So this is my rp charries meeting each other and then me. XD The shit I think of when I'm bored. Marina, Barnaby, Carlotta, Keith, Ryijo and Sonata are from Nekos Forever. Nillette, Rachelle, Dawn, Miria, and Silas are from Arson City. Warning, this is weird and viewer discretion is advised.

*all my charries are sitting in a medium-sized gray room with no doors or windows and wondering what the hell's going on on*

Barnaby: Uh…How'd I get here? O_O

Rachelle: None of us know how we got here, now move that damn tail of yours! I don't know who the fuck you are and you're way invading my personal space! You're ass growth keeps touching my legs!

Barnaby: S-Sorry! *moves over*

Miria: I've seen her before. *narrows eyes at Rachelle* That's an underling, isn't it Silas?

Silas: Mhm.

Dawn: *notices Silas and hides behind Nillette* o.o

Nillette: Hello little one ^^

Rachelle: Don't talk about me like I'm not right here! Ugh, as if it wasn't bad enough I'm stuck in this hellhole, I have to be stuck in this hellhole with cat people AND the boss's pets!

Carlotta: Cat people? Charming term. *rolls eyes and notices Dawn* Aww, what a cute child!

Dawn: Thank you^^

Miria: Watch what you say, Underling. You can be easily replaced.

Rachelle: *mock gasps and puts her hands to her face* Oh no! Have I made the fatal mistake of upsetting the, oh so dangerous bit-

Sonata: *clamps a hand over Rachelle's mouth* Will you freaking shut up already? Fighting amongst ourselves isn't helping anyone. I have NO idea what you are talking about, but can't you two settle whatever it is once we're all out of this room? There are a lot of people in here and instead of petty arguing we should ALL be trying to figure a way out of here.


Sonata: *takes hand off Rachelle's mouth and bops Keith upside the head* You yelling isn't helping anything either!

Keith: Sorry T^T

Miria: I have nothing to settle with the underling, I actually apologize for her childish temper. We of The Org. are supposed to act much more professional than so.

Silas: *looks around the too-crowded and closed off room with disdain* God, I hope this is just one of my delusions…

Miria: What did you just say!

Silas: Nothing _

Ryijo: Okay…*blink blink* Well there appears to be no exit, but there has to be one. After all, we got in here one way or another. What's the last thing we all remember before ending up here.

Carlotta: Babysitting :D

Ryijo: Of course you were. *eye roll* Who else?

Keith: Consulting the moon.

Nillette, Mira, Silas, Rachelle, Dawn: ?

Keith: What? *confused* Like you guys have never consulted the moon.

Nillette: Can't say that I have, sorry sir.

Miria: No.

Silas: *shakes head*

Rachelle: What the fuck…?

Dawn: Um…no.

Keith, Barnaby, Marina, Carlotta, Ryijo, Sonata: OMFG!

Ryijo: That's just crazy, but okay, moving on. What else do you guys remember before showing up here?

Rachelle: I was watching a movie.

Marina: I was climbing a tree.

Nillette: I was out growing flowers and feeding the squirrels.

Barnaby: You like feeding squirrels too?

Nillette: Why of course! They're so cute, and city squirrels need good food. They usually have to dig around in garbage.

Barnaby: *gives her a hug* You are my new best friend! And the last thing I remember is painting.

Dawn: I was raising zombies.

Sonata: I was playing the piano.

Silas: I was banging my fiancé.

Carlotta: *gasps and covers Dawn's ears* There is a child here!

Silas: I was simply being honest.

Miria: The last thing I remember before ending up here is skinning a werewolf.

Ryijo: Damn. I was hoping that there would be some similarities between what we were doing that might help us figure out why we're here…

Lauren: *poofs in* It's okay, I can easily explain why you're all here^^

Sonata: Okay…Please tell me I'm not the only one who just say a girl poof in here with an explanation for all this.

Barnaby: *pats Sonata on the back* Nope, she's here all right.

Rachelle: So get to explaining then! What the fuck is going on!

Lauren: I'm your god. I created all of you and I wanted you guys to meet me so I brought you all here^^

Nillette: Oh! Why, hello there God^^

Keith: I dunno, this is fishy…

Miria: I'm with him.

Lauren: I can prove it. I know everything about all of you :)

Carlotta: That's kinda creepy O.o

Barnaby: Heck yeah it is O_O but a part of me thinks she's telling the truth.

Lauren: Barnaby, you got that nick in your ear when you were seven after you disturbed a hunting wolverine.

Barnaby: Wow, pretty good! But I'm not totally convinced.

Ryijo: If you're really God, you could change my hair from orange to black, right?

Lauren: Well, I'm not God God, I'm just God of all of you…But yeah I can do that. *snaps fingers and it's so*

Rachelle: Hey, she really did change your hair!

Ryijo: Omg! Okay, I believe you, but change it back.

Lauren: Of course^^ *snaps fingers again and turns it back to orange*

Silas: So if you're God…That makes you the person who's condemned me to being a psychopathic murderer.

Lauren: Well…Yes, that's correct^^"

Miria: *angry glare*

Silas: *furious glare*

Carlotta: That's right…If you're God, you're the one that let my daughter drown! *enraged hiss*

Lauren: Uh…I'm sorry about that^^"

Rachelle: I was raped everyday until I was nine because of you! D:

Keith: I am legless thanks to you! FUCKING LEGLESS! Do you have any idea how hard it is to function without legs!

Dawn: My own parents tried to kill me! Tried to kill me and then tried to have me killed! *shoots a glare at Silas as well as "God"* And you're responsible for that! What did I ever do to you?

Lauren: I really don't know what to say right now, but I really put you guys through some shit, didn't I?

Ryijo: Amnesia ._. You put me through freaking amnesia. Do you know how terrifying it is to end up somewhere, have no idea how you got there, and remember utterly NOTHING about who you are and where you came from?

Marina: I don't even know where to begin with the things you've made happen to me...

Nillette: Now, now. Let's all just calm down^^

Barnaby: I vote we kill her!

Sonata: *bops Barnaby upside the head* Moron, we can't kill God.

Lauren: This was a bad idea…

Miria: Only now you reach that conclusion?

Silas: *sigh* Can you get us out of here now God? As you already know, I have things to do -_-

Lauren: Yeah, okay :( *makes them all poof*

Lauren: I should have known this wouldn't go over well D: