we roll up windows in the rain, my eyes keep closing

there is nothing to explain, but still I'm supposing

you'll keep on talking till your mouth goes dry

you speak steadily, somewhat spastic and dramatic

your voice fills my ears like white noise, radio static

I'm idly watching quicker cars pass by


we are moving at a calming pace

we are keeping this a peaceful place

and I should be bored out of my mind


watching your thin fingers tap against the steering wheel

something awkward lingers, as you fidget, I can feel

unspoken tension wrapping up your lungs

I'm still male posturing when I lean over to you,

take your mouth in mine. we turn off thirteenth avenue

and untie the knots with our tongues


we are leaving labels far away

there is nothing that we need to say

we are in our blind spots, we are blind


reality will drench us like rain outside this car

when we open up these doors, 'till our brains smoke and scar

but right now your heartbeat hums against mine

you'll think of your father, I'll have nightmares of my ex

we'll be paranoid and assume everyone suspects

but right now I feel absolutely fine


and if the rain somehow stops coming

or if our hearts somehow stop humming

we will nod and face it intertwined