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Night Play

Lost 01

It was probably the coldest day in New York when Oliver first met Atticus. The air was so thin, at least to him, that he was having a bit of trouble breathing while he continued his brisk walk across the street and into Nye Inc. He stopped for only a moment so he could catch his breath, the sudden temperature change making it that much harder for him to take in a deep breath.

He didn't stop for long, his slender fingers coming up to pull away his red scarf before he was hurrying to the elevator. He could not be late for his job – well, his internship. The company had taken a chance by giving an internship to a nine-teen year old photography major and he was not going to give them a reason to take it away from him.

It was grueling work. Unpaid, and five hours a day on top of his course load at Parsons. Sometimes Oliver didn't know why he did it, why he put himself through the torture but other days, days when he was actually working on a shoot with the lights, models, make-up crew, and the likes he knew why. He wanted to be the photographer taking pictures… he wanted his photos in the magazine; he wanted to make art that would last a lifetime.

He wanted to be that person.

The photographer that everyone wanted but only few could get.

"Ollie, right on time - Come on… I got a list of things you need to do before the shoot today."

Oliver just smiled lightly as he finally seemed to catch his breath and was dropping his bag, coat, and scarf onto the same chair in the corner of the room before he submerged himself in another day at the Nye Inc.

The five hours seemed to go quick and by the time it turned six the models were ready and the photographer didn't seem so stressed out. Work had been done and everything was in place to make the shoot go smoothly. The man he worked for was picking up one of his expensive cameras and then turned to Ollie,

"Five hours should be up yeah? Just take that rack of clothes back to The Closet and I'll see you tomorrow, kay?" He winked, then smiled as he turned around.

Ollie sighed lightly as he was dismissed. He wasn't sure if he was upset or happy about it. He still had a big project to work on that was due at the end of the week, he was tired, he wanted to go home but shoots were the best thing to experience at Nye Inc (at least for him). Shoots were where he could learn how to act and learn how to do what he really wanted to do. Watch the photographers, listen to what the man was saying to make the model move and post perfectly for the picture.

One day.

But today he was moving to grab the rack of extra clothing that was not needed and was slowly starting to push it out of the room and down the hallway. He yawned and it was then his stomach was rumbling because he was hungry.

It took about twenty minutes for him to the find The Closet. He rarely went to go put clothes away or visited that side of the company and was starting to get frustrated with the other people in the company turning their head up away from him because he wasn't dressed like him or looked as fashionable as them.

An angry sigh left his lips as he finally stopped and opened a large door to lean his head in and look for the first available person.

"Hey, excuse me – " There was a bit of annoyance on his voice as he called over to a man that was at least six foot tall, if not taller, with black hair and pale skin (from what he could see), dressed in what was probably an overprice suit. The man did not turn around as Ollie spoke and it made him shove the door open so he could take in a step and then yell across the room so the other could hear him,

"Excuse me! Is everyone here partially deaf?"

It was then the man turned around with raised brows, a silk Louis Vutton scarf in his hand as he did so. Black eyes now peering at Ollie as the harsh, but exotic, features of the man made Ollie almost regret having yelling at the man.

Atticus smiled at the smaller male as he ran his fingers over the silk scarf and then was turning around for a moment to drop it back onto the table. He then looked back to the newcomer and then chuckled before speaking,

"Everyone's partially deaf to the newbies with no style." He now looked over Oliver as if pointing out a long sleeved white shirt and a pair of jeans, that he knew didn't cost more than maybe thirty dollars, and a pair of old vans was not style.

Oliver tensed as he gripped the pole of the rack and was watching as the man looked him over to carefully point out that he was possibly underdressed in one of the biggest fashion companies of the world. His eye twitched lightly as he then scoffed and muttered,

"Not everyone can afford a suit the price of a yacht."


"Nothing," he just sighed before motioning to the rack behind him, "Now that I have your attention because of my plain, and out of style, clothing. Do you know where The Closet is? I need to return this before I get to go home."

Atticus was chuckling again as he then let his eyes look around himself before raising his arms as if motioning the whole room,

"Well, you found it. The most prized part of the company and you don't even know where it is. Ally would be sad and I'm curious as to how you work here."

Oliver just rolled his golden-hazel eyes, he had no idea who Ally was and was starting to dislike the man he was speaking with. He grabbed the rack with both hands while taking some step backwards so he could get the merchandise in without any problems. Once inside the closet he left it somewhere so whoever worked here, he assumed Ally, could deal with it later.

Atticus on the other hand was not done with Oliver and made his way over. His hand slowly moved over his suit before a giving Oliver a charming smile. As if trying to switch up the tempo,

"Atticus Nye." His voice was smooth, low and seductive like, "and my suit is much more than the price of just one yacht."

This comment made Oliver look up too him and just glare for a moment. He could not believe the man had thought gloating about his suit would make him want to speak with him.

"Oliver Labore." He didn't give him the benefit of the doubt though as his smaller hand gripped Atticus's in a shake, "And just because your last name matches the name on the front door of this building doesn't mean you can put people down, you jerk."

Atticus's eyes went wide with Oliver's comeback. He stared, long and hard, as his grip on the younger males hand did not loosen up. No one in their right mind, that wanted to work at the company, would have said that too him. And instead of getting mad he couldn't help but laugh, loud, as he let go of Oliver's hand.

Oliver was tense, the laugh an unexpected reaction to his words as he furrowed his brows. He was annoyed with Atticus… the way he spoke, the way he laughed, the way he gloated about his suit, the way he stared at him, everything made him want to punch the good-looking man in his face.

Even so, the look had him tense and glancing away with the slightest blush on his face. His mouth opened to speak but there were no words he wanted to say to the man and instead he turned around so he could just leave. Atticus was not having any of that though, long arms reaching out to wrap around the smaller boy before he pulled him in against his chest and leaned his head down so he could nuzzle against his ear.

"I like you." He whispered it this time, breath slowly fanning over the lobe of Oliver's ear before his hands moved down over Oliver's body before he pulled him in so they were right up against one another. "Want to go out on a little date with me?"

The hands instantly made Oliver tense, hands clenching into fist as his feet stumbled back into Atticus's arms. His heart hammering as his head tried to move away from the mouth, the whisper sending a shiver down his back and a warming his lower abdomen. The words had him blushing furiously and he looked down at his feet; body stunned at what the man was doing.

Golden eyes stared at the hands and before he knew it his elbow was jamming itself into the others stomach and he was turning in the arms so he could push Atticus away taking heavy breaths.

"What the hell are you doing? You don't even know who I am! You can't just go around hugging people and whispering shit in their ears." his hands were now patting against his chest before his fingers gripped the end of his sleeve so he could wipe away at his ear. His eyes narrowed on Atticus, anger written all over his face as he took in a deep breath.

Atticus didn't give him long enough to continue as he had a playful pout on his lips and slowly stood at his full height. "Barely knowing someone has gotten me many places I don't mind."

Oliver was dumbfounded, his eyes growing wide on him as he watched the confident man thread his fingers through his own hair as if he was the coolest shit, ever. It made him sick.

"Fuck, well go whisper in other peoples ears how much you like them and leave me alone."

"What if I like you the best?"

"What? With my forty dollar outfit and bad hair-do? – " not that Oliver thought his hair-do was horrible. His medium length hair was pulled back up into a clean bun with a couple smaller strands falling all around; there was hardly anything wrong with it. "Please, I wouldn't want to sully your look with my bad taste."

With that said, Oliver turned and stormed out of The Closet, clearly still steaming as Atticus just smiled at the reaction and muttered,