My precious little
Leukemia child,
you are no longer
happy, or running wild.

My little girl,
I'm the sister you never knew.
Mommy and daddy never
gave you a clue.

But I've been here,
yes, from the start.
The day you were born,
I gave you my heart.

You're my sister,
no one else knows.
But I love you,
it really shows.

My precious little
beautiful bald girl,
I remember the way
you would spin and twirl.

You would draw hair
in the mirror,
but when faced with death,
you had no fear.

Needles every day,
a challenge to live,
but you were willing to accept
everything Leukemia had to give.

Oh my precious baby girl,
I can't help but cry.
My heart is broken,
I can't lie.

The sad thing is
I've been here, been yours.
But mommy and daddy
always shut me behind doors.

My precious little angel,
I saw you today.
But the way I saw you
wasn't the right way.

See, baby girl,
I was in the way back,
just like everyone else,
dressed in black.

Tears poured from my eyes
as they buried you in the ground,
and I cried so hard,
not making a sound.

See, my sweet child,
yesterday, I cried.
I still haven't stopped,
because yesterday, you died.

My precious little
Leukemia baby,
your words were always
Only God can save me.

You were so strong,
so brave,
as Leukemia made you
it's little slave.

You died a fighter,
you died strong,
but dying at five
is way too wrong.

I went to your funeral today,
dressed in black.
My heart is broken
because I can't get you back.

I miss you so much,
but now you're pain free.
You can be okay,
the way five year old's are supposed to be.

My precious little
Leukemia child,
you are no longer
happy, or running wild.

And I'm so sorry.