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The morning sun was intense and hot. Today was the day Sakura and Pine Wood High School would combine. I didn't mind crushing another school, but, I had a bad feeling about this. I knew I wasn't getting cold feet; it was just, I almost knew that this was going to end with me lying in an alley, dead. And to me, that was not a good sign.

'But it is good. Since I am nothing. I am zero.' A voice said.

I shook my head, and kept walking. I was wearing my school uniform pants, black tennis shoes, a white T-shirt, and Sakura High's dog tag. It was silver, with a cherry petal carved into it. Pine Wood's was gold with a book carved into it.

Supposedly, Pine Wood was full of nerds. I chuckled, how bad could it be? Okay. It could be pretty bad, but, my imagination usually was pretty bad. Oh well. At least Ookami and Kaitou would be there, throughout the year. Hopefully.

Sakura High School was in view, and so were the students. Swarms of students in Pine Wood's uniform covered the campus. Sakura's students stood around looking bewildered. I gulped. I had heard that Pine Wood had a lot of students, but, this was ridiculous! How many students did the principle had said? A thousand? I don't know.

Kaitou and Ookami walked up behind me, scarring me.

"Good mor- whoa!" Kaitou greeted, and then noticed the school, scarring him.

"You told us that Pine Wood was combining schools with us, but, I didn't think you were serious!" Ookami said, wide eyed.

I snickered at their reactions. Then I turned back to the school, and my smile dropped. I stared in horror as the guy I had bumped into a few days earlier walked into the school gates, wearing Pine Wood's uniform. I shifted my weight onto a different foot, not willing to show my weakness to my friends.

I walked forward, so that they couldn't see my face, but they followed me. Once I had reached the halls of the school, my jaw dropped. Pine Wood students stood in clusters, talking, flirting, and laughing with their friends.

I closed my jaw, and walked forward, my white hair standing out like a beckon. I heard whispers and mutterings about Ookami, Kaitou, and me. Some were calling us hot and some were saying that we were weird. I heard footsteps step in front of us. I looked up to see a guy with black hair, glasses, and wearing Pine Wood's uniform.

'Of course, it has to be a nerd.' I think, annoyed.

"What do you want?" I say coldly, wanting to get out here and to our 'secret' place.

"I am Kai, student council president of Pine Wood High School." He informed me, pushing up his glasses.

Ookami and Kaitou stiffened, and I glared at Kai. Then I smirked. If I took out the student council president, I would be able to easily destroy Pine Wood, and meet the expectations of the principle. I looked at Kai.

"So what? I don't see any big deal about being student council president; it's only a place for a nerd to feel better about himself. You don't help the students, you hold them back. You hold high standards that are fake and force them to reach those standards. You are nothing special. Only someone with a mask, plastered with lies."

As I said this, his face paled with every word that I had told him. It was so simple. All you had to was destroy his hopes and dreams. But, before he could comment, I continued.

"You hold everyone back so that you can be at the top. You want to be someone of high status when you graduate, but what are the actual chances of reaching your goal? What is life truly made of? A person's happiness, or of all the hopes and dreams of those who die trying to reach that happiness? The answer is clear, isn't it?"

He was about to nod, when a hand clasped his shoulder. I looked up to see Kyou, looking at Kai, giving him an unreadable look. Kai seemed to understand him though, which pissed me off, since I had just started to crack at the surface of my true skills. Kyou looked at me, then his eyes widened. Either had remembered me from a few nights ago, or he knew what I had done to deserve being sent here. Kyou then glared at me, it seemed that he didn't remember when I was Zero.

"Who are you?" He glared.

"Jun, leader of Toy Hell, the top gang at Sakura High, so piss off." I said, my face emotionless.

"Oh really? The same Jun that has sent five schools to counseling for unknown reasons? And it seems that you were trying to twist Kai's mind as well. Would you mind if you head to class, school has already started." Kyou spoke calmly, but there was an edge to his voice.

I pushed passed Kyou and Kai, walking down the halls towards our hang out.

"I don't think that I'll go class, since there is no need. And you shouldn't go either, you'll be on the pavement by lunch, watch your back." I said back as I went further and further away from him.

"I highly doubt that." He called.

I stopped in my tracks and told Kaitou and Ookami to go ahead of me. They did, but I could tell that they didn't want to. Once they were gone, I walked back to Kyou and Kai.

"And why do you think that it won't happen?" I asked deadly calm.

"Because you're the leader, they follow your orders." Kai cut in.

"I looks like you're mistaken. I am the leader of Toy Hell, the top gang. That means that there is more than one gang in Sakura High, twenty to be exact. Now, each of these gangs has their own leader and name. They respect me, but I do not control their actions." I said, daring them to advance me or my gang.

There was silence so I turned and walked away, leaving them to let the information sink in. Then Kyou shouted back to me.

"Then let us join your gang!"

I walked back to Kyou, and then looked him dead in the eyes. His silver and green eyes absorbed me, but I could see shivers run down his spine when he looked into mine. I smirked, my golden eyes glinting.

"Why would I ever let you join my gang?" I threatened.

"We could be of help. Kyou has contact to people higher up, and I know almost everything about Pine Wood. You might need our help in the end." Kai pushed up his glasses.

"So? I don't care about what you know; I want to know that if you can survive. Prove to me that you can at the cherry tree behind the school after school. See you then, if you can find it." I smirked.

I walked away, this time not looking back. I smiled to myself, knowing that a person who just moved to this school would never be able to find the cherry tree. I flipped open my phone and texted all of the gangs, as a favor, not to tell anyone from Pine Wood where our hang out was.

I smiled as the gang leaders replied and said that they'd be more than happy to help me. Once again, unlike some people in Pine Wood, Sakura's students actually respected each other.

Once I had gotten to the cherry tree behind the school, I saw Kaitou and Ookami leaning on the tree, waiting for me. I grinned at them so that they wouldn't worry about me anymore. My grin quickly disappeared when I saw Yuki sitting on the ground in front of them, waiting innocently for me. Once he noticed me, he had a stupid grin on his face.

I had been training Yuki for the last few days, teaching him how to lie and to create big distractions. It was hard, but in the end, it would be worth it.

I strolled over to my friends. Then told them that Kai and Kyou would be trying to find us after school.

"What? You're joking, right?" Kaitou asked, wondering if I had finally gone insane.

"Nope. It's the truth. Gotta a problem with it?" I said coolly.

"You're not telling us the whole truth, are you?" Ookami asked.

I hated it when he did that. His red eyes seemed to just look right into your soul, it was creepy. And he knew very well that it crept me out, which was even creepier.

"Ok, fine, they're trying to find us because they want to join the gang; I said I would let them join if they proved themselves. But, honestly, what are the chances of them getting in?" I ask, my face emotionless.

"They could actually meet your standards. Though it is unlikely, it could be done." Ookami informed me blankly.

I growled at him, wanting to back down. But, to my dismay, he didn't.

"Anyways, what did you tell the students a few days ago about Pine Wood's and Sakura's combining?" Yuki asked, wondering with big eyes.



The school's gang leaders filed into the room, some chatting between each other. I walked to the front of the room, hoping to get this over with quickly. After a while nobody seemed to have noticed me, so I chose my only option.

"SHUT UP!" I screamed, getting everyone's attention very quickly.

Everyone took a seat and I announced the combining of the schools to them, and immediately after I got a whole bunch of protests.

"I said...SHUT UP!" I yelled, slowly reaching my breaking point.

Everyone fell silent once more, not wanting them or their gang to reach an unspeakable end. I smirk at their reaction, and then a stab of pain hit my heart, making me tense.

'Shit. Not now. Please, not now. I need to get this over with, fast.' I think, trying not to cringe at the pain.

I started "Look, I know that this short notice, but I only learned of this today as well, so chill. One of the reasons of the combining of the schools is because of the lack of opponents, think about it. Death Shell, how many gangs do you fight in a week?"

The leader of Death Shell looked surprised but still answered "I-I don't know, maybe twice a week."

"See." I said trying to convince them, and the pain in my heart increased. "Twice a week. If Sakura and Pine Wood High combine then we will have more fights and more entertainment. There they have a student council, even a president. You can even mess with them. If you don't agree, speak now, or we will officially combine schools with Pine Wood."

My face was emotionless through the whole speech, but with every word I said, my heart hurt even more. Thankfully, no one said anything, so I only nodded and walked out of the room, leaving my sucky speech float in the air. Once I had gotten out of sight, I took off into a run. Rushing down the halls I gripped my chest, trying to ease the pain. Once I had gotten outside, I took deep breaths, savoring the clean air.

I breathed in and out, waiting for the pain to slowly go away. Once it did, I slouched. I didn't want to be like this, it was simply because of the way my parents died. They died protecting me, in a fire. The hospital I was at had kept me over night, since when I was born, I had lung problems. There was a fire, since someone had forgotten to stomp out a smoke. In the fire, I had gotten too much smoke and carbon dioxide into my lungs. Since then I could never stand around three hours indoors.

I didn't want to be like this at all, it was simply the fault of the person who had a cigarette at the wrong time. And to me, it wasn't their fault either, since the person who smoked was my own father.


"Hello, earth to Jun...you ok? How did you tell the students that were combining schools?" Yuki said, bringing me out of my memories.

"Nothing special...nothing special at all." I said, but whispering the last part.

Kaitou looked at me, looking curious. He opened his mouth to say something, but my glare cut him off. He still looked as if he wanted say something though, but he knew not to say anything. I walked over to the trunk of the tree and sat down, leaning against it. I took a deep breath, and let it out, not really knowing why I did so. A shadow loomed over me and I looked up, only to find Yuki staring at me, wanting his next training exercise. I closed my eyes and spoke.

"Go to the lunch lady and lie. Tell her that the football team needs twenty sandwiches or else they'll have to forfeit their next game."

"But we don't have a football team." He asked, curious.

"That's the point, dumbass! Now, once you get the sandwiches, bring them here, so we can have lunch."

"Okay! Bye, see you later!" Yuki waved as he ran off to find the lunch lady.

I opened my eyes to find Ookami and Kaitou smirking. Kaitou was up in the tree branches, hanging upside down, and Ookami was sitting against of the tree like me, but he had a laptop. I guessed he was trying to hack into the police's system or something. I shrugged it off and closed my eyes again.

Before I knew it, I had drifted into a deep sleep.

-woof- (Kyou's Point of View)

"Hey, Kai, what do you think of that Jun character?" I asked, not sure of Jun or the school as a whole.

"I honestly don't know, he seems interesting, but I wouldn't trust him." Kai replied, looking into my eyes.

"Why not?" I asked.

"He is a mystery. I did a background search on him, but I didn't get much on him."

"What are you? A stalker?" I asked, a smirk playing on my lips.

"No, I am not. I am simply curious about certain types of people, and it is my job as student council president that I have information on every student. His birth place; unknown. Age; sixteen. Parents; unknown. Address; unknown. Name; Jun. No last name." Kai replied, pushing up his glasses.

I stared at Kai in shock. How and why had he tried to get that information? But it was still kind of creepy that the school didn't even know who his parents were, or even the fact of what his last name was. It made me curious. Just who was this guy?

"Anyways, during lunch we should probably go and look around the school, get to know the campus. We might find the location of the cherry tree." Kai said to me, snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Yeah, sure. But what about the thing Jun told us about, you know, about the other gangs beating our faces into pavement?" I asked, slightly scared, though I didn't want to show it.

"Once again, I wouldn't trust him. C'mon." Kai said, heading towards the door.

I quickly followed, racing down the halls to catch up with Kai. Once I did, I slowed to a walk. I looked around, the school was old, and it was a tan colored and block shaped. Windows lined the halls, letting the sunlight filter in, though the windows didn't open. I looked at the ground, and found stains of some sort dotting the halls. I asked Kai about it but he didn't reply. Strange.

We wandered outside, trying to find the cherry tree where Jun was. One problem. The school was lined with cherry trees! It was kind of hard finding a cherry tree in a whole bunch of cherry trees.

"Well...now what do we do?" I asked.

"We could find a gang, they would probably tell us. Sakura High is known for its students being respectful and...a bit strange." Kai said, muttering the last part so I could barely hear what he had said.

"What do you mean?" I asked, wondering about the last line.

"Well, since you grew up in a rich household, I guess you wouldn't understand. This is I different type of school, a complete opposite of Pine Wood. This is the worst school in Japan. Here, they get all kinds of cases. Some have just broken too many laws, some are boarder lining the fact of going to jail, and some have gotten into some trouble with the government."

My jaw dropped. How could one person get into so much trouble? And in only one life time?

We rounded a corner and met a group of guys hanging out, laughing. I was about to say hi when I noticed something different about them. They weren't wearing the Pine Wood uniform. They weren't wearing any uniform at all. I was about to shout at them and ask them why they weren't wearing the uniform when something caught my eye. It was a silver dog tag, which all of them wore. It had a cherry petal carved into it.

Sakura High students.

I remembered what Kai had told me about what some of Sakura High's students had done, and my eyes widened. I stared in horror as Kai walked up to the group, and their laughing stopped. Kai squatted down, and asked them a question.

"Does any of you know where the gang Toy Hell hangs out? I would love to know." Kai smiled. Nothing ever went good when he smiled.

"No can do, boy." A buff guy said, sitting towards the back.

"Oh? And why not?" Kai said standing up.

"We're doing a favor, a favor for Toy Hell. We can't tell you where their base is, so scram."

"Fine then, we'll go ask someone else." Kai started to walk away.

"Either way, no one's going to tell you. They're all gonna tell you the same thing. Good luck finding their base though." The guy said.

And with that we walked away, not looking back. After we had wandered a little more we had given up and were now eating lunch. Only after ten minutes had I asked the question that had been on my mind since we had left the group of Sakura High students.

"Now what do we do?"

"I have no idea."

-woof- (End of Kyou's Point of View)

Someone shook my shoulder, waking me from my nap. I guessed it was a good thing, since I was having a nightmare, which I didn't mind much, since I had a nightmare every night. I refused to open my eyes, hoping the person would stop. When they didn't, I opened my eyes to find Kaitou standing in front of me, his hand on my shoulder. He smiled at me, and I glared. I didn't want him to get too close to me, anyone who did always got killed in the end.

I got up and brushed myself off, and then asked Kaitou were everyone was.

"Well...Yuki hasn't come back from the lunch room and Ookami went to go get something to eat, since Yuki was taking to long."

"Ok. What time is it?" I yawned.

I saw Kaitou smirk at my actions. I wondered why, but I only shrugged it off. I turned towards him, expecting him to answer. But all he did was toss me his phone. I caught it in one hand and flipped it open. The time read 3:00, at any moment Kai and Kyou would come, that was, if they could find us. I chucked the phone at him, and climbed the tree until no one could see me, but I could see them.

After a little while, Ookami came back with Yuki in tow, him holding a bunch of sandwiches. I smiled and Kaitou threw a sandwich up at me. I bit into the sandwich and we all waited for Kyou and Kai to appear.

After an hour, we all decided to leave and head home. Just as we were walking away, jumping over a wall to get to the street, a familiar voice called out to me.

"Jun! Wait!"

I was sitting on top of the wall, and I turned my head to face the voice. I found Kyou and Kai sweating, just like they had run a marathon. It was funny. And it was interesting. Why would they go to so much trouble just to prove themselves? Are all guys like this? I just didn't understand.

A small smile crept up on my lips, and Kyou stared at me in disbelief. I quickly erased all of my emotions from my face

"Why should I wait, when I am nothing? If nothing should wait, then what is something? Now, I am human, which is something, but yet I say that I am nothing. Now, what am I? Am I nothing? Or am I something? Or am I neither?" I asked, my words leaving an ominous feeling.

Kyou opened his mouth to answer my questions, but nothing came out. Kai lied down on the ground, still winded from the run here. Kyou stuttered and he couldn't meet my eyes. I saw Kaitou smirk at my words and Ookami smiled a bit at Kyou's reaction. I could feel Yuki's eyes stare at me in horror.

My eyes narrowed, carefully watching Kyou and Kai's reactions. I jumped down from the wall and walked over to Kyou. I looked him in the eyes and he flinched, my golden eyes meeting his silver and green ones. I then walked over to Kai. He was sprawled out on the ground, sweating still. He opened his eyes to look at me, and I offered my hand to help him up. I heard Kaitou and Ookami gasp at my sudden act of kindness. Kai looked suspiciously at me, but still let me help him up. He brushed himself off and stared at me, and I glared. I turned and walked away, climbed over the wall and out of sight. I took a deep breath and headed to my shabby apartment. I got changed and got ready for night to fall, then to take care of my next job.

-woof- (Kyou's Point of View)

I stood there, in shock. Had Jun just smiled? I pondered the thought and flinched at the thought of his eyes, glaring at me. His eyes were different; they were golden, like a cat's. But he was timid like one as well; he didn't let others get close to his heart. Just what exactly was he hiding? His eyes held sorrow, fear, and emptiness.

I shuttered at the thought. I wanted to help him, but would he let me? Then the words Kai told me stung in my heart; 'Well, since you grew up in a rich household, I guess you wouldn't understand.'

I snapped out of my thoughts when Jun leaped over the wall. I saw a guy with bleached hair, blue eyes, and with a little bit of tan walk over to us grinning. I looked behind him and saw a guy with black hair, red eyes, pale skin, and holding a small laptop following the blue eyed guy towards me and Kai. I saw a another guy behind the red eyed guy, but this guy was wearing Sakura High's uniform, dark brown hair, brown eyes, and normal skin tone. He looked normal enough, but he didn't approach us. He just stood close to the wall, almost waiting to be allowed to meet us.

The guy with the bleached hair came up to me and slapped me on the back, grinning. He turned to Kai and slapped him on the back as well. The guy with the creepy red eyes smirked at us. I was about to ask what was going on when the kid with the brown hair came up and introduced himself.

"Hi! My name's Yuki! Nice to meet you! Welcome!" He said with a stupid grin on his face.

I was about to tell him my name when Kai cut in before I could even speak.

"Kai. This is Kyou. Nice to meet you."

"Yahoo! I can't believe you got Jun to smile! I mean, we've seen him smirk, but that's pretty much it." The blued eyed guy said, looking at us.

"Um...okay, and you are?" I asked, not really sure of the guy practically hanging on me and Kai.

"Oh yeah. I'm Kaitou. The guy with the red eyes is Ookami, and the stupid kid is the guy you just met." Kaitou smirked.

"Okay then, I have a question. What's with Jun? He seems a bit mysterious. What's up with him?" Kai asked.

"Nothing's wrong with him it's just, well, he keeps people away from his heart since he doesn't want to get hurt. That, or he doesn't want them to get hurt by him. Either way, it's the same to him. No one gets close to him, and he doesn't get close them. We want to go over to his house, but, he says it would get him fired or something. He doesn't even tell us what kind of job he has. He's mysterious, but, he's also our best friend, whether he knows it or not." Ookami said, gazing at the wall where Jun had left.

There was an uneasy silence, nobody moved or said a word. I could feel the cool wind ruffle my hair and uniform, making a shiver go up my spine. I looked around, and saw that nobody was around, not even in the school. Since we were on a hill, I could see the whole school because we were standing in a certain angle. I looked over to the gates to see them closed. Panic rose and I took notice that school had closed and the fact of the school was empty struck me. I was alone with the toughest teenage fighters and criminals in Japan. I looked over at Kai, who only pushed up his glasses further. I then glanced at Yuki and he put a stupid grin on his face. What was going on?

"So...um, did we get accepted?" I asked curiously.

Toy Hell smiled, and Kaitou nodded. I looked over at Kai to only see his face emotionless. I smiled.

That day, I went to a new school, met the toughest gang leader, searched the whole campus to find a cherry tree, saw Jun smile, and got accepted into Toy Hell. So far, this was probably the best day of my life.

'Now, I wonder if everyday is going to be as interesting as today...Probably.' I thought, a smile still dancing on my lips.

'Oh well. I guess I gotta see. But something tells me that my life only got more complicated.'


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