the lunch room." Yuki answered, ashamed.

"Ha! Well, there's your answer! This is Sakura High School, if you didn't notice. Only the worst students get sent here. Ookami got here because he cracked into the Pentagon's private files, I got sent here because I got some dirt on the Japanese government, and Jun came because he sent five whole schools, including the teachers, to counseling. The way he did it; unknown." Kaitou said, sneering.

Yuki's face paled. I smiled, had he only now noticed what type of school this was? Also, he didn't even know the full story.

"The name of the school is based on the fact that its students fall like cherry blossoms. Each student joins a 'gang', and they fight for their 'survival'. Currently, there are twenty gangs, each very strong. But, you, you're just weak. I bet you're going to die by the end of the day!" Kaitou continued, ignoring Toshi's shocked expression.

I just sat on the ground beside Ookami, watching Kaitou and Yuki with interest.

"...Then let me join your gang!" Yuki shouted, and silence engulfed the hill.

"That's not up to me, but Jun, he's our leader." Kaitou said.

"Jun, he's pretty weak, I took him down in an instant, and I well know that I'm the weakest fighter in the gang." Ookami whispered into my ear.

I well knew that he was weak, but he needed to be tested. I could always mess with his mind, but if he turned my words against me, he could be the destruction of me. And that wasn't on my list of things to do. I could let Ookami or Kaitou test him out, but, they could kill him.

I took a moment looking him over. God. I'm a girl! Why am I checking if a guy is going to be a good fighter or not? Seriously, girls usually check guys out if they're hot or something! Ugh! Sixteen years of my life already gone by, and I'm in the worst school in Japan, hanging out with guys (not girls, heck I don't even know any girls), and I'm a murder wanted by the government. My life is just swell.

I go back to looking at the stupid kid, and found out that; he has no muscle, no will to survive burning in his eyes (let alone anything except fear), he is amazingly stupid, and that he has a weak mind. I sigh.

I stand up and walk a few yards away, Ookami and Kaitou following me, and we stand in a circle.

"So, what do you think?" I say, wanting to know their opinion first.

"I dunno, can't you just mess him up a bit?" Ookami asked hopefully.

"Yeah, but he might twist my words in his mind and make him into a fighting machine, then he wouldn't even need a gang. Or, my words alone could make him go insane. Either way, it'll be bad." I say, staring at the ground, trying to think of a way.

"Then, let's just get rid of him. It's simple and easy." Kaitou said, trying to reason.

"True, but we could use him. He could be useful as a distraction." I ponder. "If we needed to do something small with a minor gang or something big that has to do with the whole school, we could have a distraction and have the job run smoother."

"And that's why you're the leader!" Ookami smiled brightly.


We walked through the halls of the school, just wandering. Yuki started asking questions immediately after we had untied him. And it was starting to get annoying. Really annoying.

"What's the gang name? Do you even have one? What do we do in our free time? Do we hang out after school? Can I come over to your houses? Do you live in the area? What about-"

"Shut up!" I screamed, punching him in the jaw.

Shock painted his face, wondering why I had punched him. I was starting to doubt him already. I felt a hand on my shoulder and I looked up to see Kaitou staring down at me, telling me in his eyes that I should back down. I looked away with my face tinged with pink.

"Look, new kid. Our gang name is Toy Hell. We take 'jobs' in our free time, which is pretty rare. And we don't 'hang out' after school. We stick to our person lives outside of school." Kaitou said.

"Oh...why did you name it Toy Hell?" Yuki asked, his head tilted to the side.

"Because, I can play with your mind like a toy and make your life complete and utter hell." I said, smirking. Even though the kid was annoying, he was interesting. I had nothing better to do, so why not?

Ookami and Kaitou laughed a little, though it was hollow. When I first met them, they were in a minor gang in the lower ranks. I was quickly taking the minor gangs with ease, and then, I came upon Ookami and Kaitou's gang. It was pretty large, but I still had crushed them with ease. Only with their gang, I got in, and played with all of their minds, destroying them from the inside out. It was interesting. Amusing. And fun. After that gang, I went on to the next, only this time, Kaitou and Ookami were with me. Then again, it was more like they invited themselves.

"And what about 'jobs'?" Yuki asked, slightly disturbed of the power of my words.

"Simple, Jun gets a text from someone in the school, and we do the job. That's it. The costumer is happy and our name is raised higher." Ookami informed him.

"Okay...I got all of that, but why don't we mix our school lives with our personal lives?" Yuki asked, his questions were getting annoying.

Everyone looked at me, expecting an answer. Ookami or Kaitou had never questioned the reason of me putting up that rule. I felt like I was being backed into a corner, and that was never a good feeling. Panic started to dwell inside me, slowly blooming. I kept my cool the best I could and answered simply.

" Simple." I said as I walked away, past them and down the hall. "I just don't think that you would like who I am in real life. Isn't it best to hide behind a fantasy, than thrown into reality?"


I walked down the halls, basking in its silence. There were three things I hated in the world; birds (because they wake you up when you're trying to sleep), people who annoy the hell out of me (such as Yuki), and people who ask too many questions (such as Yuki).

What I had to do in the next 24 hours; ditch school, get home, get changed, call my boss, get my next job, and kill a man. Now I have to train Yuki tomorrow. Fantastic. What else can on my plate?

My phone buzzed in my pocket and I flipped it open. I opened the text message and read it, I immediately groaned. Why did my life hate me?

I reread the text;

"Toy Hell,

Please talk to the principle and convince him not to combine our school with Pine Wood High School. We would also like to forge an alliance between your and my gang. Thank you.

Evil Whisper"

Quick question. Why the heck are we combining schools with Pine Wood? I mean, Pine Wood is the finest school, the most preppy school, the snobbiest school, and the most CIVIL school in whole Japan! And then, there is us, Sakura high school. The worst, un-uniformed, dirty, and most UNCIVIL school in whole Japan! But, hey, at least we have manners and respect each other better than Pine Wood High.

One more question. Why are we, Sakura, an all boys' school merging into Pine Wood, who is a co-ed school? Oh yes. I will definitely be talking to the principle.


I stomped down the halls, scanning the doors for the principle's office. Once I got the doors of his office, I slammed them open, not even bothering to knock. I shut the big oak doors behind me and practically ran up to his desk hitting my fist on its surface. The principle looked up at me in shock. I opened my mouth to start screaming at him when he spoke first.

"Sit down, Jun. Please." He said calmly. The principle was an old man with a white goatee and a nearly bald head.

I sat down and looked at him, excepting a good answer.

"I'm waiting." I growled.

He coughed slightly, and begun.

"Look, Jun, you are the leader of the top gang, correct? You take 'jobs' for other gangs or students, to boost your name in the ranking system though you are already at the top."

"...Yes..." I say, unsure of the situation I was in.

"Now, because of what I have learned about you so far, I'm starting to wonder what your true motive is. Mind explaining?"

"My motive is simple. Learn the school. Learn its students, from the inside out. Gain their respect. Then play with their minds. It's a never ending cycle of hunter and prey." I smirk, enjoying the shock on his face.

"And how would you like to have more prey?"

"What do mean?" I ask slowly, utterly curious.

"As you've probably heard, I plan to combine schools with Pine Wood. Also, as you know, I am the leader of many organizations all of Japan. The principle of Pine Wood is the leader of the main police force."


"And I want you and Toy Hell to destroy Pine Wood's students just like you did to all of those other poor souls at your pervious schools." He told me, and evil glint in his green eyes.

"Hm. I don't know, that's a lot of work..." I smirked, leaning back in my chair.

"Highly doubt that. You crushed a school in seven months, tops. Now, each of those schools had over 700 students, not even counting the teachers. That means every seven months, you caused 4,900 students to nearly go insane, all by yourself." He stood up, and started to look out the window.

"Fine. I'll do it, but it comes at a price. I'm going to need supplies to take down the best school, after all. And, I have a few rules and conditions that need to go down when the schools combine." I say, completely giving in.

"Like what?" He asked, his back still to me.

"First, the students of Sakura and Pine Wood should have different uniforms. For those who do not wear the uniforms, namely Sakura, should wear dog tags, which clearly state their school origin. Second, all of Pine Wood students' phones should have Toy Hell's phone number." I say, serious.

"And what do we say? We can't exactly say that you're the top gang from our school who deals with student's or gang's problems."

"Sure we can."

"Pine Wood doesn't have gangs, they barely have any trouble makers." The principle sternly said, trying to make a point.

"So? They are entering our school, and because of that, we can set the rules."

"What about the students here, what do we tell them?"

"Me and Toy Hell will take care of that for you..."



Another life gone. Once again, I didn't know her name, just like the man before. I stared up at the sky, the stars shining and the moon full. My mind started to wander, into touchy subjects that my mind had forced to the side.

My name was one of these subjects. I didn't know my name, and neither does anyone else.

My parents died when I was a baby, and then I traveled from orphanage to orphanage. But every time, the foster parents died of heart attacks, car accidents, and natural disasters.

To those around me, I was called 'Devil Child'.

"Pathetic, aren't I? Sixteen years old, and I don't even have a name." I sigh, a sorrowful smile on my face.

I walk away from the site, leaving the body behind to rot. I wander the streets absently, not sure where I was going. I bumped into someone, and I muttered my forgiveness, though my voice sounded hollow. A hand grabbed my shoulder, and threw me against a brick wall. The person who I had bumped into was a teenager my age, he had tan/brown short hair that went down to his ears and normal skin tone. But his eyes fascinated me, they were almost silver, with a tint of green, so clear that it was almost possible to look into his soul. It was amazing.

He started shouting at me, but I didn't care. So I simply tuned him out. He kept blabbering on about how I should watch where I was going and to pay attention to my surroundings. I just stared at him blankly, not caring.

"Look, I don't know you, and I don't want to. So, I'm sorry that I fucked your day."

"You...you don't me?" He asked, bewildered.

"What? Are you the tooth fairy?"

"No, you crazy bitch! I'm Kyou Mei! The son of a great company!"

"Oh. I'm sorry your majesty!" I said sarcastically, walking away, but only to have my shoulder to be grabbed again.

I slapped his hand and turned to him, Kyou glaring at me, and I glared back. We stared at each other for a while, as the people on sidewalks walked around us. It seemed like hours until he gave up, it was interesting seeing him pout, heck, it was hilarious.

I wanted to laugh my head off, but I was supposed to be angry, not happy. He looked at me, examining my face, as if trying to see something other than anger.

"Do you ever have any other emotions? First, you're spaced out, then, angry. What your problem?"

"Nothing is my problem! You're the one who shoved me against a brick wall!" I shouted, and I started to walk away.

After a few feet he called out to me.

I turned my head to face him. "Secret." I said coolly, and then kept walking.

"C'mon, even secrets have names..." Kyou muttered.


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