It's a sad sad life really,
living on the fly,
living on the short term,
mid-term goals always on one's mind.

This is how we grow and this is how we
we are the new old hegemony
thriving on quarters and days and seconds thriving on
the fast and furious, the cheap and easy,
we have developed the psychlogical equivalent of obesity because our bodies
like our minds are overfed and milked and we
like it
we thrive in that system we adapt we do not
seek change of see the need for it.

We look down upon distant,
brave new paradigms
we relish in this
thing we call
Life (TM)

but really


it all boils down to performance and at the end of it all
(no we will not be judged but)
we will ask ourselves
about inputs
and outputs
from ashes to ashes from investments to returns and we all
want to be remembered more than the other cancers plaguing our collective minds.