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Night Play

Lost 08

Oliver slept soundly on top of Atticus almost all night; it was early morning that his coughing started and it was slow at first. The occasional cough here, then a shuffle around Atticus's body before he coughed again. And again. And again.

To the point that he was covering his mouth with his right and pushing himself up with the left while he started to hack up a clear mucus, tears swelling in his eyes from the pain of continuously coughing and his irregular breathing because of it. Ollie took in a deep breath as Atticus moved underneath him and brought a hand up to settle against the small of his back.

Atticus barely opened his eyes as he turned his head away and settled once more, his hand gently stroked against Ollie before he muttered,

"You getting sick?" he sounded tired as he laid there and Ollie gave a light grunt as he was now moving to set his foot down on floor before hoisting himself completely off Atticus.

"No, I'm fine. I just need some water." He patted Atticus's chest a bit with his left hand before he moved so he could go into the bathroom. Turning the water on instantly as the coughing continued; he tried to keep it down as he washed his hand and spit out the mucus into the skin, a bit of blood splattered in the sink with it.

Ollie washed it away quickly as it continued and was leaning down, water still running, to reach under the sink for the small black back that hid his inhaler from Atticus. He unzipped it quickly and took in a deep breath before he brought it to his lips and squeezed it tightly so it would release some medication.

He inhaled it deeply as he could feel some relief, the itching in the back of his throat warning him that the coughing would still continue. He pulled the inhaler away as it started again and Ollie was once against the counter leaning over the sink as his free hand pressed against his chest to massage it slowly. It took a couple minutes before he was able to get himself together and when he did he put everything away and gargled a bit of water before exiting the bathroom and moving to the kitchen for some water.

Atticus was sitting up now and checking the time with a heavy sigh and he didn't say anything until Ollie was making his way back with a glass of water.

"What time do you go in today? You have some more time to sleep?" he yawned heavily now as he grabbed the blankets and then turned towards the door. "Come on, at least sleep for another half an hour or something…" he ruffled his hair a bit before he entered their room.

Ollie unsure of what he should do as he set the glass down on the coffee table and followed Atticus into their room. Once Atticus laid down he sat on the edge of the bed, tired, insanely tired, but …

"I should probably go in early. I didn't finish last night." The mention of last night brought back the memories of why he had left early and it made him tense a bit as he pushed back some of his medium-length black hair.

Atticus sighed some but wasn't going to take no for an answer, arm now slipping around Ollie's waist to pull him back into bed. Ollie gave another cough before he looked back to Atticus and moved back with him, hardly able to resist.

"Just another half hour…" Atticus mumbled once more while Ollie laid back down and turned so he could cuddle into the man. He wrapped his right hand around Atticus's waist and squeezed him in a tight hug before nodding lightly.

"Okay. Half an hour."

It was almost three hours later when Ollie was stirring from sleep. It wasn't a natural stir as his phone alarm was buzzing loudly in the living room. He gave a light groan as he pulled away from Atticus and brought his hand up to press the palm of his hand against his eye and let out a heavy sigh.

Atticus noted the body movement and the arm that had wrapped around Oliver and stayed around him tightened and held him close. Ollie smiled lightly as he yawned heavily and then moved his hand up so he could bury his fingers into Atticus's short dark hair and then leaned up to press a kiss against his chin.

"Let me go, I have to shower."

"You smell fine to me. Just sleep longer." Atticus mumbled, his body scooting down a bit so he could pull Ollie even closer and bury his face against his neck and take a deep inhale. "Yeah.." he muttered as he let out a breath of delight and then smiled, "Smell good to me."

Oliver let out a light laugh, hand moving down to wrap around Atticus's wrist so he could tug at him lightly.

"Come on, Attie. Let me go."

"No." Atticus spoke firmly while his arm kept it's snake like grip around Oliver's waist. Oliver turned his head away for a moment as he coughed heavily and then shook his head some with a light hum. He didn't say anything for a moment which had Atticus seizing the moment.

"Sorry bout last night. Vincent dragged me out and—"

"Don't worry about it." Ollie was now speaking firmly because he did not want to bring up anything about last night. He had expected so much and had once again been let down.

Atticus seemed to pick up on that and kept his grip firm while he moved so he could push himself up and hover over Oliver for a moment; dark eyes opening to peer into Ollie's tired golden ones. The arm finally released Oliver but his leg moved to slip between Ollie's legs so he couldn't move away so easily.

"Don't lie… You only sleep on the couch when you're mad."

Oliver gave a sigh as he kept his eyes closed for a moment before opening them to look up at Atticus and smile faintly,

"No, if I'm mad I make you sleep on the couch."

Atticus chuckled lightly, lowering himself slowly onto Oliver, right hand moving up to rest around his shoulder while his left hand came up to push back some of his black hair.

"I am sorry, though. I was going to come back for you."

Oliver gritted his teeth for a moment as he nodded and closed his eyes. His head slowly turned into the others hand and his left hand came up to take Atticus's and hold it there so he could turn his head and kiss the center of his hand.

"You don't have to apologize. Just next time, let me take my car and drop you off at home after breakfast."

"Alright…" Atticus wouldn't argue at this moment. He was sure the next time he would make the argument that his car was better, like he always did, but for now he would let Oliver win this one. He knew what he did last night was wrong, horrible, and heartbreaking. He could only imagine how Oliver had felt because if Oliver had done that to him he didn't know how small he would feel. He knew he wasn't the best lover so when it came to moments like this (and he wasn't aggravated or in a sour mood) he knew to be quiet.

He smiled gently and leaned down to kiss the back of his jaw firmly. His lips then moved lower to kiss down his neck slowly. Oliver didn't protest, which had Atticus continuing down along the curve of his neck before he nipped against his shoulder.

Oliver let out a please sigh, his hand releasing Atticus's so he could moved it down his chest and up his shirt; slender fingers running over the athletic, toned body and enjoying every moment of it. He didn't care if he was in pain right now… he needed this. He needed confirmation that Atticus was his, that deep down underneath all his bad personality traits Atticus still loved him; confirmation that Atticus really only wanted to fuck Oliver, especially after last night.

Oliver let his hand move up to push off Atticus's shirt, Atticus obliged. He leaned back and moved his arms up so his shirt could be pulled off and tossed aside. His leg now moving up to press against Oliver, Oliver instantly moving his hips downs so he could grind along the leg, a soft noise of pleasure brushing passed his lips now as his back arched at the sensation that ran through his body and buried in his stomach.

Atticus grinned down at Oliver. It was rare to have the younger male initiate sex and it was always something that put Atticus in a better mode. His hands now moving down to grab the hem of Ollie's shirt in his hand and pull up; Oliver sat up now so his shirt was easier to pull of. He didn't lay back down so quickly though, hands moving along Atticus chest before hooking around his neck so he could pull the older man down with him and kiss him passionately.

Atticus pressed both his hands down against the mattress during the kiss; his tongue invading Ollie's mouth and growling at the taste of him. It had been a long time (in Atticus's book) since they last had sex so it didn't take long for him to lose it. Hips grinding down against one of Oliver's legs so his erection could get some friction. His hips continuing this as Oliver was doing the same against the leg that Atticus had placed between his legs.

"Take it all off." Oliver breathed in heavily, and painfully, as he pulled away everything. "I want all of you."

No one, especially Oliver, had to tell Atticus twice.


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