After finishing his food, Steve got out of the recliner and sat next to Gabriel on the bead, leaning his head against Gabriel's shoulder. He inhaled, smelling stale beer unwashed hair. "I think it's your turn for a shower," he told Gabriel. "And I think you should eat some food too.

"I'm fine," Gabriel mumbled.
"Eat," Steve deposited the bologna into Gabriel's lap.

Gabriel sighed and fiddled with the tab on the little package of meat, staring at the wall. Steve gave a small, exasperated smile and gently tugged the bologna out of Gabriel's hands. He opened the package, pulled out a slice of meat, and held it out to Gabriel. Gabriel looked at him, then the meat, then back at Steve. He made a face, grudgingly took the meat, and began to slowly nibble it. When he finished, Steve poked him. "Go, shower. Rid thyself of thy awful scent!" he admonished Gabriel.

Gabriel sighed and slowly walked to the bathroom, went in the door, and turned to look at Steve. "Go," Steve told him. He unwillingly went. Shortly after, the sound of water oozed under the door with the accompanying warm steam. Steve sighed, lay down, and stared at the door. His eyelids began to droop, and sleep took him. When Gabriel returned, he smiled at Steve's sleeping form, then went over and curled next to him.

Steve awoke to the scent of soap and warm breath on his neck. The dim, fluorescent light stabbed at his sleepy eyes and Steve blinked. He yawned and stretched, his accidentally brushing his arm against Gabriel. Gabriel mumbled and stirred, straightening his legs from their curled position and stifling a yawn. He sleepily peeked through one eye at Steve. Steve Smiled at him; Gabriel smiled back. Gabriel slowly sat up and shook his head, then he stood and walked towards the door. "I need fresh air," he told Steve, then went out.

He had needed to get away from Steve, away from his thoughts, away from his need to make Steve hurt. He wanted to fill those chocolate-brown eyes with shock and fear, but not hatred. Gabriel thought he might love Steve. He had never actually enjoyed the company of another person until now; he had certainly never felt protective or caring towards another, until now, with Steve. It must be what other people referred to as "love", which was why Gabriel had absolutely needed to go outside; you don't hurt the people you love, unless they want you to. Maybe Steve would want him to…, but it was best not to find out.

A few moments later Steve joined him, his breath creating small gusts of fog in the cool, morning air. "Morning," Gabriel told him. "Morning," Steve smiled. "We've been here for two days; I only paid for one. We need to get going soon," Gabriel said, staring off at the pale, rising sun in the distance. Steve looked at him. "Oh," he said, "Indeed." "I told you now because the hotel manager is coming this way and we need to go before he gets to us," Gabriel told him. "Oh!" Steve exclaimed.

They hurried back in, grabbed the food and went out the door. They went to a clump of bushes and stood behind it until the hotel manager passed them. They then turned to the main road, Gabriel walking swiftly in the lead and Steve struggling to keep up with him because of his shorter legs. Eventually, they came to the alleyway they were in before. Gabriel finally slowed and stopped next to the back of a brick building. Steve stood next to him, "It's cold," he said, shivering. Gabriel leaned towards him and wrapped an arm around his shoulders. Steve placed his head on Gabriel's shoulder and closed his eyes.